Watch Drone Video of French Swimmer Jérémy Badré

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November 04th, 2015 Europe, News, Video

French national-level swimmer Jérémy Badré shares drone video of himself, showing off his swimming as well as life saving skills. In the 3 minute video, Badré is promoting his swimming talents and his life saving abilities.

Badré is a 25 year old from Montpellier, France, who has represented France on the French lifesaving team (2013, 2014, 2015).

This past summer, he competed at the 2015 European Lifesaving National Team and the 2015 European Lifesaving Interclub Championships in Swansea, Wales. While competing for the national team, he won gold in the ocean rescue tube relay, and bronze in the rescue medley relay. He also won an individual bronze in the 200m obstacles event and placed fourth in the 100m rescue medley. In the interclub competition, he won the 200m obstacles and placed 3rd in the 100m rescue medley. He also competed in the A-final (European top 8) of the super life saver, 100m manikin carry with fins and the 50m manikin carry events.

Badré also competes in the pool, his results from the last Short Course French Championships are:

  • 50 SCM free: 22.29 (6th)
  • 100 SCM free: 49.48
  • 200 SCM free: 1:49.48

Badré’s goal for coming year is to not only compete at The World Lifesaving Championships in the Netherlands in September 2016, but to win a gold medal.

His next video which is coming soon, will be filmed at the beach and can be found on his Facebook page; Jérémy Badre.

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Steve-O Nolan
5 years ago

Pretty much any time he was out of the pool and walking around, I couldn’t help but think he was the French Patrick Bateman.


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