WATCH: Race videos from the 2014 Asian Games through four days

Summer season has come and gone, but one major continental championship is still hanging on – the 2014 Asian Games are just over halfway done in Incheon, South Korea, and they’ve been an exciting way to close out what’s been a riveting long course season on the international level.

Catch up on all the action with these race videos from the first 4 days of competition, courtesy of DeportesPlus on YouTube.

Day 1

Men’s 200 Free

Women’s 400 Free

Men’s 100 Back

Women’s 100 Breast

Men’s 200 Fly

Women’s 4×100 Free Relay

Day 2

Women’s 50 Fly

Men’s 50 Back

Women’s 100 Free

Men’s 200 IM

Women’s 200 Breast

Men’s 4×200 Free Relay

Day 3

Women’s 50 Back

Men’s 50 Free

Women’s 400 IM

Men’s 200 Breast

Women’s 100 Fly

Men’s 400 Free

Women’s 4×200 Free Relay

Day 4

Men’s 100 Fly

Women’s 200 Free

Men’s 100 Breast

Women’s 200 Fly

Men’s 400 IM

Women’s 100 Back

Men’s 4×100 Free Relay

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8 years ago

Thanks for organizing all these videos into one place, SwimSwam! I like to occasionally go back and look at the championship races from various seasons to get a bigger picture of how athletes/teams are improving over the years. I usually run a search on Youtube, but that can be frustrating in terms of finding the best video quality, etc. 🙂

8 years ago

Hagino has to be the fastest “little” male swimmer ever. I thought swimming was becoming a sport where the taller swimmers had an advantage.

Any comments?

Reply to  Billy
8 years ago

I think that if you were to make a formula to adjust times for height, I think Hagino would be up there. Irie as well, for his event, and also Vlad Morozov for his. And basically every Japanese breaststroker, I think. Across the board, though, I’d say it’s Hagino. I mean, most of his times are competitive or at least comparable to Phelps and Lochte, but minus 7 and 5 inches, respectively.

Honorable mention/shout out: Ricky Maestri of Italy, who split 1:47 in the 200 free for Italy in London at about 5’9″. When he was over here on a foreign exchange trip back in 2010, he swam for the club I coached with at the time. By far the… Read more »

Reply to  Billy
8 years ago

Hagino, if he wants to win gold medals at worlds next year needs to cut his program.
He should cut one or both the backstroke events, with Irie, Lochte, Clary, Murphy, Larkin………

My opinion what he should swim at worlds:
-200, 400 free
-200,400 IM
-one backstroke event (possibly)

8 years ago

Balandin’s 200 breast reminds me of the way Cordes looks going out. Check out his tempo compared to Koseki.

Also, Hagino majorly misjudged that wall at the 250 turn. About 3:55 seconds on the 400 IM video, he comes into the wall with a breaststroke pull and no kick. Ugly, but he still pulled the turn off pretty well.

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