2017 NCAA Division II Men: Day 4 Prelims Live Recap

Division II Men’s Swimming and Diving Championships


Men’s 100 Yard Freestyle

  • NCAA DII: 42.61 3/17/2012 Andrey Seryy, Wayne State

Top 8 qualifiers:

  1. Marius Kusch, Queens (NC) 43.32
  2. Dion Dreesens, Queens (NC) 43.43
  3. Lajos Budai, NMU 43.59
  4. Thiago Sickert, Nova S’eastern 43.61
  5. Mattia Schirru, Delta State 43.93
  6. Jonathan Glaser, Missouri S & T 44.01
  7. Victor Rocha Furtado, Florida Tech 44.02
  8. Martin Hammer, TAMPA 44.03

Florida Southern sophomore Matthew Holmes kicked things off with a 8/10 drop out of heat 1, going 44.79 to set the pace for the rest of the heats. Three heats later, Jonathan Glaser went 44.01 to win the first circle seed. Guilherme Zavaneli of Indianapolis was second with 44.35, just ahead of Wingate sophomore Lennart Queiss (44.42).

Queens senior Dion Dreesens cracked a 43.43, improving his seed time by 8/10, to win the next heat over Mattia Schirru of Delta State (43.93) and Florida Tech sophomore Victor Rocha Furtado (44.02).

Queens sophomore Marius Kusch also improved by 8/10 and posted the top time of the morning, 43.32, to win the final heat. Lajos Budai, a freshman from Northern Michigan, was second in 43.59, a mere .02 ahead of Nova S’eastern senior Thiago Sickert.

Men’s 200 Yard Backstroke

  • NCAA DII: 1:40.74 3/15/2014 Matthew Josa, Queens (NC)

Top 8 qualifiers:

  1. Paul Pijulet, Queens (NC) 1:43.68
  2. Marco Palacios, Florida Southern 1:44.87
  3. Rodrigo Codo Berti, Indy 1:45.45
  4. Michael Cohn, UCSD 1:45.68
  5. Marco Aldabe, Nova S’eastern 1:45.80
  6. Renars Bundzis, NMU 1:45.80
  7. Felix Eigel, Lindenwood 1:46.15
  8. Daniel Buijs, McKendree 1:46.21

UC San Diego freshman Michael Cohn claimed the first circle-seeded heat in 1:45.68 in a very tight finish over Nova S’eastern senior Marco Aldabe (1:45.80) and Wayne State sophomore Dmytro Drobnych (1:46.37).

Florida senior Marco Palacios jumped to the top of the leaderboard with his 1:44.87 win of the following heat; Northern Michigan sophomore Renars Bundzis followed in 1:45.80, just ahead of Lindenwood senior Felix Eigel (1:46.15).

The final heat went to Queens junior Paul Pijulet, who dropped 7/10 to stop the clock at 1:43.68 and earn the right to swim in lane 4 in tonight’s final. Rodrigo Codo Berti, a sophomore from Indianapolis, followed in 1:45.45, while Daniel Bujis of McKendree swam exactly his seed time to touch third in 1:46.21. With that swim Bujis will become McKendree’s first All-American (barring any mishaps in finals), not bad for a first-year program.

Men’s 200 Yard Breaststroke

  • NCAA DII: 1:51.71 3/14/2015 Anton Lobanov, Nova S’eastern

Top 8 qualifiers:

  1. Nicholas Arakelian, Queens (NC) 1:55.70
  2. Anton Lobanov, Nova S’eastern 1:55.78
  3. Maksim Shcherbakov, Fresno Pacific 1:55.89
  4. Alexander Peach, Delta State 1:56.02
  5. Marius Mikalauskas, Grand Valley 1:56.37
  6. Michael Oliver, West Chester 1:56.77
  7. Luis Jasso, Florida Southern 1:57.09
  8. Eric Tolman, Cal Baptist 1:57.55

Florida Southern junior Luis Jasso touched out Cal Baptist freshman Eric Tolman, 1:57.09 to 1:57.55 to win the first circle-seeded heat and set the pace for making top 8. Queens junior Nick Arakelian followed up with a 2.3-second drop from his seed time to take over the lead. He won his heat with a 1:55.70 ahead of Delta State teammates, junior Alexander Peach (1:56.02) and senior Matteo Fraschi (1:58.05).

Double-defending champion and NCAA Division II meet record-holder, Nova S’eastern junior Anton Lobanov, won the final heat with 1:55.78, getting his hands to the wall just ahead of Fresno Pacific junior Maksim Shcherbakov (1:55.89) and Grand Valley sophomore Marius Mikalauskas (1:56.37).

The men’s 200 breast just might be the final of the night.

Men’s 400 Yard Freestyle Relay

Division II: 2:54.07 3/12/2016 Tampa

Top 8 qualifiers:

  1. Queens (NC) 2:53.89R
  2. Wingate 2:55.51
  3. Nova S’eastern 2:55.89
  4. Florida Southern 2:57.18
  5. Florida Tech 2:57.69
  6. Bloomsburg 2:58.08
  7. Drury 2:58.18
  8. Missouri S & T 2:58.73

Florida Tech began the circle-seeded heats with a 2:57.69 win over Bloomsberg (2:58.08); the two had been neck-and-neck throughout the race. Florida Southern went 2:57.18 to win the following heat over Drury, Missouri S&T, and Grand Valley State.

Queens came out guns slinging in the final heat, putting together a 2:53.89 win that set a new NCAA Division II record. Dreesens (43.88), Kusch (42.91), Ben Mayes (43.23), and Arakelian (43.87) contributed to the record. Wingate (2:55.51) and Nova S’eastern (2:55.89) battled down the stretch for second and third in the heat, and wound up second and third overall. Both teams dropped over a second from their seed times.

Men’s 1650 Yard Freestyle

  • NCAA DII: 15:00.51 3/14/2009 Mitch Snyder, Drury

Bridgeport freshman Erik Hren dropped 24 seconds to lead the morning’s heats of miles with 15:16.91. Second in his heat, and overall, was Drury junior Alexandre Reinbrecht with 15:26.99.

Nathan Sawicki of Delta State dropped over 12 seconds to win the following heat in 15:30.29 ahead of Simon Fraser sophomore James Cormier (15:33.87).

The top 8 times from the morning 1650s, which are sure to score in at least the “B” final, are:

  1. Hren, Erik Bridgeport 15:16.91
  2. Reinbrecht, Alexandre Drury 15:26.99
  3. Samuelsen, Tim Missouri S & T 15:29.27
  4. Kelly, Brian Bridgeport 15:29.85
  5. Sawicki, Nathan Delta State 15:30.29
  6. Cormier, James Simon Fraser 15:33.87
  7. Evans, Ben Wingate 15:37.79
  8. Tricas, Hector Queens (NC) 15:42.06



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