2016 Longhorn Elite Invite: Day 2 Prelims Live Recap

On day 2 of the Longhorn Elite Invite, we’ll see some of the nation’s top Olympic hopefuls compete in the 400 IM, 200 free, 200 back, and 50 free. Michael Phelps will swim the 200 freestyle in an attempt to put up a time fast enough for him to get a spot on the 4×200 free relay in Rio without having to swim the race at trials.



Texas’ Madisyn Cox easily took the top seed in the women’ 400 IM this morning with a 4:48.79, giving her the only sub-4:50 swim of prelims. 17-year-old Regan Barney swam to 3rd seed with a 4:55.03 behind Georgia’s Annie Zhu, who took 2nd overall in 4:53.56. Maddie Myers (4:58.43) and Elizabeth Bailey (4:59.47) were also under 5:00 for 4th and 5th, respectively.

Top 8:

  1. Madisyn Cox, 4:48.79
  2. Annie Zhu, 4:53.56
  3. Regan Barney, 4:55.03
  4. Maddie Myers, 4:58.43
  5. Elizabeth Bailey, 4:59.47
  6. Daniella DellaTorre, 5:03.76
  7. Kelly Hatanaka, 5:10.51
  8. Diana Dunn, 5:10.95

MEN’S 400 IM

Chase Kalisz took on his signature event this morning, swimming to the top qualifying spot at 4:21.07. The closest swimmer to Kalisz was Yale’s Kei Hyogo, who placed 2nd overall in 4:24.98. Texas’ John Martens was 3rd in 4:27.45, and Aidan Sweeney (4:28.09) joined him under 4:30 to take 4th.

Texas’ Joseph Schooling took a crack at this event this morning, posting a 4:36.60 to place 9th.

Top 8:

  1. Chase Kalisz, 4:21.07
  2. Kei Hyogo, 4:24.98
  3. John Martens, 4:27.45
  4. Aidan Sweeney, 4:28.09
  5. Mason Tenney, 4:33.88
  6. Derek Onken, 4:34.54
  7. Basil Orr, 4:35.71
  8. Beau Fusilier, 4:36.38


Cierra Runge (1:59.47) and Missy Franklin (1:59.99) cruised to a pair of 1:59s this morning to take the top 2 spots heading into finals. Madisyn Cox qualified for the top 8 in back-to-back events with her 2:00.55 in this event, which landed her 4th behind Olympic champ Allison Schmitt (2:00.40). Danish Olympian Lotte Friis came in 5th this morning, touching the wall in 2:01.85.

Top 8:

  1. Cierra Runge, 1:59.47
  2. Missy Franklin, 1:59.99
  3. Allison Schmitt, 2:00.40
  4. Madisyn Cox, 2:00.55
  5. Lotte Friis, 2:01.85
  6. Tasija Karosas (2:01.96)
  7. Sierra Schmidt, 2:02.28)
  8. Lauren Pitzer, (2:02.47)


Texas’ Clark Smith has been on good form at this meet so far, and kept the ball rolling with his 1:50.20 to take top seed after prelims. Michael Phelps was narrowly behind Smith’s time, coming in at 1:50.32 for 2nd ahead of Smith’s teammates Michael McBroom (1:50.76) and Townley Haas (1:50.94).

The final tonight will be loaded with talent, and will also feature Clay Youngquist (1:51.24) and David Nolan (1:51.34), who took 5th and 6th respectively. Jack Conger rounded out the top 8 in 1:51.52, just behind 7th seed PJ Dunne (1:51.40).

Phelps has made it known that he wants to swim fast enough in the 200 freestyle here to be considered for the 4×200 free relay in Rio, without having to swim the event at U.S. Olympic Trials in Omaha. Look for him to dip under 1:50 tonight, with the possibility of Phelps throwing down one of the fastest 200 freestyles we’ve seen from an American this year.

Top 8:

  1. Clark Smith, 1:50.20
  2. Michael Phelps, 1:50.32
  3. Michael McBroom, 1:50.76
  4. Townley Haas, 1:50.94
  5. Clay Youngquist, 1:51.24
  6. David Nolan, 1:51.34
  7. PJ Dunne, 1:51.40
  8. Jack Conger, 1:51.52


Missy Franklin returned to the pool shortly after her 200 free swim, taking the top seed in the 200 back with a 2:11.46. Franklin was nearly 2 seconds ahead of anyone else, with Longhorn teammates Quinn Carrozza (2:13.26) and Tasija Karosas (2:14.94).

Regan Barney qualified for her 2nd final tonight with a 2:16.99 in this event to take 6th behind Arizona teammates Bonnie Brandon (2:15.55) and Cameron McHugh (2:16.15).

Top 8:

  1. Missy Franklin, 2:11.46
  2. Quinn Carrozza, 2:13.26
  3. Tasija Karosas, 2:14.94
  4. Bonnie Brandon, 2:15.55
  5. Cameron McHugh, 2:16.15
  6. Regan Barney, 2:16.99
  7. Victoria Edwards, 2:17.44
  8. Rachel Zilinskas, 2:17.87


Matt Grevers is traditionally known as the Olympic champion in the 100 back, but this season he’s been toying with the 200 back as well. Grevers was the top qualifier this morning with a 2:03.51, just ahead of Texas’ Will Glass (2:03.62) and Katy Aquatics’ Austin Vacek (2:04.19).

Although he usually swims the sprint events, it’s possible we haven’t seen all Grevers can do in this event. He swam a textile best this season to win U.S. Winter Nationals in December, clocking a 1:57.24, just off his personal best 1:57.04 from 2009 Nationals.

Top 8:

  1. Matt Grevers, 2:03.51
  2. Will Glass, 2:03.62
  3. Austin Vacek, 2:04.19
  4. Barkley Perry, 2:04.22
  5. Mohamed Hussein, 2:04.52
  6. Isaac Gwin, 2:04.68
  7. Jonathan Roberts, 2:04.83
  8. Taylor Dale, 2:05.00


Texas’ Rebecca Millard grabbed the top spot in the women’s 50 free this morning, racing to the wall in 25.61. Arizona’s Margo Geer, a U.S. National Team member, was also under 26 in prelims with a 25.77 for 2nd.

Top 8:

  1. Rebecca Millard, 25.61
  2. Margo Geer, 25.77
  3. Anelise Diener, 26.40
  4. Lauren Pitzer, 26.44
  5. Kimmie Kreuzberger, 26.50
  6. Lisa Boyce, 26.53
  7. Mimi Schneider, 26.55
  8. Brynne Wong, 26.71


Arizona’s Brad Tandy, who will represent South Africa in Rio this summer, was the fastest man out of prelims in the 50 free with his 22.49. Also under the 23 mark was Texas’ John Murray, who took 2nd in 22.96, just ahead of Kyle Robrock (23.08).

Top 8:

  1. Brad Tandy, 22.49
  2. John Murray, 22.96
  3. Kyle Robrock, 23.08
  4. Kent Olsen-Stavrakas, 22,23
  5. Jeremy Nichols, 22.29
  6. PJ Dunne, 23.36
  7. Chad Idensohn, 23.43
  8. Pavel Sankovich, 23.47

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Irish Ringer

I’m thinking we’ll see a few 1:47’s tonight, maybe a 1:46 in that 200m free mens final.


Rooting for Haas and Smith to get into very decent times – they may be part of the prelim 800 free relay and one of them in the final .


Phelps going to have to go 1.46.0 tonight to not swim this at trials and get a ‘free pass’. Everyone can feel it, USA gold in Rio, and fair play it seems anyone who is anyone is gunning for this relay and so they should. Phelps and lochte final swansong together, never been beat on this relay together. I’m not saying he won’t be on it, just to a free pass over lochte, Dwyer, conger, haas, Rooney, etc etc If they all swim 1.46/47 at trials and phelps is only 1.48.0 to tonight is abit unfair. I recon 1.47.9-1.48.5 tonight. Swims it at trials in heat 1.46.2 Goes 4th in relay in final at Rio 1.44.1 USA gold, and it… Read more »

Coach Mike 1952

The list of names have not been proven. If MP can go sub 1:47.5, better yet sub 1:47, then he ought to get that shot on the relay. Remember, he is not tapered yet. Anyone know his best in-season time for 2 free & when? Thanks


Remember who the head men’s Olympic coach is. He makes the final call on relay spots.


He needs 147.5 or better I think. That puts him around 1:45. I dont see 4 guys going under 146 at trials.


One guy did it last night, Lochte surely will be 1:45, and I have trust in somebody going 1:30.5 SCY to be at least under 1:46. Not too crazy too think 4 guys are sub 1:46 at trials


Haas, Rooney, clark smith and maybe conger…they all need to break 1:47 before we start thinking about 1:46 but I hope you are right..


I hope too for the youngsters to be in the 1.46 range soon


Scripted reality???? Facebook??? OMG 1:44 hmmmmm


Who in their right mind doesn’t put Phelps on this relay!? The guy has been there again and again- you learn to TRUST those performances. He is in a much better place than he was for Pan Pacs in 14, and in London. He was 1:44.05 in London and 1:46.0 at Pan Pacs….


Phelps should swim a time trial in the 200 free on Sunday July 3 which is the day after his main events have wrapped up. You could throw Lochte in there to push him. This is probably unfair but everyone knows that Phelps should be on that relay. He would probably throw down a time that would put him in the top 4. This may be a better way than dancing around this selection process. Or he could just not put up a top 4 time and be in the A final anyway. I don’t know, they won’t push out anyone in the top 6 in the final at trials and what ever way they handle it, I don’t think… Read more »

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