2016 European Championships Day 2 Prelims Live Recap


  • Monday, May 16th – Sunday, May 22nd
  • Prelims: 10:00 AM (London Time) / 5:00 AM (Eastern Time)
  • Finals: 6:00 PM (London Time) / 1:00 PM (Eastern Time)
  • London Aquatics Center, London, UK
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The first day of this meet brought some good highs and some confounding lows for host Britain. Their biggest star, James Guy, floundered but Hannah Miley bounced the homecrowd back nicely with a silver medal performance in the 400 Medley. As for the rest, Katinka Hosszu contined her reign as the most consistently high level performer in the world, and France and the Netherlands both won relays that they are in contention for in Rio as well.

The second day is a much shorter session. The men’s 200 freestyle will be a chance for Guy to redeem himself, but also for his teammates to sharpen themselves in preparation to defend their 4×200 relay title from Worlds. In the 100 breaststroke, Ruta Meilutyte continues her comeback from injury and has looked very good recently.  In the women’s 100 freestyle, there is a potential showdown between two of the best in the world- Sweden’s Sarah Sjostrom and the Netherland’s Femke Heemskerk.

Men’s 200 Freestyle

  1. Glenn Surgeloose, BEL 1:46.93
  2. Velimir Stepjanovic, SRB 1:47.03
  3. James Guy GBR 1:47.11
  4. Maarten Brzoskowski, NED 1:47.35
  5. Matias Koski, FIN 1:47.48
  6. Kacper Majchrzak, POL 1:47.59
  7. Mitch D’Arrigo, ITA 1:47.61
  8. Sebastiaan Verschuren, NED 1:47.69

James Guy did not repeat his day one mistake, swimming a solid 1:47.03 to qualify in 3rd. Defending champion Stepjanovic tucked in just behind Glenn Surgeloose of Belgium. Stepjanovic was not particularly sharp in the 400 yesterday, adding time that led him to finish 6th in the 400 and fail to defend his Euro title in that event. This could be an event for more than one redemption.

It took 1:48.89 to make the semi-final. The Netherlands got two swimmers in, as did France and Belgium. Host Britain struggled outside of Guy, with both Duncan Scott and Robbie Renwick adding significant time to their personal bests.

Women’s 100 Breaststroke

  1. Ruta Meilutyte, LTU 1:06.97
  2. Jenna Laukkanen, FIN 1:07.67
  3. Martina Carraro, ITA 1:07.73
  4. Chloe Tutton, GBR 1:07.92
  5. Hrafnhildur Luthersdottir, ISL 1:07.99
  6. Martina Moravcikova, CZE 1:08.25
  7. Arianna Castiglioni, ITA 1:08.31
  8. Sophie Hansson, SWE 1:08.56

Meilutye led as expected, she was the only swimmer under 1:07 this morning. That time is still well back of her world record (1:04.35) but she was hardly pressed in this morning session. Meilutyte has been 1:05 since her comeback started a few months ago and should be able to reach that level here.

Britain got two swimmers through to the semi, and Italy did as well. Of the medalists from 2014, only Italy’s Castiglioni (bronze) returns. Viktoria Gunes, who shocked the world with a 2:19 last summer in the 200, qualified 10th in 1:08.59.

Men’s 200 Medley

  1. Laszlo Cseh, HUN 1:58.17
  2. Alexis Santos, POR 1:59.90
  3. Andreas Vazaios, GRE 2:00.00
  4. Gal Nevo, ISR 2:00.24
  5. Raphael Stacchiotti, ITA 2:00.66
  6. Diogo Carvalho, POR 2:00.66
  7. Federico Turrini, ITA 2:00.85
  8. Philipp Forster, GER 2:00.85

Laslo Cseh swam an almost identical time to what won him the championship two years ago. He was well ahead of the field, which had a surprise second finisher in Santos of Portugal. Santos was seeded behind countryman Carvalho at 2:00.22, so this may be his first swim under 2:00.

Cseh is the only medalist back to defend his title, although Nevo has been a European medalist in his career.

Women’s 100 Freestyle

  1. Ranomi Kromowidjojo, NED 53.37
  2. Jeanette Ottesen, DEN 53,78
  3. Femke Heemskerk, NED 53.81
  4. Sarah Sjostrom, SWE 54.04
  5. Charlotte Bonnet, FRA 54.50
  6. Mie Nielsen, DEN 54.55
  7. Andrea Murez, ISR 54.67
  8. Erika Ferraioli, ITA 54.70, tied with Maud van der Meer who cannot advance due to the country limit

Coming of the fastest split in the field last night (52.50), Ranomi Kromowidjojo blasted to the front this morning.

Behind her was Jeanette Ottesen, the 2011 World Champion who has gone back and forth with whether she wants to compete in this event. Heemskerk and Sjostrom finished 2nd and 1st respectively in 2014 and should have plenty in the tank.

The Netherlands actually placed all four of their competitors in the top 16, but only two will advance due to the country limit. Denmark had three in the top 16 as well, with Pernille Blume getting squeezed by the appearance of Mie Nielsen in this race.

4×100 Mixed Medley

  1. Great Britain 3:47.92
  2. Italy 3:48.52
  3. Sweden 3:51.72
  4. Hungary 3:53.78
  5. Finland 3:53.94
  6. Turkey 3:54.75
  7. Norway 3:57.03
  8. Moldova 4:13.24

Britain made their way into the top spot at 3:47.92, getting solid splits across the board. No team, it seems, really used their best possible lineup in this race. Instead, there were pieces there, such as Italy using Pellegrini (53.62) on freestyle.

Britain is the defending champion in this event. Moldova, despite being 16 seconds behind 7th, qualified for the final after a pair of disqualifications from Estonia and France.

Men’s 1500 Prelims

  1. Gregorio Paltrinieri, ITA 14:46.81
  2. Gabrielle Detti, ITA 14:58.56
  3. Jan Micka, CZE 14:58.62
  4. Mykhalylo Romanchuk UKR 14:59.13
  5. Henrik Christiansen, NOR 15:00.27
  6. Sergiy Frolov, UKR 15:02.33
  7. Gergely Gyurta, HUN 15:05.34
  8. Wojciech Wojdak, 15:06.56

400 freestyle champion Detti looked relaxed and qualified just beside his own countryman Paltrinieri. The two will aim for an Italian 1-2 finish in the final tomorrow. Paltrinieri held little back in swimming 14:46.81, just a bit off his European record pace.

Two years ago Pal Joensen of the Faroes was the man who split the two, but he will not have a chance to do so this time as he finished well away from qualifying in 15:16.44.

Jan Micka got under 15:00 for the first time and broke his own Czech record to make the final in 14:58.62.

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8 years ago

Moldova will be hoping for 7 more disqualifications tonight. They are bigger underdogs than Leicester City.

8 years ago

My theory is Bobo suffers from split personality disorder, and it’s his/her other personalities who downvote his comments.
If that is the case, I hope he/she gets treated sooner than later.

Reply to  Weyward
8 years ago

The Strange Case Of Dr. Bobo and Mr. Gigi…

bobo gigi
8 years ago

Ah, looks like my biggest fan has waken up! After all, maybe he/she is American…. 😆
Great job! Once again more than 65 downvotes per comment in a single operation!
Why not 1000 next time? 😆

bobo gigi
8 years ago

Greek swimmers explode their best times this week.

Guy this time in racing suit.
Belgian guys are in top shape.

Meilutyte’s start is still as powerful.
French women’s breaststroke always a disaster

Cseh alone in the 200 IM

Kromo 53.37 in prelims. Dutch girls have to swim fast in the morning. Only 2 swimmers per nation in semifinals.
Sjöström could sleep much more.
Final between both girls looks great. Maybe Charlotte Bonnet can grab the bronze but your Danish superstar Jeanette Ottesen will be tough to beat for that medal.

bobo gigi
Reply to  Chris DeSantis
8 years ago

Chris, I say “your Danish superstar” but I’ve never known if you were Danish or American. 🙂

bobo gigi
Reply to  Chris DeSantis
8 years ago

I forgot Femke Heemskerk. A bronze medal would be really a miracle for Charlotte.

I also think that Ottesen has no real medal chance in the 100 free in Rio.
On paper Campbell sisters and Sjöström look tough to beat for the 3 medals. Only Ranomi and the young Canadian Oleksiak could bother these girls.
Ottesen’s best medal chance is of course the 100 fly.

Reply to  bobo gigi
8 years ago

I don’t think she will medal in either 100 fly or 100 free.

bobo gigi
8 years ago


Stay Human
8 years ago

I was going to try to stay up and watch this out in Cali, but I’m beat and I just realized the finals are streaming live in less than 8 hours so good night for now. Nothing exciting in the first event except for Surgeloose of Belgium who appeared surprised and pleased with his leading 1:46.9 while Guy looked easy and content with 3rd in a large cluster of 1:47s. Ruta and Gunes up soon but I am nodding off…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Stay Human
Reply to  Chris DeSantis
8 years ago

Thanks I got time off this week and unfortunately slept through the finals live stream. 😛 I didn’t realize the prelims and finals were so close together or would have turned in earlier.

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