What I Remember Most About Swimming in the 70s and 80s

Starlit Aquatic Club in Fairfax, VA was my swim club through the 70s and 80s. I progressed through the ranks from a skinny, mediocre eight-year-old to an internationally ranked collegiate swimmer with this club. What fond memories that place and coaching staff provided to me and my three sisters as well as hundreds of other athletes in northern Virginia.

Although decades have passed and Starlit’s pools no longer exist, the memories─albeit made more colorful with time─still bring me smiles. I’ll share a few here today and hopefully more in the near future.

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dj albertson

Swam for Starlit! Same time same place. Special “lightening in a bottle” time.


I was an age grouper at Starlit. Great times roaming the golf course and swimming for Ted, but no idea what his last name was.


Classic. I was an early 90’s swimmer, and I recall the proliferation of candy (particularly Fun Dip and similar sugar-based candies) at swim meets in particular. In fact between an overly salty Cup-o-noodles, a bag of candy, and most likely a greasy pizza for lunch I probably did my least healthy eating at important swim meets!

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