2016 Longhorn Elite Invite: Day 1 Finals Live Recap


The first night of finals at the 2016 Longhorn Elite Invite will feature some exciting races, including the men’s 100 fly, men’s 400 free, and the men’s and women’s 100 free which all look to be exciting. David Nolan had a strong morning session taking the top seed in both the 100 free and 100 fly heading into tonight,  but will be in tough tonight with the likes of Michael PhelpsJack Conger, and Joseph Schooling breathing down his neck.

The women’s 100 free features Margo GeerAllison Schmitt and Missy Franklin all within 0.26 of each other from the morning, and the men’s 400 shapes up to be a good battle between Michael McBroom and Clark Smith, with 500 NCAA champ Townley Haas lurking in 5th.

Women’s 100 Free Finals

  1. Allison Schmitt, North Baltimore, 54.30
  2. Missy Franklin, Colorado Stars, 54.56
  3. Margo Geer, Tucson Ford, 54.93

The top three women were all under 55 in the 100 free A final, with North Baltimore’s Allison Schmitt taking the win in 54.30. Schmitt was second at the 50 behind Margo Geer, but had a quick final 50m of 27.69 to take the win. Missy Franklin of the Colorado Stars touched just behind Schmitt in 2nd at 54.56, and Geer fell to 3rd. Rebecca Millard was the 4th place finisher, over a second off 3rd place in 56.04.

Men’s 100 Free Finals

  1. Michael Phelps, North Baltimore, 49.49
  2. Jack Conger, Nation’s Capital, 49.50
  3. David Nolan, North Baltimore, 49.80

Michael Phelps edged out Jack Conger by one one-hundredth of a second to win the 100 free in 49.49 to Conger’s 49.50, while top seeded David Nolan equalled his prelim time to finish 3rd in 49.80. Phelps was 2nd at the 50 wall to only Matt Grevers in 23.98, and had the second fastest back half in 25.51. Only Conger (25.23) was faster coming back.

Clay Youngquist of Longhorn Aquatics was 4th in 50.09, and Grevers fell to 5th in 50.45.

Women’s 200 Breast Finals

  1. Madisyn Cox, LSC, 2:28.31
  2. Laura Sogar, ABF, 2:28.80
  3. Annie Zhu, Athens Bulldogs, 2:29.65

Madisyn Cox of LSC clipped ABF’s Laura Sogar in the women’s 200 breaststroke by just under half a second to take the win, touching in 2:28.31. Sogar was 2:28.80 for 2nd, and Annie Zhu of the Athens Bulldogs was 3rd in 2:29.65. All three were very close at the 100m mark, but Cox made her move on the 3rd 50 and finished the job coming back.

Olivia Anderson went out fast and led through 100m in 1:10.93, but eventually fell to 4th in 2:32.03 with a back half of 1:21.10.

Men’s 200 Breast Finals

  1. Will Licon, UN, 2:10.68
  2. Chase Kalisz, North Baltimore, 2:12.57
  3. Andrew Wilson, Longhorn Aquatics, 2:16.52

Two-time defending 200 breast NCAA champ Will Licon had a convincing win in the men’s 200 breast over Chase Kalisz, out-splitting him on every 50 to win in 2:10.68 over Kalisz’s 2:12.57. Licon was out in 1:03.07 and managed to keep his final two 50’s under 34 seconds to shut the door on Kalisz. Kalisz was out in 1:03.59 but tailed off a bit in the back half and Licon took advantage. Licon and Kalisz’s rivalry goes back to the 2015 NCAA Championships, where Licon upset Kalisz to win the 400 IM after Kalisz was the two-time defending champion and American record holder.

Andrew Wilson of Longhorn Aquatics was well back in 3rd in 2:16.52, and Hayden Henry of Tigershark was 4th in 2:17.59.

Women’s 400 Free Finals

  1. Lotte Friis, North Baltimore, 4:06.82
  2. Cierra Runge, North Baltimore, 4:08.04
  3. Allison Schmitt, North Baltimore, 4:08.36

It was a North Baltimore sweep in the women’s 400 free, as the top-4 finishers were all representing NBAC. Lotte Friis, hailing from Denmark, won in 4:06.82, splitting fairly evenly out in 2:02.62 at the 200. Cierra Runge was 2nd in 4:08.04, and Allison Schmitt was 3rd in 4:08.36 not too long after winning the 100 freestyle at the beginning of the session.

Finishing 4th was North Baltimore’s Sierra Schmidt in 4:11.15, with Joanna Evans (4:12.39) and Quinn Carrozza (4:17.04), both of whom swim for the University of Texas during the collegiate season, finishing 5th and 6th respectively.

Men’s 400 Free Finals

  1. Clark Smith, UN, 3:48.08
  2. Michael McBroom, Woodlands, 3:51.17
  3. Kei Hyogo, Yale, 3:51.60

Clark Smith had a very convincing win in the men’s 400 free, winning by over three seconds in 3:48.08. That swim makes Smith the 2nd fastest American in 2016 behind only Conor Dwyer, and is less than a second off his own best time of 3:47.10. Smith was out fast to the 200 in 1:51.82 and didn’t give runner-up Michael McBroom an inch coming home.

McBroom was 2nd in a very solid 3:51.17, just ahead of Yale’s Kei Hyogo (3:51.60) and NOVA’s Townley Haas (3:51.94). Smith and Haas’ Texas Longhorn teammate Jonathan Roberts was 5th in 3:53.94.

Women’s 100 Fly Finals

  1. Victoria Edwards, Longhorn Aquatics, 1:00.32
  2. Dakota Luther, Austin Swim Club, 1:00.98
  3. Remedy Rule, UN, 1:01.32

The women’s 100 fly had a surprisingly very small field, with only eight women competing in the event in the morning. Victoria Edwards of Longhorn Aquatics booked the win tonight in 1:00.32, edging out Dakota Luther of the Austin Swim Club who was 2nd in 1:00.98. Remedy Rule, a Texas Longhorn during the NCAA season, finished 3rd in 1:01.32.

Men’s 100 Fly Finals

  1. Joseph Schooling, UN, 51.58
  2. Michael Phelps, North Baltimore, 51.65
  3. Jack Conger, Nation’s Capital, 51.72

In the very tight, very exciting race everyone was hoping for, Joseph Schooling emerged victorious over Michael Phelps and Jack Conger, touching in 51.58 for the win. Phelps was back by just 0.07 for 2nd in 51.65, and Conger was another 0.07 behind him in 51.72. Schooling was first to the wall in 24.19, with Conger (24.42) and Phelps (24.55) 2nd and 3rd. Phelps had the best back 50 of anyone in 27.10, but it wasn’t enough to run down Schooling. Schooling is now the 7th fastest man in 2016, while Phelps and Conger are 9th and 12th, and the top two Americans.

Tripp Cooper of Woodlands was 4th in 53.03, with David Nolan (53.06) and Will Glass (53.25) 5th and 6th in what was a very fast final.

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  1. Irish Ringer says:

    Schmitt 54.30
    Franklin 54.56
    Geer 54.66

  2. Scott Morgan says:

    Good start to meet by Schmitty. Even-ish spilt for 100m win, and great pacing for 400 heat.

  3. Irish Ringer says:

    Phelps 49.49
    Conger 49.50
    Nolan 49.80

  4. ssc says:

    let’s see if joe flacco can put it all together and be considered a elite quarterback this session

  5. Dave says:

    Stream is not working…

  6. thezwimmer says:

    Nice win by Phelps
    23.98-25.51 for a 49.49

    • Irish Ringer says:

      It’s too bad he wasn’t next to Conger and Nolan, he may have been a bit faster if he were. The speed just isn’t there yet for Phelps.

  7. Irish Ringer says:

    Phelps would have liked to have been 48 something but seemed ok with a 49.49

  8. Scott Morgan says:

    Is Mr. Conger actually training with Nation’s Capital, or is he just affiliated/registered with the team? Great closing speed on 100 free to just miss the GOAT.

  9. taa says:

    Its coming together….Adrian Phelps Dressel and worst case is Conger and he’s pretty good

  10. thezwimmer says:

    Hopefully this race shows means that Phelps will have a great 200 free at this meet. Hopefully 51mid-54high for a 1:46. I you look on youtube, Phelps actually went a 1:45 in season 2012 before trials…

    • Irish Ringer says:

      Yes, but a much different Michael Phelps. The 2012 was probably more rested than the 2016 version at this particular meet. He had a lot of good in season times in 2012, but wasn’t quiet as broken down as he is now because he wasn’t training as hard.

  11. Joe says:

    2:10.68 from Licon. Prenot-Licon one two at Trials?

  12. Scott Morgan says:

    Licon: 2:10. PB? Things getting quick!

  13. Pvdh says:

    Dwyer almost matched his pb in 200 free and sun was 1:44.8. Let’s see how the boys in Texas Respond.

  14. theroboticrichardsimmons says:

    sot he livestream for this meet are only for those that happen to have a cable provider that provides access to the longhorn network?

  15. ssc says:

    how about schooling skipping out on the 1 free, thought the kid was a competitor

    • Billy B. says:

      Ya gotta take your shot if you feel you can take down the Phelps machine in a 100 fly!!

      • Irish Ringer says:

        Yep, presumably he only has one more chance after this to try and beat Phelps in a final of 100m fly.

    • Irish Ringer says:

      I think that may have gave Joe a little advantage, but I don’t know if it disqualifies him as being a competitor. On the flip side how about that 30 year old man putting down a 51.65 100 fly after swimming a 49.49 100 free?

      The splits were fairly close too which watching I swear Joe had him by almost a body length at the 50, but it must have been closer than that.

      Schooling 24.19/27.39
      Phelps 24.55/27.10

  16. Pvdh says:

    Runge looked so promising at pan pacs in 2014. Wonder what went wrong…oh wait????

    • canswim13 says:

      Starts with California and ends with Berkeley

    • G.I.N.A. says:

      Be fair . Do you think all girls should stay 17 years old in other things too ?

      • Scott Morgan says:

        Indeed, the argumentative bias for some of the Cal haters is both ridiculous, and suspicious. Swimmers have up and down years, growing pains, coach changes, injuries, burn-out, all the time, in all programs. The fact that Runge has been training with Bowman/NBAC for for the past year–the same program under which she gained that 2014 success–seems to be of little interest to some people, as does argumentative consistency.

        And to add: 4:08….good swim!

      • taa says:


        • Gina says:

          Girls lose power to weight ratio by 17 whereas boys are just beginning to reap the benefits . It isn’t just hormones but hip width , hip angle , lack of hand growth etc. No girl wants manhands so it is not all bad news.

          • Cynthia mae Curran says:


          • Cynthia mae Curran says:

            There are exceptions, Dara Torres in her early 40’s swimming a 50 or 100 as fast as every. Laurie Val, the master swimmer swam a best time in the 100 yard free in her 40’s.

  17. theroboticrichardsimmons says:

    is anyone watching the live stream?

  18. Irish Ringer says:

    Here we go…the main event….

    • Irish Ringer says:

      Schooling out first…24.19

      • Irish Ringer says:

        Schooling nipped him but was tightening up….

        Schooling 51.58
        Phelps 51.65
        Conger 51.72

        • Irish Ringer says:

          Good times by all 3 and promising double by Phelps.

          • tm71 says:

            looks like MP will be at 51 or below at the trials. i think conger will grab the second spot ahead of shields and stubblefield.

          • Rafael says:

            Phelps fly looks better than his free.

          • Irish Ringer says:

            I do think that 49.49 looked like a hard swim for him and he wasn’t high in the water at all. Of course the upside of that is he swam a 49 broken down and should be able to secure a 48 mid/low IMO at trials if he swims the 100.

          • Attila the Hunt says:

            Phelps fly AWAYS looked better than his free. like ALWAYS.

          • Penguin says:

            200 free final beijing looked better than 100 fly final (1:42 vs 51)

          • Penguin says:

            Really. The former was beautiful. The latter.. albeit an amazing race but…

          • Attila the Hunt says:

            1. 200 free was 1:42.96, not 1:42.00 you must have confused Phelps’ Beijing with Biedermann’s Rome.
            And 100 fly was 50.58, not 51

            2. In 200 free he was wearing full bodysuit, in 100 fly he wore leggings.

            3. Finally, we are talking about aesthetics of the strokes. Phelps’ fly always look much better than his crawl.

          • Billy B. says:

            51 Will be pedestrian by trials… Low 50 easily.

          • tm71 says:

            a little optimistic. i am hoping for a 50.40 but i think he will be around 50.75

          • theroboticrichardsimmons says:

            well, his best time last summer leading up to nationals was 52.38 and then he dropped a 50.45, so unless he’s intentionally going to leave something in the tank for rio, i think 50.4 or faster should be the expectation. i think there are enough guys that could be sub 51.0 that he’s not going to mess around.

          • Irish Ringer says:

            I think there’s a good chance for that. Stubblefield and Shields were 52.31/52.33 so a Phelps/Conger 100/200 fly is very possible.

        • Joel Lin says:

          I hope and expect that Conger will make the team. Hopefully in the 4×100 relay and also in the 2 fly. I’m going to admit that I am really, really, really rooting for Shields to make the team in this event.

          • taa says:

            Shields is rock solid for his 100 and should be 50.8 or 9 and I’m not worried. Conger is a strange one. Sets a HS record in the 500 free and then seems to be a backstroker and now a butterflier but a better 200 fly and now mix in the 100 free. Someone posted his probable event schedule at trials the other day and he will have a conflict on day 4 when the 100free semi is right before the 200fly final. i dont know what he is going to do.

          • Skoorbnagol says:

            Shields is rock solid for the 100?
            Hmmm think 100fly is even more competitive than men’s backstroke in US right now.
            Phelps , conger, shields, lochte, Ellis, Giles, Philips.
            If conger has made the team by the 100fly I think it favours him over shields.
            Shields will have an amazing turn, but slips water when Fatigued and conger/phelps don’t, all have amazing kicks, momentum and remaining calm in the last 20m will decide this.
            Don’t get your conger point, 100/200freestyle and 100/200fly swimmer, who happens to be good at other events….
            Like phelps and lochte. He needs to swim them all, he’s had 2yrs to prepare knowing this would be his likely schedule.
            Well Eddie will have known it deep down.
            No one cares about 500yrds outside USA.

        • Kristaps Porzingis says:

          Race Video

  19. Dave says:

    Ohh that is gonna make Phelps maddd. He does not like to lose the 100 fly. Might have been in Schooling’s best interest to let him win this one.

  20. Dave says:

    Ohh that is gonna make Phelps maddd. He does not like to lose the 100 fly. Might have been in Schooling’s best interest to let him win this one.

    • tm71 says:

      lol i bet MP wrote down about this narrow loss in the same sheet of paper with chad le close’s quotes from last summer

      • Irish Ringer says:

        He definitely knows who Joe Schooling is and not to take him lightly. I think Joe was 51.79 last month and 51.58 this month, but GMM…he still isn’t swimming a 1:52 200m fly 🙂

  21. ice age swimmer says:

    Way to go Clark Smith- 3:48.08!!!

    • Irish Ringer says:

      Smith looked good in that race. Went out fast as usual, but kept pulling away on the back half of the race too. Who knows, maybe Clark will have a breakthrough swim(s) next month at OT.

  22. Davethefruit says:

    Is there a race video for the 100 fly?

  23. bobo gigi says:

    Quick thoughts

    Women’s 100 free
    Good win for Allison Schmitt’s confidence in 54.30. 4 years ago at the same meet in early June she was in 53.94. Let’s see now her 200 free. She was in 1.55.04 at that time. Any time around 1.56 low would be great in my opinion.
    Missy Franklin must be pleased too with her 54.56. She has no individual intentions in that event for Rio but she must still have the relay in mind. 4 years ago at the same meet in June she was in 54.73 so she must be happy. Especially after not swimming at a meet since Mesa in mid April. 4 years ago she also swam 1.57.91 in the 200 free and 2.08.74 in the 200 back. Let’s the rest of her week. It has started well.

    Men’s 100 free
    Good win for MP in 49.49. 4 years ago he was in 49.05 at the same meet but it’s hard to compare considering he was probably less tired with less training. I prefer comparing with last year when he swam 49.66 in Baltimore in July around 4 weeks before US nationals.
    US coaches should seriously consider Jack Conger for the US 4X100 free relay. He will probably not swim the event until the final at trials because the semifinals are before the 200 fly final during an evening session. But he can bring a lot to that relay in my opinion. Look at all his relay splits and you can see he’s a great team player. Most of the time he swims better in relays than in individual.

    Women’s 200 breast
    Nothing to say except: go Laura Sogar at trials!

    Men’s 200 breast
    Too early to tell about Will Licon. Can he bring his LCM level to Cordes and Prenot’s levels?

    Women’s 400 free
    Good race by training partners. Schmitt will not be dangerous in that event. She swims it just to test her shape. Can be in 4.06 at trials.
    Cierra Runge swims the same kind of times she did a few weeks before her 4.04 of August 2014 so that’s promising. If only she could attack her races a little bit more from the start.

    Men’s 400 free
    Clark Smith looks good. I’m surprised to not see Haas go out much faster as he has good speed in him. Smith was in 1.51 at the 200 and Haas only in 1.53.

    Women’s 100 fly
    Nothing to say

    Men’s 100 fly
    Schooling won. Not surprising. He didn’t swim any event before unlike MP and Conger.
    It was close. I’m very pleased with MP time. 51.65 right now is absolutely great! His fly is super. Big things are coming!
    Very solid race by Conger too.

  24. Ande says:

    200 Breastroke A Final Will Licon Austin Elite Invite Friday June 3 2016 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p1deyR_j1D8

  25. Ande says:

    100 Freestyle A Final Michael Phelps Elite Invite Friday June 3 2016 Austin Texas http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KZCNARaPdp0

  26. Ande says:

    Mens A Final 100 Butterfly

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