2015 DIII National Championships: Ups/Downs Day 2

NCAA D-III National Championships

  • Dates: Wednesday, March 18th – Saturday, March 21st, 2015
  • Location: CISD Natatorium, Conroe, TX
  • Defending Champs: Kenyon Men / Emory Women
  • Meet Schedule/Time Line
  • Live Results
  • Live Video (if available): Available

Note: Ups refer to swimmers in the A final, who can finish no lower than 8th barring a DQ, and Downs refer to swimmers in the B final, who can finish no higher than 9th and no lower than 16th (again, barring a DQ on the low end).


  1. 20
  2. 17
  3. 16
  4. 15
  5. 14
  6. 13
  7. 12
  8. 11
  9. 9
  10. 7
  11. 6
  12. 5
  13. 4
  14. 3
  15. 2
  16. 1

In an intense morning session, three more National records came down, including Hugh Anderson breaking his own record in the 400 IM, Reed Dalton nipping the 100 butterfly record and Williams coming out of the very first heat of the men’s 400 Medley Relay to obliterate the NCAA record. Kenyon looks very well set up to gain more in the lead with 5 athletes returning in the 400 IM. Denison is the only other team with returners in each event for the finals. Emory and DePauw also are looking good for tonight.

On the women’s side, Emory is making a statement with ten athletes coming back to compete in finals tonight. Denison also looks strong with athletes spread across the events to gather points. Wash U and Williams were both on fire this session and will look to continue the momentum they’ve built with swims in each event again tonight. Kenyon has a heavy load of returners in the B final of the 400 IM but nothing in the 200 freestyle.

Day 1 Ups / Down
Women’s 200 Freestyle Relay 400 IM 100 Butterfly 200 Freestyle 400 Medley Relay
Amherst  Down  1 Up  2 Down  Up
 Bates  Down  1 Up  2 Down  Down
 Chicago  1 Down  Up
 CMS  Down  Down
 CMU  Down
 Connecticut  Down
 Denison  Up  1 Up/2 Down  1 Up  2 Down  Up
 DePauw  1 Down
 Emory  Up  1 Up/1 Down  1 Up/1 Down  4 up/1 Down  Up
 Gustavus Down
 JHU  Up  1 Up/1 Down  1 Up
Kalamazoo 1 Down
 Kenyon  Up  1 Up/3 Down  1 Up  Up
 Middlebury  Down  1 Down  Down
 MIT  Up  Up
Mount Holyoke 1 Up
 NYU  Up  1 Up
 SUNY Geneseo  1 Up
Ursinus 1 Down
UW Whitewater 1 Down Down
 Wash U  Down  1 Down  1 Up  1 Up  Down
 Wheaton IL  Down  1 Down Up
 Williams  Up  1 Up  1 Up  1 up/1 Down  Up
Men’s 200 Freestyle Relay 400 IM 100 Butterfly 200 Freestyle 400 Medley Relay
 Amherst  Down  1 Down  1 Up  Down
Bates Down
Calvin Down
 Chicago  Up
 CMS  Up  1 Down  1 Down  Up
 College of NJ  Up  1 Down  Down
 Connecticut  1 Down  Down
 Denison  Up  1 Up  1 Down  1 Up/1 Down  Up
 DePauw  Up  1 Up  1 Down  Down
 Emory  1 Down  1 Down  1 Up  Up
 Gettysburg  Up  Down
Hartwick 1 Down
Ithaca 1 Down
 Johns Hopkins  Down  I Down  1 Up  Down
Keene St  2 Down
 Kenyon  Up  4 Up/1 Down  1 Up  2 Up  Up
Lake Forest 1 Down
Mary Washington  1 Up
 MIT  Up  1 Down  1 Down  Up
 NYU  Down  1 Up/1 Down  1 Down  Up
 Pomona-Pitzer  1 Up
 Redlands  1 Up
Rose-Hulman 1 Up
 St Thomas  1 Up
 Trinity U  Down
 UW Stevens Point  Down  1 Down
 Wash U  Down  1 Up  Up
 Whitman  Down  1 Up  1 Up
Whitworth 1 Up
 Williams  Down  1 Down  1 Up/1 Down  Up

Finals start up again tonight at 6 PM.

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