2015 DIII NCAA Live Updates From Night 3 Finals

Division III NCAA Swimming & Diving Championships

In Shenandoah, Texas and back in the giant sauna box that is the CISD Nat. Coming to you live are the results which will be updated as the meet progresses. The events contested tonight will be the 200 Butterfly, 100 backstroke, 100 breaststroke, women’s 1 meter diving and the top 8 heats of the 800 freestyle relay.

 For live results, click here! 

Women’s 200 Butterfly

B Final: Abby Erdmann (Chicago), Courtney Cowan (Johns Hopkins), Angela Newlon (DePauw), Michelle Howell (Denison), Abby Brown (Johns Hopkins), Hannah Cooper (Kenyon), Kanchi Desai (Kenyon), Colleen Orwin (Kalamazoo)

Howell was out to the early lead in a 27.1. At the 100 mark, she posted a 58.3 to hold the lead. Newlon second with defending champion Erdmann third. With a 50 to go, Desai moved up into first with Newlon second as Howell faded to fourth. At the wall, Desai pushed through to claim the top spot in 2:02.31. Second went to Howell with a strong final 50. Brown was third in 2:02.95.

A Final: Rebecca Upton (Emory), Nina Zook (Emory), McKenna Newsum-Schoenberg (Emory), Kirstin Nitz (Wheaton IL), Halli Garza (Denison), Megan Pierce (Williams), Shanny LIn (Rensselaer), Julia Cunningham (VASSAR)

Everyone looked about even at the first wall, but then Nitz began to make some moves. She split a 25.8 going out at the first 50. Newsum-Schoenberg was second with Zook in third. AT the 100 mark, Nitz had pulled away significantly posting a 55.5. Newsum-Schoenberg was more than a second behind, with Garza taking over third. Nitz continued the blistering pace through the 150, posting a 1:36.8. Newsum-Schoenberg remained in second. With a drive on the final 50 and a last split of 32.1, Newsum-Schoenberg charged to the finish and claimed the victory in 2:00.43. Zook squeaked in with a second place time of 2:00.70 and Nitz took third in 2:01.38.

Men’s 200 Butterfly

B Final: Christian Josephson (Kenyon), Wesley Tatum (Whitworth), Dan Hellman (Denison), Marc Blumberg (CMS), George Tilneac (Conn), Casey Hooker (DePauw), Greg Kogut (Johns Hopkins), Ben Detar (Hartwick)

Right away Kogut distinguished himself in the B final, out to a 23.6 lead with Tatum second and Detar in third. At the halfway point, Kogut held t he lead with a 50.9. Tilneac took over second with Tatum in third. With a 50 to go, Kogut puts up a 1:18.7 on the board, the only 27 split, playing in a league of his own. Rushing to the wall, he took the victory in the B final with a 1:47.20. Tatum claimed second in 1:48.51 and Tilneac was third with a 1:49.23.

A Final: Luke Schlueter (MIT), Jeff Anderson (Amherst), Hugh Anderson (Mary Washington), Jeff Depew (Redlands), Thad Ricotta (Williams), Mike Lanz (St Thomas), Reed Dalton (Wash U), Sam Spurrell (Amherst)

At the 50, Lanz claimed the early lead, out in a 23.5. Second was H Anderson with Ricotta in third. Lanz held the lead through the halfway with a 50.8. H Anderson remained second with Depew moving up to take third. With a 50 to go, H Anderson takes over the lead posting a 1:18.0 with Depew a tenth behind, having just split a 26.8. H Anderson of Mary Washington splits a come-home 26.88 to break the NCAA record with a 1:44.93. Depew is second in 1:45.45. Third went to Lanz in 1:45.76.

Women’s 100 Backstroke

B Final: Alison Wall (Chicago), Eleanore Hong (Rose-Hulman), Kelly Ngo (CMS), Olivia Jackson (Williams), Ashley Yearwood (Denison), Melissa Bischoff (Chicago), Molly Willingham (Denison), Emily Doerner (NYU)

In the B final, Jackson was out first with a 27.0. In second was Bischoff with Yearwood sitting in third. Jackson closed with a powerful final 50, posting a 55.50 to win the B heat. Second went to Bischoff in 56.18. Yearwood was third in 56.19.

A Final: Claire Liu (Emory), Katherine Bennett (Williams), Emma Paulson (St Thomas), Clare Slagel (Luther), Maddie Lovrensky (La Verne), Ellie Thompson (Emory), Celia Oberholzer (Kenyon), Veronica Jedryka (MIT)

Slagel was out fastest at the 50 with a 26.4. Second was Paulson with Liu in third. At the wall, Slagel claimed the win, holding off Lovrensky for the title. Slagel’s final time was 54.57. Lovrensky was a 54.73. Third was Paulson with a 54.86.


Men’s 100 Backstroke

B Final: Steven Brooks (Westminster), Michael Winget (Tufts), Matthew Cooper (Kenyon), Andrew Welch (Union), Tim Kostolansky (Williams), Loring Bowen (Conn), Alex McCarter (Williams), Ravi Sun (Stevens)

In the B final of the men’s 100 backstroke, Brooks was out first from lane 1 in a 23.5. Second was Welch with Kostolansky third. Down the backstretch, Cooper split a 24.8 on the final 50 to win with a 48.70, just .02 ahead of second place Welch with a 48.72. Third went to Brooks in 48.90.

A Final: Adam Betts (NYU), Kevin Lindgren (USMMA), Matt Williams (CMS), Ben Lin (Williams), Harrison Curley (Kenyon), Bo Mattix (MIT), Dan Simon (Behrend), Michael Fothergill (Conn)

NCAA Record holder Ben Lin faced off against a tight crowd in the 100 back. He set the NCAA record with his lead off of the Williams 400 Medley relay. He got out to a 23.11 start off the first 50 with Curley and Williams in close pursuit. With a monster underwater, however, Lin grabbed the victory, holding off all  challengers to post a 47.77 for the victory. Lindgren was second in 48.12 and Curley was third with a 48.20.


Women’s 100 Breaststroke

B Final: Gwynnie Lamastra (Johns Hopkins), Jenny Strom (Gustavus), Megan Campbell (Emory), Katie Kaestner (Kenyon), Erin Bagley (Wheaton IL), Annelise Kowalsky (Emory), Julia Wilson (Kenyon), Emily Punyko (St Thomas)

Women’s 100 breast B final took off with Wilson out to the early lead in a 29.5. Second was Punyko with Strom third. Driving down the homestretch, Kaestner began to pick up speed, but ultimately it went to Wilson in a 1:02.74. Second went to Kowalsky in a 1:02.93. Kaestner picked up third with a 1:03.00.

A Final: Jamie Hillas (Middlebury), Amy Spaay (Whitewater), Brittany Geyer (Stevens), Elizabeth Aronoff (Emory), Emily Hyde (Amherst), Emily Medeiros (Springfield), Marissa Bednarek (Denison), Elise Gibbs (NYU)

Spaay was out with a swift 28.88 in the first 50. Hyde was second. With a fantastic final 50, splitting a 32.32, Geyer claimed the win in a 1:02.24. Second went to Hyde in 1:02.51. Third to Aronoff in 1:02.57.

Men’s 100 Breaststroke

B Final: Eric Ruggieri (Emory), Jake Tamposi (Emory), Gus Evans (Denison), Stephan Koenigsberger (Middlebury), Michael Normoyle (Springfield), Connor Turkatte (Chicago), Justin Chiu (MIT), Cooper Tollen (Emory)

In the B final of the men’s 100 breast, the field was tight at the first wall, but Koenigsberger took the first 50 with a 25.8. Second was Normoyle with Tamposi In third. Through the turn and coming into the wall, Koenigsberger led wall to wall. He posted a 55.08 to win the heat. Tamposi snuck by for second with a 55.42. Third went to Evans in 55.63.

A Final: Matt Kendall (NYU), Steven Van Deventer (Occidental), Damon Rosenburg (Denison), Andrew Wilson (Emory), Kyle Walthall (York), Michael Lagieski (Wash U), Johnson Cochran (Calvin), Duncan Bonney (BSC)

As the men’s 100 breast final walked out, Metallica’s Enter Sandman played, and the evening just got a whole lot faster. After setting the NCAA record in the morning – his third record of the meet so far – Wilson has captured a lot of attention. Wilson was out strong with a 24.23. Second was Rosenburg with Lagieski in third. Rosenburg had previously owned the 100 breast record prior to this year. AT the wall, with a 51.72, Wilson claimed the victory. That would rank him third in Division I going into the men’s meet. Second was Lagieski in 54.11. Third went to Rosenburg with a 54.51.

Women’s 1 Meter Diving

In diving, Zarka picked up her third individual event win on the boards, and a career first win on the women’s 1 meter. Her final score was 477.80. Second place went to Sticco-Ivins who placed first on 3 meter Wednesday night. Her score was 470.80. Sheridan claimed third with a 466.15.

 Women’s 800 Freestyle Relay

A Final: Williams, MIT, Denison, Johns Hopkins, Emory, Wash U, DePauw, Amherst

Johns Hopkins got out early with a 51.6 to a quick lead. Emory was second with Denison in third. With the second swimmer in the water,  Johns Hopkins led by almost two seconds with a 1:47.65. In second was Emory. Johns Hopkins held almost two body lengths lead through the 100 of the second relay leg, but Emory and Wash U began to close the gap at the 150. Wash U’s second leg powered through the final 50 to post a 3:38.57 and take over the lead. Emory moved into second with JHU in third. Wash U continued to build the lead through the 100 mark. Johns Hopkins returned to second with Emory in third. With the final leg of the relay to go, Emory moved up to take over the lead with a 5:29.30 split. Wash U moved to second with Williams taking over third. With just 100 yards left, Emory had the lead while Williams is powering up, trying to run them down. Wash U in third. At the 750 mark of the relay, Williams was just a second behind Emory and still gaining. Williams’ anchor leg finished with a powerful 27.6 to run down Emory and grab the win from lane 1 posting a time of 7:18.25. Second was Emory with a 7:19.01. Third went to Wash U with a 7:20.35.

 Men’s 800 Freestyle Relay

A Final: BSC, DePauw, Johns Hopkins, Kenyon, Denison, TCNJ, Williams, Chicago

With the first leg of the relay, JHU was in the lead with TCNJ second. JHU split a 1:3.3. In third was Kenyon. Halfway through the second leg, Kenyon moved up a bit, just a tenth behind JHU but still in third, behind TCNJ. At the 350 mark, Kenyon took over the lead with TCNJ second and JHU third. AS the third leg entered the water, JHU was first in 3:15.71. TCNJ was second with Kenyon in third. Halfway through the third leg, it was JHU with TCNJ second and Kenyon third. As the final leg entered the water, TCNJ snagged the lead again. JHU in second with Kenyon third, all within a second of each other. With just a 100 to go in the relay, posts a 5:42.1 with Kenyon about half a second back and JHU in third. With a 50 to go, Kenyon snagged the lead, passing TCNJ. AT the wall, TCNJ stole back the race, powering home in 25.21 to win in 6:33.23. Second went to Kenyon in 6:33.35. Third was JHU with a 6:34.90.

SwimSwam’s got you covered for all things NCAA! Check back tomorrow morning for prelims ups/downs recap!

Swimming resumes tomorrow morning at 10 CST. Catch all live results here. 

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