2016 Canadian Olympic Trials: Day 6 Finals Live Recap


The final night of swimming is upon as at the Canadian Olympic Trials, with plenty of exciting swims scheduled for tonight. On the men’s side we’ll see the 50 free, 200 IM and 1500 free, with a few opportunities for new swimmers to qualify or the team. Santo Condorelli and Ryan Cochrane are the two favorites in the freestyle events and have already qualified, but there’s a good chance they can get two swimmers qualified in both these races if the others can step up. Karl Krug and Kier Maitland are favored for the runner-up positions. The 200 IM will be wide open, and whether or not someone qualifies for the team remains to be seen as no one was within two and a half seconds this morning.

It would be a shock on the women’s side if two women didn’t qualify in both the 50 free and 200 back, as both events have at least three women capable in each of getting under the standard. Hilary Caldwell will likely be the only new qualifier on the women’s side. The men’s medley relay will close off the session looking to improve their ranking in the event in hopes of qualifying for the Olympics.

Women’s 50m Freestyle Final

  1. Chantal Van Landeghem, 24.63 OQ
  2. Michelle Williams, 24.82 OQ
  3. Sandrine Mainville, 25.04

As expected national record holder Chantal Van Landeghem touched first to claim the win in the 50 freestyle, going 24.63. She was just off her national record of 24.39, but was well under the qualifying standard of 25.28. Her High Performance Ontario teammate Michelle Williams finished 2nd in 24.82, also qualifying her for the Olympics. Both had already qualified in the 100 free for Van Landeghem and the 4×100 relay for Williams.

Finishing 3rd was Sandrine Mainville in 25.04, also under the standard but unable to earn a berth in this event as she didn’t finish in the top-2. Like Williams, Mainville has qualified in the 4×100 free relay. Leah Troskot finished 4th in 25.59, and Riki Bonnema was 5th in 25.63.

Taylor Ruck won the B-final in 25.66.

Men’s 50m Freestyle Final

  • Olympic Qualifying Standard – 22.27
  • Top Seed for Tonight – Santo Condorelli, 22.34
  • Canadian Record – Brent Hayden, 21.73 (2009)
  1. Yuri Kisil, 22.23 OQ
  2. Santo Condorelli, 22.25 OQ
  3. Karl Krug, 22.45

He wasn’t favored to finish in the top two in this event, but Yuri Kisil pulled out the win at the finish in a new best time of 22.23, taking off a considerable amount from his previous best time of 22.52. Santo Condorelli appeared to have the win locked up, but Kisil’s reach got him at the touch. Condorelli finished a close 2nd in 22.25, as they both qualify in this event for the Olympics sneaking under the 22.27 standard.

Karl Krug, who won this race at the 2015 trials, had to settle for 3rd in 22.45, and the runner-up last year Alex Loginov was 4th in 22.56. Both swimmers were slower here than they were last year. Also getting under 23 seconds was Mirando Jarry (22.62), Chris Manning (22.72), and Luke Peddie (22.84).

Simonas Bilis clocked the top time in the B-final in a quick 22.10, just ahead of Dylan Carter (22.64) and Derek Toomey (22.67). Bilis represents Lithuania in international competition, while Carter represents Trinidad and Tobago and Toomey the United States. Bilis’ time is the 10th fastest in the world this year.

Women’s 200m Backstroke Final

  1. Hilary Caldwell, 2:07.96 OQ
  2. Dominique Bouchard, 2:08.52 OQ
  3. Kennedy Goss, 2:09.64

In a race where we saw four different women get under the FINA-A standard it was Canadian record holder Hilary Caldwell touching 1st in 2:07.96, elevating her into 4th in the world. Caldwell makes the team after missing out in the 100m. Runner-up Dominique Bouchard touched in 2:08.52 to clinch her second individual event for the Olympics, just off her PB of 2:08.16. Bouchard moves into 7th in the world. Both will be threats to final at the Olympics.

2015-2016 LCM Women 200 BACK

5Daria K.
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NCAA bronze medalist Kennedy Goss closed incredibly fast on the final 50 to pull into 3rd in a big best time of 2:09.64. She passed 100m back winner Kylie Masse in the final 15m, as Masse settles for 4th in 2:09.71, one one-hundredth off her personal best time. This event is proving to be one of Canada’s most competitive.

Meryn McCann was 5th in 2:11.11, and Alexia Zevnik was 6th in 2:11.84.

American Elizabeth Beisel won the B-final in 2:10.42.

Men’s 200m IM Final

  • Olympic Qualifying Standard – 2:00.28
  • Top Seed for Tonight – Luke Reilly, 2:03.07
  • Canadian Record – Keith Beavers, 1:59.19 (2008)
  1. Luke Reilly, 2:00.71
  2. Evan White, 2:01.53
  3. Mack Darragh, 2:01.69

Luke Reilly completed the IM sweep here in the 200 IM, touching 1st in a best time of 2:00.71, just off the FINA-A standard of 2:00.28. Evan White was 2nd in 2:01.53, as he was unable to get down to his 2014 form when he went 1:59.84. 100 and 200 butterfly winner Mack Darragh finished in a personal best of 2::01.69 for 3rd, and Rob Hill was 4th in 2:03.29.

The B-final was won by Marcin Cieslak in 2:02.20.

Men’s 1500m Freestyle Final

  • Olympic Qualifying Standard – 15:14.77
  • Top Seed for Tonight – Ryan Cochrane, 15:08.03
  • Canadian Record – Ryan Cochrane, 14:39.63 (2012)
  1. Ryan Cochrane, 15:00.75 OQ
  2. Peter Brothers, 15:21.19
  3. Kier Maitland, 15:30.24

Two-time Olympic medalist in this event Ryan Cochrane qualified for the 1500 freestyle at the Olympics for the third straight time, going 15:00.75 to finish 1st. He wasn’t quite as fast as he’d like to be, but Cochrane has historically swam much faster later in the summer than he does in April. His time ranks him 7th in the world. He’ll look to challenge distance stars Gregorio PaltrinieriConnor Jaeger, and Sun Yang at the Olympics this summer.

2015-2016 LCM Men 1500 Free

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400 free runner-up Peter Brothers finished in the same position here, posting a personal best of 15:21.19, missing the FINA-A standard of 15:14.77. Kier Maitland came into the meet seeded 3rd after going 15:12 last year, but was unable to reach that form clocking 15:30.24. Eric Hedlin was 4th in 15:32.34, nearly 30 seconds off his best from 2013, and Jon McKay was 5th in 15:35.23.

Men’s 400m Medley Relay

  • Canadian Record – 3:31.02 (2009)

Canada didn’t finish in the top-12 at the World Championships- they were 13th, so they didn’t earn an automatic qualification in the 400 medley relay. Their time from the Pan Ams (3:34.40) currently sits as the top time among teams who haven’t qualified, and the top-4 at May 31st will qualify for the Olympics.

They were very close, but just off that mark tonight, clocking 3:34.55. The splits for tonight were as follows:

  • Javier Acevedo (BK) – 53.78
  • Jason Block (BR) – 1:00.92
  • Santo Condorelli (FLY) – 51.60
  • Yuri Kisil (FR) – 48.25

Javier Acevedo was just off his time from the individual 100 back in 53.78, and Jason Block was a few tenths off his time from the 100 breast finals, but both Santo Condorelli and Yuri Kisil had fast splits. Condorelli, who was DQed in the 100 fly, split 51.60, well under his best time of 52.41. Kisil’s split of 48.25 was under his 100m time of 48.58.

Their time from Pan Ams of 3:34.40 will stand up as their time, and it’s very likely that will qualify them for the Olympics. However, they won’t know for sure until the end of May.

  • Female Swim of the Meet: Penny Oleksiak, 100 Butterfly
  • Male Swim of the Meet: Santo Condorelli, 100 Freestyle


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  1. weirdo says:

    help…geo restriction is back on! any suggestions!

  2. Melissa says:

    Why would they put the geo. restriction back on for the last day?! So frustrating…..

  3. Rich says:

    Stream blips every 15 seconds.

    Thanks John Atkinson.

  4. SwimStrong says:

    Slight upset with Yuri Kisil getting the win in the 50 free over Santo Condorelli at the touch! Both qualify in the race.

    • SWIMSTRONGER says:

      Yes…wasn’t that fantastic. Slight upset though with Santos Condorelli getting the win in the 100 free over Kisil at the touch . Both qualify in the race.

  5. Coach john says:

    Horrible live stream…..

  6. northswim says:

    The live stream is awful.

  7. SUNY Cal says:

    Poor BSnoodgrass. Took yr off college to train for OLY trials & had a very disappointing meet all around. Not even top ten in 200 bk, her best event! Her teammate at IN – KGoss swam NCAA’S & finished 3rd in 200 bk & makes OLY team on relay. Hopefully Snodgrass can turn it around & have a great senior yr @ IN.

  8. NickH says:

    Top 2 and Under FINA A cut (plus relay swimmers):

    Men: Kisil, Condorelli, Thormeyer, van Moerkerke, Acevedo, Baumann, Cochrane
    Women: Vanlandeghem, Williams, Oleksiak, Mainville, MacLean, Savard, Goss, Masse, Bouchard, Caldwell, Smith, Nicol, McCabe, Thomas, Lacroix, Pickrem, Seltenrieich-Hodgson, Overholt

    It’ll be interesting to see if Atkinson decides to add any swimmers for relays, or ones who were very close to the A cuts. The time trial medley relay could decide if Funk/Block are added. Reilly got really close in the 200/400 IM. Dezwirek was extremely close in the 200 back.

    • SwimStrong says:

      Order of the Men’s Medley Relay tonight is Acevedo, Block, Condorelli, and Kisil from what I hear. So if anyone gets added I think it is Jason Block (assuming the relay does well). Other than that who knows? So many guys just missed the A standard and hard to justify one over the other.

    • Forgotten Swimmer says:

      A guy like Atkinson choosing without strict guidelines is ridiculous.
      I’ve got no problem choosing Ruck for the 200 Free Relay but unless your taking 5th place in the 100 (Alexia Zevnik) for the 100 Free Relay your choice starts to come under question.
      If 11th place in the 100 Free (Ruck) is your alternate for the relay then your just “making do” and if that’s your process why not take Jacqueline Keire who placed 6th in both the 100 and the 200. She produced best placement when it was expected.
      For the Olympics surely there is a budget for such a thing.
      I understand Ruck has gone faster and she has a bright future……
      But when it comes to selection criteria and someone like Atkinson can just choose at his own discretion that is when swimmers quit because selection comes with long explanations that don’t really make sense.
      If anyone here is/was a swimmer you know after training and training for years getting past over with a weak explanation is unacceptable.

      • JSWIM says:

        Ruck made the qualifying time and placed 5th in the 200m free, and was subsequently added as the 5th alternate member of the 200m free relay (note that neither Zevnik or Keire made the qualifying times in their respective races). This seems to me to be a fairly straight-forward discretionary appointment. I haven’t come across any mention of Ruck swimming as an alternate in the 100m free relay anywhere outside of speculation in comments sections.

  9. Crannman says:

    Katie Ledecky would only be four seconds off second at these trials . Canada needs to find some better distance swimmers besides Cochrane .

    • North West Fan says:

      Ha your right but we 2 others: Will Brothers was 15:02 at 18 and Eric Hedlin was 15:03 at 20. Looks like both of those guys got fried in Island. That comes from poor development and poor coaching from long term development point of view.

  10. NickH says:

    Solid swim by the guys in the medley relay. 3 legs were improved in time compared to the Pan Am games. Would’ve liked to see Block a little bit faster, but pretty decent time regardless.

    • SwimStrong says:

      agreed. great job by the guys, but Block was the only one slower than their individual swim.

      listening to the commentary during the swim, it sounds like Canada is firmly in the 13th ranking (top 4 countries in the world that weren’t top 12 at last years Worlds) for the medley relay as they have a 3:34 time and other countries behind them are around 3:37 right now, so they should be easily in.

  11. girl104 says:

    Does anyone know if John Atkinson named people to the team who didn’t hit a FINA A cut?

  12. Splash says:

    Ruck got added as a relay alternate

  13. NickH says:

    Looks like Taylor Ruck gets the nomination for the free relays. Not a bad choice in my opinion, considering the best times that she has. A little bit surprised that they didn’t name a male 100 breaststroker for the relay, perhaps they could use Baumann, or maybe add someone else later.

    • Splash says:

      Well the medley relay hasn’t yet qualified for Rio, the need to wait to see if they are still in the top 4 of the unqualified medley relay teams before Block can be named to the team. That being said, they are currently in a good position to qualify, and it is likely that Block will be added to the team at a later date.

      • SwimStrong says:

        I was convinced that they were going to nominate Jason Block to the men’s medley relay, then i reread the selection criteria (http://swimswam.com/qualify-2016-canadian-olympic-team/) and if they had gone under 3:34.02 tonight (they went 3:34.5), then he would have been named according to priority 5. However, looking a little deeper and adding up all the 100 time winners, if Santo hadn’t been disqualified in the 100 fly prelims, they additive time would have been a ~3:33.36 (3:35.16-1.8) well under the relay qualification standard.

        So breaking down what I said above, if Santo wouldn’t have got disqualified in the 100 Fly prelims and assuming he won at night since he was a second faster than everyone, their relay would already be automatically qualified according to priority 5 for Canada’s selection rules. This is there fastest combination, but…

        Now taking it one step further, taking the winning times for all the 100m even winners including Mack Darragh in the 100 fly and Santo in 100 free, their additive time is 3:35.79 and if you minus 1.8 off this, you get 3:33.99! So that means they both Jason Block and Mack Darragh should get nominated! What I am missing?

        • Splash says:

          Well it is also easier to add someone later on once they know that the team has indeed qualified, rather than naming someone to the team and then having the relay not qualify and subsequently having to remove the person from the team.

  14. Canswim13 says:

    Taylor Ruck makes the team.
    Smart decision if she can get back to her 2015 World jr. form

  15. anon says:

    No surprises to team named to Olympics, with the exception of Taylor Ruck. Excellent decision to take her to Rio.

    • SwimStrong says:

      I would say not naming Jason Block as part of the Men’s Medley relay was a surprise to me. They may officially name him later in June after they know for sure that they have a medley relay going. But counting on Baumann (winner of the 200 Br and on the team) to swim on the relay when he was a 1:01.5 doesn’t give Canada a chance imo.

  16. Rafael says:

    Canada is pretty safe on the medley relay the problem is the 4×200

  17. Leblanc's Montréal. says:

    Congratulations Taylor!
    Best to come.

  18. Interested says:

    Any chance that Atkinson adds anyone else to the team besides for the relays?

  19. thomaslurzfan says:

    Pretty disappointing: Womens 50 free. I thought that Van Landeghem might be at 24 low in Rio, but now it will be very difficult.
    Very disappointing: Mens 1500 free. It should be very difficult for Cochrane to reach the final. We have Detti, Paltrinieri, Yang, Jaeger, Horton, Akrem, Christiansen, 2 brits, McBroom probably all at sub 14:50. I think the final will be Detti, Paltrinieri, Yang, Jaeger, Horton, Akrem and 2 out of the 2 brits, Christiansen and McBroom.

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