12 Athletes Candidly Respond to “Do you think swimming is hard?”

I’ve always felt like swimming never got enough credit. So, when I set out to write this article, I wanted to bring light to the fact that our sport is underestimated. I was expecting a lot of, “Swimming is so easy, all you have to do is float,” or “I could do your practice easily,” but I was dead wrong. Here are the responses I got:


“I couldn’t even swim one lap. I’d die. I don’t know how you do two hours of laps.”

-Gina, cheerleading


“Oh my God, yeah.”

-Marissa, soccer


“I mean, I wrestle, but I would assume swimming is pretty hard. Like, how do you swim that many laps?”

-Antonio, lifting


“Absolutely. You need to use every muscle in your body.”

-Josh, hockey


“I had to swim 500 yards to get my lifeguarding certification. I thought of running a 500, and I was like, ‘Oh, this’ll be easy.’ But then I died.”

-LaTisha, running


“Depends on the individual because if you don’t have a good respiratory system, it’s extremely hard.”

-Nick, soccer


“I mean compared to even football, swimming just looks exhausting.”

-John, football


“The thought of swimming 500 yards for my lifeguard certification seemed so doable to me at first. But the first time I got in the pool to practice, I ended up drowning after a lap and a half. Doing a back flip on a four inch beam was easier.”

-Marissa, gymnastics


“Swimming could be a hard sport because you have to work hard and be fast to make it from one end to the other and back, and still beat the person next to you!”

-Skylar, field hockey


“Yeah, it’s hard. Personally, I suck at it, so yeah, it’s hard. I respect swimmers because every sport has its different skills that you need, some people can’t even swim, so doing all the different types of ‘swims’ can be really hard. I don’t know how you guys do that breaststroke thing.”

-Justin, baseball


“I think swimming on a team is hard because you are doing a lot of physical movement and not given a lot of time to breathe. You have to stay afloat at all times. The water is also really cold, which sucks.”

-Michelle, golf


“Yes, very hard because you need to hold your breath for awhile and you need to have a lot of back and arm strength. I respect swimmers and what they go through on a daily basis. I wish I swam. It would help me in baseball.”

-John, baseball

Do you ever feel like swimming is underrated?

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Vlad Kislov

It is really hard I have to swim a lot after my badminton practices because my muscles are so tight that I can barely walk. Swimming is so hard, but if you will swim you will have a nice body.

Vlad Kislov,Badminton Player

Marlies Noteboom

I used to swim, and the only time I made my friends realise how hard swimming was, was when they asked me to teach them. They figured I could teach them how to swim the butterfly-stroke in like an hour. They ended up exhausted and still can’t lift their arms above the water.

Gabe Liefler

O my gosh thank you. Yeah, my friends are generally quite athletic—some are runners, some play basketball, baseball, football and rugby. Others are dancers and gymnasts. And they all think that swimming is pretty simple. So they ask me to teach them, thinking it’s over in an afternoon. Not so, I literally had to save one from drowning while she was trying to learn breaststroke.
I love them, but I don’t think they’ll ever quite grasp just what it takes to be a swimmer.


I had a few members of the JV boys basketball team a few years back tell me that swimming was nothing. Anyone can swim and you only swim like what a couple of seconds in those meets anyway. So I spoke to their coach who swam in high school and we agreed that during the Christmas break his basketball team was going to workout with my swim team. And since it was so easy we offered anyone of them who could make it a full 2 weeks, we would buy them a steak dinner at any restaurant of their choice. 15 basketball players showed up on Monday confident that they could do it. During the first couple of days I… Read more »


That’s awesome!

Jason Bach

That’s awesome. Good way to scout for swimmers. That guy was a gifted athlete to go from basketball to swimming. You definitely sparked his competitive juices during that two weeks for him to come back and try out. Good job coach.

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