USA Women’s Medley Relay Has Slowest Reaction Times For Gold

2016 Rio Olympic Games

Americans may have the most relay experience thanks to the NCAA, but they chose not to use it in the women’s 4×100 medley relay on Saturday night in Rio. Team USA was the most conservative of all the eight teams in the final, with an add-up total reaction time of 1.78 seconds. The second-most conservative quartet was Denmark, with 1.66 seconds, followed by Russia with 1.52.

Canada’s Penny Oleksiak was the most daring; her reaction time registered -0.01. Federica Pellegrini was next with a 0.02 reaction time as the anchor for Italy.

Team Swimmer Reaction Total
USA BAKER Kathleen 0.62 1.78
KING Lilly 0.50
VOLLMER Dana 0.24
MANUEL Simone 0.42
Australia SEEBOHM Emily 0.61 1.51
McKEOWN Taylor 0.22
McKEON Emma 0.37
CAMPBELL Cate 0.31
Denmark NIELSEN Mie 0.64 1.66
PEDERSEN Rikke Moller 0.31
OTTESEN Jeanette 0.30
BLUME Pernille 0.41
China FU Yuanhui 0.59 1.13
SHI Jinglin 0.31
LU Ying 0.03
ZHU Menghui 0.20
Canada MASSE Kylie 0.58 1.00
NICOL Rachel 0.20
OLEKSIAK Penny -0.01
Van LANDEGHEM Chantal 0.23
Russia FESIKOVA Anastasiia 0.70 1.52
EFIMOVA Yulia 0.25
CHIMROVA Svetlana 0.32
POPOVA Veronika 0.25
Great Britain DAVIES Georgia 0.63 1.45
TUTTON Chloe 0.04
O’CONNOR Siobhan-Marie 0.26
HALSALL Francesca 0.52
Italy ZOFKOVA Carlotta 0.78 1.37
CASTIGLIONI Arianna 0.29
BIANCHI Ilaria 0.28
PELLEGRINI Federica 0.02


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Sir Swimsalot
6 years ago

They won comfortably, but maybe they could be gotten that world record? I remember them being within the 2 second range.

6 years ago

I’m not sure this is even noteworthy. The US quartet knew they had it won on paper and were likely coached to use safe starts. Nothing to see here……

6 years ago

Seriously !! Who gives a crap about reaction times when you win by 1.88 secs! If they lost by that much then we talk about it!!!

Reply to  SwimMom
6 years ago

They’re just saying that it’s interesting how they played it safe. It’s really cool to see these times

6 years ago

Why add the backstroke times into this? Males more sense to say the US was 1.12

Reply to  Barry
6 years ago

Well she also had a reaction time off the start

6 years ago

USA had the most to lose by DQing…

6 years ago

They won….

6 years ago

So CAN should’ve been DQed? Forgive my ignorance

Reply to  SZ2016
6 years ago

For the DQ to happen the reaction pad has to be more than -.09 otherwise they can say the reaction pad wasn’t accurate enough or it malfunctioned.

Reply to  Woofpack
6 years ago


Reply to  SZ2016
6 years ago

.03 will get you dq’d .02 is ok

Reply to  SZ2016
6 years ago

They are allowed upto -0.03. Anything -0.04 or more results in a DQ.

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