What Do You Gain from Low-Impact, High-Intensity Exercise?

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May 08th, 2018 Gear, Training

Courtesy of  AQUA BOOM®, a SwimSwam partner.

Let’s not confuse low-impact exercise with low-intensity. The “impact” part refers to some part of your body striking something solid in the course of the workout. Running, boxing, tennis, and martial arts involve impact as much as intensity. Intensity refers to the amount of exertion required for the activity. You can acquire the benefits of a high-intensity workout with low-impact exercises by taking your routine to the swimming pool. In fact, you could gain more from an aquatic, low-impact routine with AQUA BOOM than you might expect. Here are some of the benefits.

Prevention of and Recovery from Injuries

First, because you’re not pounding the ground or anything else, your risk of injuries shrinks to near nothing. You can give water all your power and not blow out your ACL or other joints and tendons along the pathway of impact. If you’ve already suffered an injury, aquatics may be included in your rehabilitation prescription. The buoyancy of water relieves your injured part of your full body weight, so you never have to sit it out while recuperating.

Calorie Burn

Since you should always incorporate resistance training in a weight loss program, going to the pool will certainly help. Water offers substantial resistance to your torso and limbs, so your movements require more force than if you were exercising in the air. This natural difficulty, though, remains easy on your joints while providing a cardiovascular workout and good calorie burn. Moreover, you may enjoy the pool more than a weight machine, making aquatics a workout you’re likely not to abandon.

With AQUA BOOM®, now you can give your upper body muscle groups all the strength training you want, as well. With the many adaptable features of the AQUA BOOM®, you no longer need to leave the water for the weight machines. Everything you need to strengthen every muscle group remains right there with you at the pool.

Lean Muscle Build

As resistance exercise helps build muscle tissue regardless of where you accomplish it, you may find AQUA BOOM exactly what you need to work all those muscle groups in the comfort of a water environment. The AQUA BOOM, inspired by an old swimmer’s starting block, anchors at the edge of the pool to provide you with considerable high-intensity, low-impact exercise potential.

Complete Workout Routine

Because swimming and water walking have their limitations when seeking a full-body workout routine, you may miss out if your only gym is the pool. However, with AQUA BOOM, now you can give your upper body muscle groups all the strength training you want, as well. With the many adaptable features of the AQUA BOOM, you no longer need to leave the water for the weight machines. Everything you need to strengthen every muscle group remains right there with you at the pool.

As beneficial for Olympians as octogenarians — and everyone in between — AQUA BOOM fitness equipment offers the variety of intensity and endurance training possibilities you seek without leaving the pool area. The low-impact nature of aquatics prevents injuries to your joints, tendons and bones. So, whether you train for sports, desire to counteract the effects of a desk job, increase bone density and lean muscle mass, recover from an injury or lose weight, you can have it all in one place.


AQUA BOOM is a revolutionary, one-of-a-kind piece of workout equipment which combines the low-impact benefits of exercising in the water with the muscle strengthening power of a bodyweight workout. When you combine the AQUA BOOM with the ISO-Aquatics exercise program, you have one of the most effective, yet safe workout programs on the planet.

The AQUA BOOM system consists of a quality-constructed workout station which attaches easily to an indoor or outdoor pool, plus all the attachments to allow anyone from absolute beginners to professional athletes to get in a total body workout without leaving the water.

AQUA BOOM comes in your choice of sturdy aluminum or stainless steel frames and can support up to 1000 lbs. You can find out more about the health benefits of using AQUA BOOM by calling 614-698-2799 or visiting our website. Don’t let an old injury prevent you from staying fit, get an AQUA BOOM today.






Gear and Industry Swimming News is courtesy of ISO Aquatics/AquaBoom, a SwimSwam Partner. 

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