2016 Dolfin Junior National Cup Day 1 And 2 Finals Recap


While some junior national level swimmers are taking on the NCSA Spring Junior National Championship in Orlando this weekend, others are down in Clearwater, Florida competing at the 2016 Dolfin Junior National Cup. Here are the combined final results from yesterday and today’s action.

Women 200 Yard Medley Relay

  1. Aquajets Swim Team: 1:40.91
  2. Mason Manta Rays: 1:42.07
  3. Virginia Gators: 1:42.36

The Aquajets Swim Team took the win in the women’s 200 medley, when Carly Quast (25.29) and Alexandra Preiss (28.21) teamed up with Rachel Wittmer (24.44) and Raime Jones (22.97) for 1:40.91.

Second place went to the Mason Manta Rays’s Hannah Whiteley (25.83), Lauren Olson (28.83), Ashley Volpenhein (24.72), and Hannah Foster (23.17) in 1:42.07.

The Virginia Gators team of  Emma Muzzy (25.57), Caroline Kulp (29.93), Olivia Bray (23.80), and Whittney Hamilton (23.06) was close behind in 1:42.36

Rounding out top eight were the Cats Aquatic Team (1:44.17), the Edina Swim Club (1:44.25), the Aquajets Swim Team (1:44.54), the First Colony Swim Team (1:45.16), and the Ohio State Swim Club (1:45.58).

The Aquajets came within half a second of the Nation’s Capital team competing across the state at NCSAs. That relay finished their race in 1:40.60.

Men 200 Yard Medley Relay

  1. Aquajets Swim Team: 1:31.11
  2. Virginia Gators: 1:31.34
  3. Mason Manta Rays: 1:31.64

The Aquajets men took an insanely close 200 medley final, narrowly outswimming both the Virginia Gators and the Mason Manta Rays.

Aquajets Samuel Schilling (23.40), Griffin Back (25.05), Jack Dahlgren (22.30), and Jordan Greenberg (20.36) teamed up to take the win in 1:31.11. Back was the MVP of the group, singlehandedly winning the event over the Virginia team as the only swimmer to outsplit the Gators swimmer

The Virginia Gators, Angelo Russo (22.68), Keith Myburgh (25.78), Khalil Fonder (21.86), and Hogan Harper (21.02) took the second spot in 1:31.34, followed closely by Mason Manta Rays Carson Foster (23.55), Jacob Foster (25.29), Cooper Hodge (22.10), and Joel Thatcher (20.70) in 1:31.64.

Quest Swimming (1:32.19), Old Dominion (1:32.36), Ohio State (1:32.53), The Woodlands (1:33.00), and Edina Swim Club (1:33.29) rounded out the top eight. Only two seconds separated first from eighth.

Women 1650 Yard Free

  1. Sarah Laabs, Lake Country: 16:45.43
  2. Rachel Whitaker, Greenwood: 16:59.54
  3. Rachel Powers, Madison: 17:00.05

Cincinnati commit Sarah Laabs of Lake Country dropped nearly five seconds from her seed time to win the women’s 1650 by 14 seconds.

The real race was for second, which ended up going to Florida International University commit Rachel Whitaker of Greenwood in 16:59.54. Madison’s Rachel Powers finished soon after in 17:00.05 for the bronze.

Wagner’s Gabrielle Van Tassell took fourth in 17:02.25, followed by Whitaker’s teammate Anabel Szyclik in 17:10.18 and the Anderson Barracudas’s Marissa Martin in 17:12.59.

Katherine McDonald of the Jeffco Hurricanes and Greenwood’s Brianna Harnden rounded out the top eight with 17:20.56 and 17:22.45, respectively.

Men 1000 Yard Free

  1. Johnthomas Larson, Edina: 8:56.88
  2. Colin Murphy, Woodlands: 9:06.86
  3. Ethan Apisa, H2Okie: 9:27.05

Johnthomas Larson of Edina Swim Club was the big winner in the men’s 1000 free, dropping over 11 seconds from his seed time, and coming in 20 seconds ahead of the field with 8:56.88. (His time was even fast enough to outswim the NCSA competition, led by Trey Freeman in 8:57.43). His swim was fast enough to rank 17th on the All-Time Rankings for the 17-18 age group.

Second place went to Colin Murphy of The Woodlands in 9:06.86, and third-place Ethan Apisa of H2Okie Aquatics was well behind in 9:27.05.

Mount Pleasant’s Patrick Sullivan finished fourth in 9:29.55, followed by Santa Clara’s Ryan Lewis in 9:30.24.

South Eastern Virginia’s Graydon Tinneny (9:35.08), the Golden Comets’s James Baker (9:36.36), and Greenwood’s Anthony Minickiello (9:37.62) rounded out the top eight.

Women 200 Yard Free Relay

  1. Virginia Gators: 1:32.37
  2. Mason Manta Rays: 1:32.51
  3. Aquajets: 1:32.62

In another closely contested final, the Virginia Gators team of Whittney Hamilton (23.38), Emma Muzzy (22.87), Olivia Bray (22.71), and Caroline Kulp (23.41) took the victory in 1:32.37.

Mason Manta Rays Hannah Foster (23.68), Lauren Olson (23.17), Hannah Whiteley (23.50), and Ashley Volpenhein (22.16) took second place in 1:32.51, with Volpenhein swimming by far the fastest split of the night.

Aquajets Carly Quast (23.54), Alexis Schaaf (23.31), Alexandra Preiss (23.12), and Rachel Wittmer (22.65) took the close third in 1:32.62.

The Aquajets ‘B’ team finished fourth in 1:35.32, followed by the Mason Manta Rays ‘B’ team in 1:35.35. Sixth went the the Cats Aquatic team in 1:35.55, seventh went to Ohio State Swim Club in 1:35.67, and eighth went to Empire Swimming in 1:35.88.

Men 200 Yard Free Relay

  1. Aquajets: 1:21.82
  2. Old Dominion: 1:23.99
  3. Mason Manta Rays: 1:24.43

Griffin Back (20.66), Jordan Greenberg (20.19), Jack Dahlgren (20.63), and Samuel Schilling (20.34) of the Aquajets Swim Team took a decisive victory in the 200 free relay, winning the event by two seconds in 1:21.82.

Old Dominion’s Philip Speri (21.04), Daniel Cook (20.81), Patrick Lacore (21.48), and Tyler Dominick (20.66) came up second in 1:23.99.

Third place went to the Mason Manta Rays’s Jacob Foster (21.25), Cooper Hodge (21.15), Tim Hagemeister (21.33), and Joel Thatcher (20.70) in 1:24.43.

The Virginia Gators grabbed fourth in 1:24.46, The Woodlands Swim Team took fifth in 1:25.04, and Edina Swim Club nabbed sixth in 1:25.08.

Academy Aquatic Club and Quest Swimming took 7th and 8th in 1:25.56 and 1:25.88, respectively.

Women 200 Meter IM

  1. Vien Nguyen, Unattached: 2:16.31
  2. Julia Poole, Tac Titans: 2:18.76
  3. Emma Gourdie, Mount Pleasant: 2:21.37

Vietnamese national Vien Nguyen, fresh off a second-place finish in the 400m IM at the Orlando Grand Prix, took the win in the women’s 200 IM, clocking 2:16.31. Julia Poole of the Tac Titans came up second in 2:18.76, and Emma Gourdie of Mount Pleasant finished third in 2:21.37.

The next three swimmers came in closely packed behind her. Beatrix Thompson of Empire took fourth in 2:21.48, followed by Ashley Pollok of The Woodlands in 2:21.56 and Megan Doty of Lake Country in 2:21.64. Seventh went to Aces’s Laurel Eiber in 2:24.88, and Ashley Volpenhein of the Mason Manta Rays finished eighth in 2:26.48.

Men 200 Meter IM

  1. Cooper Hodge, Mason Manta Rays: 2:04.11
  2. Michael Zarian, Jeffco: 2:06.67
  3. Johnthomas Larson, Edina: 2:07.23

Cooper Hodge of the Mason Manta Rays came in well ahead of the field in the 200 IM, clocking 2:04.11 to outswim second-place Michael Zarian of Jeffco by 2.5 seconds. Zarian finished in 2:06.67, followed by 1000 champion Johnthomas Larson of Edina in 2:07.23.

Keegan Foulke, Zarian’s teammate, took fourth in 2:07.84, followed by Phillip Meffert of Quest Swimming in 2:08.37. Griffin Back, Hassler Carroll, and David Morejon rounded out the top eight with 2:08.56, 2:09.47, and 2:13.86, respectively.

Women 100 Meter Back

  1. Elizabeth Nelson, Madison: 1:01.66
  2. Hannah Whiteley, Mason Manta Rays: 1:02.97
  3. Ashley Pollok, The Woodlands: 1:04.82

Madison’s Elizabeth Nelson, who comes into this meet with the top seed in six events, won the 100 back by well over a second, finishing the race in 1:01.66. Louisville commit Hannah Whiteley of the Mason Manta Rays hit second in 1:02.97, finishing with a big edge over third-place Ashley Pollok of The Woodlands, who swam the race in 1:04.82.

Madison Frederick finished fourth in 1:05.21, followed closely by Maureen O’Sullivan in 1:05.38. Sophie Fontaine took sixth in 1:05.66, Emily Vance took seventh in 1:06.14, and Sophie Du Plessis nabbed the eighth spot in 1:07.31.

Men 100 Meter Back

  1. Andrew Kelley, Shamrock: 57.88
  2. Barrett Roberts, First Colony: 58.66
  3. Albert Litschigi, Academy Aquatic: 59.39

Villanova commit Andrew Kelley of Shamrock swam a quick 57.88 to win the men’s 100 meter back by a long shot, swimming 57.88 to second-place Barrett Roberts of First Colony’s 58.66. Third went to Academy Aquatic’s Albert Litschigi in 59.39.

Austin Beam took the fourth spot in 59.72, followed by Winston Kuriger, Cooper Keener, and Jack Saczawa in 1:00.15, 1:00.26, and 1:00.35, respectively. Ryan Logan rounded out the top eight with 1:00.49.

Women 200 Meter Breast

  1. Julia Poole, Tac Titans: 2:36.09
  2. Kristen Helper, First Colony: 2:40.68
  3. Alexandra Preiss, Aquajets: 2:42.47

Julia Poole of the Tac Titans scored her first individual victory of the weekend in the 200 breast, outswimming the field by over four seconds with 2:36.09. Second went to First Colony’s Kristen Helper in 2:40.68, and Aquajet Alexandra Preiss took third in 2:42.47.

Katherine Kustritz, Grace Baumer, and Lauren Stigler came in close behind with 2:42.53, 2:42.58, and 2:42.59, respectively. Emily Snyder and Katherine McDonald finished seventh and eighth in 2:43.57 and 2:44.27.

Men 200 Meter Breast

  1. Cooper Hodge, Mason Manta Rays: 2:16.91
  2. Keegan Foulke, Jeffco: 2:21.66
  3. Jason Mathews, Ohio State Swim Club: 2:23.04

200 IM champion Cooper Hodge scored another big victory in the 200 breast, this one by nearly five seconds with 2:16.91. Second went to Jeffco’s Keegan Foulke in 2:21.66, and third was Ohio State Swim Club’s Jason Mathews in 2:23.04.

Zachary Karpus finished fourth in 2:24.07, followed by Campbell Lee (2:25.42), Phillip Meffert (2:26.45), Kristopher Eggert (2:28.10), and Johnthomas Larson (2:29.76).

Women 50 Meter Fly

  1. Elizabeth Nelson, Madison: 27.40
  2. Alexandra Preiss, Aquajets: 27.89
  3. Victoria Tillman, First Colony: 28.17

Elizabeth Nelson took her second Dolfin Junior National Cup championship in the 50 fly, swimming 27.40 to second-place Aquajet Alexandra Preiss‘s 27.89. Victoria Tillman of First Colony took the third spot with 28.17.

The next five places were packed in close; Megan Doty took fourth with 28.19, Anhelina Kutsko scored fifth in 28.25, Daria Pyshnenko finished sixth in 28.27, Jessica Blake-West took seventh in 28.57, and Vien Nguyen took eighth in 28.65.

Men 50 Meter Fly

  1. Matthew Thomas, Santa Clara: 25.32
  2. Marshall Heskin, South Metro: 25.77
  3. Andre Richardson, Enfinity: 25.80

Matthew Thomas of Santa Clara dominated the men’s 50 fly, taking the win in 25.32. The real race was for second, between South Metro’s Marshall Heskin, Enfinity’s Andre Richardson, and Ryan Walker, swimming unattached. Heskin ended up second with 25.77, followed closely by Richardson in 25.80 and Walker in 25.83.

Fourth went to Jordan Greenberg in 26.06. Riley Darling took sixth place in 26.19, Benjamin Andrew scored seventh in 26.37, and David Morejon got eighth in 26.63.

Women 800 Meter Free Relay

  1. Virginia Gators: 8:27.18
  2. The Woodlands: 8:27.81
  3. Mason Manta Rays: 8:29.29

The Virginia Gators swimmers, Olivia Bray (2:06.32), Emma Muzzy (2:06.91), Cabell Whitlow (2:10.37), and Caroline Kulp (2:03.58) won a tight battle with The Woodlands, outswimming Zoe Gawronska (2:04.24), Ashley Pollok (2:08.21), Isabel Tank (2:10.43), and Dorothy Halmy (2:04.93) with 8:27.18 to The Woodlands’s 8:27.81.

The Mason Manta Rays team of Allison Bloebaum, Hannah Foster, Ashley Volpenhein, and Gabriella Marinelli took third in 8:29.29.

The Aquajets took fourth in 8:35.02, followed by Greenwood’s 8:36.45, First Colony’s 8:38.09, Edina’s 8:41.35, and Empire’s 8:42.33.

Men 800 Meter Free Relay

  1. The Woodlands: 7:39.13
  2. Aquajets: 7:41.11
  3. Quest: 7:46.84

The Woodlands took the top spot in the men’s 800 free relay, when Colin Murphy (1:53.38), Tobin Hickman-Chow (1:54.42), Ryan Logan (1:55.72), and Alberto Gomez (1:55.61) teamed up for 7:39.13.

Second went to the Aquajets team of Samuel Schilling (1:52.79), Griffin Back (1:54.95), Jordan Greenberg (1:58.07), and Jack Dahlgren (1:55.30). Clark Beach, Michael Strycker, Ethan Beach, and Brennen Doss of Quest came up third in 7:46.84.

The Mason Manta Rays finished fourth in 7:49.80, the Anderson Barracudas hit fifth in 7:50.64, and the Jeffco Hurricanes took sixth in 7:50.89. The Virginia Gators and Old Dominion rounded out the top eight with 7:52.01 and 7:57.19.

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