Video: Triathlete’s Ultimate Swim Training Tip

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August 01st, 2017 Industry, News, Video

Swimming is well known to be the most difficult leg of a triathlon race for athletes to get down. Most people come in with great experience in cycling or distance running, but most triathletes are new to the sport and its many intricacies of training. That’s why we put together this video to guide some of our triathlon viewers to gain an extra stroke (pun intended) on your competition.

Most young swimmers quickly learn the difference between aerobic and anaerobic training. When it comes to triathlon training, these disciplines are still just as important. As less experienced swimmers, however, you need to make a quick and easy fix to your freestyle that will certainly pay dividends in your future training and racing.

The biggest tip in triathlon training is to breathe every 3 during your normal long distance aerobic training, all while training your stroke to implement the “gallop” stroke during your race. These two training differences, couples with the gallop stroke will make your training and racing more efficient.

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