Williams Gets It Done: Breaks D3 400 Medley Relay Record in Prelims From Heat 1

Just because you’re in the first heat doesn’t mean you can’t set a new national record. Williams quartet Ben Lin, Jake Tamposi, Thad Ricotta and Alexander Nanda proved that with their blistering race this morning right out of the first heat of prelims. The old NCAA record was set in 2012 by a Denison team, and the Ephs flew past like there was no tomorrow, leading nearly from start to finish. Their final time was a 3:14.84.

Their splits:

  • 47.57
  • 54.92
  • 47.68
  • 44.67

In what is beginning to feel like a trend, another team also slipped under the existing NCAA record, doing so from the final heat. Emory put together a 3:14.87, just .03 slower than the team from Williams.

Given that teams usually change relay squads for for finals, it’s going to be interesting to see if either group alters their lineup for tonight.

Catch the live results here.  Finals begin at 7 PM EST

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5 years ago


5 years ago

btws, look at the times of the relays it was a back and forward race between Williams and emory. emory breast went 51.

Reply to  Hannah Saiz
5 years ago

It was my understanding that in D3 college swimming, those swimmers that qualify the relay must swim the relay at NCAA. Is that true? If so, we shouldn’t see any lineup changes tonight.p

Reply to  Hannah Saiz
5 years ago

Thanks for the explanation!

Watchful eye
5 years ago

Anybody else see the Williams backstroker went past 15m on the start? Funny that the officials didn’t catch that considering how many DQs they’ve been giving out for relays the past couple days.

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