USA Swimming Announces 2016-17 National Team Roster

As we head into the new season, USA Swimming swimming has released the 2016-17 U.S. National Team roster of 53 men and 53 women, headlined by individual Rio gold medalists Katie Ledecky, Ryan Murphy, Simone Manuel, Anthony Ervin, and Lilly King.

To qualify for the 2016-17 National Team, swimmers had to post a time that ranked in the top 6 of their respective Olympic events from the combined results of the 2016 U.S. Olympic Trials, 2016 Rio Olympic Games, and 2016 U.S. Open. Being selected to the team can give these athletes benefits such as athlete health insurance, monthly stipends, and reimbursements for expenses at meets. You can read in-depth about what it means to be a U.S. National Team member and some of the big benefits here.

Swimming their way onto the team were 7 individual gold medalists from the 2016 Rio Olympics, including Ledecky (200/400/800 free), Murphy (100/200 back), King (100/200 breast), Ervin (50/100 free), and Manuel (50/100 free). Also on the roster are gold medalists Michael Phelps (100/200 fly, 200 IM) and Maya DiRado (200 back, 200/400 IM), but both have announced that they don’t intend to continue swimming.

Phelps and DiRado are among a handful of swimmers who made the roster but are now retired or have announced their intention to take a long break. On the women’s side, Jessica Hardy qualified in the 100 breast, but she’s said that her final race at Trials was likely the last race of her career. On the men’s side, 2012 Olympic gold medalists Matt Grevers (100 back) and Tyler Clary (200 back) have announced their retirement, and 2016 Olympic bronze medalist Connor Jaeger (400/1500 free) is considering retirement as well.

While the veterans have begun to move on, we’ll get a chance to see 21 first-time National Team members on the roster. That includes Michael Andrew, a young pro swimmer who made his first team with his 100 breast and 200 IM at Olympic Trials, and Ryan Held, who won hearts with his emotional display on the podium after winning Olympic gold in the men’s 400 free relay.

Qualifying for the team in the most events this year is the University of Georgia’s Gunnar Bentz. Bentz, a member of the 2016 U.S. Olympic Team, made the roster with top 6 finishes in the men’s 200 free, 200 fly, 200 IM, and 400 IM. In Rio, he earned his first Olympic gold medal with his performance on the prelims 800 free relay.

Before he can compete for Team USA, Bentz has to serve a 4-month suspension handed to him by USA Swimming. In that boat with him are National Teamers Ryan Lochte (200 free, 200/400 IM), Jack Conger (200 free, 100/200 fly) and Jimmy Feigen (100 free), who were all involved in the gas station controversy in Rio.

Lochte, an Olympic veteran for the USA, is on the roster for the 200 free, 200 IM, and 400 IM. However, it’s unlikely that we’ll see him compete at all. Lochte was given a 10-month suspension as a result of his actions, which extends through 2017 Nationals, thus barring him from the 2017 World Championships.

2016-17 National Team Roster:

• 106 National Team members (53 men; 53 women)
• 31 states represented; California leads the way with 16 National Team members
• 50-plus USA Swimming clubs represented
• 37 medalists from the 2016 Olympic Games
• 12 swimmers qualified for the National Team in three-plus events
• 21 first-time National Team members
• 8 members of the 2015-16 National Junior Team made the leap to National Team
• 65 personal coaches of National Team athletes honored as 2016-17 National Team coaches


Name Event(s) Club Affiliation
Cammile Adams 200 fly SwimMAC Carolina
Haley Anderson 10k Trojan Swim Club
Kathleen Baker 100 back SwimMAC Carolina/California
Cassidy Bayer 100/200 fly Nation’s Capital Swim Club
Tina Bechtel 200 fly Kentucky Aquatics/Kentucky
Elizabeth Beisel 400 IM Bluefish Swim Club/Florida
Amy Bilquist 100/200 back California Aquatics/Carmel Swim Club
Lisa Bratton 200 back Texas A&M/Tri-City Channel Cats
Emily Brunemann 10k Club Wolverine
Andee Cottrell 100 breast University of Louisville
Madisyn Cox 200/400 IM Lubbock Swim Club/Texas
Ali Deloof 100 back University of Michigan/Pointe Aquatics
Maya DiRado 200 back, 200/400 IM Stanford Swimming/Neptune Swimming
Ella Eastin 200 IM Stanford Swimming/SOCAL Aquatics
Eva Fabian 10k Yale University
Hali Flickinger 200 fly Athens Bulldogs Swim Club/Georgia
Missy Franklin 200free, 200 back Colorado Stars/California
Bethany Galat 200 breast, 200/400 IM Aggie Swim Club/Texas A&M
Danielle Galyer 200 back Kentucky Aquatics/Kentucky
Sarah Gibson 100 fly Texas A&M/Alamo Aquatics
Sarah Haase 100 breast Stanford Swimming/RMSC
Molly Hannis 100/200 breast Tennessee Aquatics/Neptune Swimming
Jessica Hardy 100 breast Golden West Swim Club
Sarah Henry 200 breast, 400 IM Aggie Swim Club
Madison Kennedy 50 free SwimMAC Carolina
Lilly King 100/200 breast Indiana University/Newburgh Sea Creatures
Katrina Konopka 50 free Tucson Ford Dealers Aquatics/Arizona
Micah Lawrence 200 breast SwimMAC Carolina
Katie Ledecky 200/400/800 free Nation’s Capital Swim Club
Caitlin Leverenz 200/400 IM California Aquatics
Simone Manuel 50/100 free Stanford Swimming/First Colony
Melanie Margalis 200 free, 200 breast, 200 IM St. Petersburg Aquatics/Georgia
Katie Meili 100 breast SwimMAC Carolina/New York Athletic Club
Eva Merrell 200 back Aquazot Swim Club
Hellen Moffitt 100 fly North Carolina Aquatic Club/UNC
Hannah Moore 800 free NC State University
Lia Neal 50/100 free Stanford Swimming/Asphalt Green
Stephanie Peacock 400/800 free, 10k Mission Viejo Nadadores
Taylor Pike 10k Razorback Aquatic Club AquaHawgs
Cierra Runge 200/400 free North Baltimore Aquatic Club
Hannah Saiz 200 fly Schroeder YMCA/Kenyon
Allison Schmitt 100/200/400 free North Baltimore Aquatic Club/Georgia
Clara Smiddy 100 back University of Michigan/AquaKids Sharks
Leah Smith 200/400.800 free Cavalier Swimming/Virginia
Olivia Smoliga 50 free, 100 back Athens Bulldogs Swim Club/Georgia
Hannah Stevens 100 back University of Missouri/Greater Columbus
Kendyl Stewart 100 fly North Coast Aquatics/USC
Ashley Twichell 800 free, 10k Mission Viejo Nadadores
Dana Vollmer 100 free, 100 fly California Aquatics
Lindsay Vrooman 400/800 free Badger Swim Club/Indiana
Amanda Weir 100 free SwimAtlanta
Abbey Weitzeil 50/100 free Canyons Aquatic Club
Kelsi Worrell 100/200 fly University of Louisville


Name Event(s) Club Affiliation
Nathan Adrian 50/100 free California Aquatics
Michael Andrew 100 breast, 200 IM Indie Swimming
Gunnar Bentz 200 free, 200 fly, 200/400 IM Athens Bulldogs Swim Club/Georgia
Brendan Casey 10k Team Santa Monica
Michael Chadwick 50 free University of Missouri/SwimMAC Carolina
Pace Clark 200 fly Athens Bulldogs Swim Club/Georgia
Tyler Clary 200 back SwimMAC Carolina
Jack Conger 200 free, 100/200 fly Nation’s Capital Swim Club/Texas
Will Copeland 100 free Rockbridge Storm Swim Team
Kevin Cordes 100/200 breast Fox Valley Swim Team/Arizona
Abrahm DeVine 200 IM Stanford Swimming
Caeleb Dressel 50/100 free Bolles School Sharks/Florida
Conor Dwyer 200/400 free Trojan Swim Club/North Baltimore
Anthony Ervin 50/100 free SwimMAC Carolina
Jimmy Feigen 100 free New York Athletic Club/SwimMAC Carolina
Nic Fink 100/200 breast Athens Bulldogs Swim Club/Georgia
Andrew Gemmell 10k Nation’s Capital Swim Club
Matt Grevers 100 back Tucson Ford Dealers Aquatics
Sean Grieshop 400 IM Nitro Swimming
Zane Grothe 400 free Badger Swim Club/Indiana
Townley Haas 200/400 free NOVA of Virginia Aquatics/Texas
Ryan Held 100 free NC State University
David Heron 10k Tennessee Aquatics
Connor Jaeger 400/1500 free Club Wolverine
Cullen Jones 50 free SwimMAC Carolina
Matt Josa 100 fly SwimMAC Carolina
Chase Kalisz 200 fly, 400 IM North Baltimore Aquatic Club/Georgia
Sean Lehane 100/200 back University of Tennessee
Will Licon 200 breast Longhorn Aquatics/Texas
Jay Litherland 400 IM Dynamo Swim Club/Georgia
Ryan Lochte 200 free, 200/400 IM SwimMAC Carolina
Michael McBroom 400/1500 free The Woodlands Swim Team/Texas
Alex Meyer 10k Tennessee Aquatics
Cody Miller 100/200 breast Badger Swim Club/Indiana
Ryan Murphy 100/200 back California Aquatics
David Nolan 200 IM North Baltimore Aquatic Club
Robert Owen 200 back H20kie Aquatics/Virginia Tech
Jacob Pebley 100/200 back California Aquatics/Corvalis Aquatic Team
Michael Phelps 200 IM, 100/200 fly North Baltimore Aquatic Club
Tim Phillips 100 fly SwimMAC Carolina/Ohio State
David Plummer 100 back New York Athletic Club/Minnesota
Josh Prenot 400 IM, 100/200 breast California Aquatics
PJ Ransford 1500 free University of Michigan
Sean Ryan 10k Club Wolverine
Josh Schneider 50 free New York Athletic Club/Cincinnati
Tom Shields 100/200 fly California Aquatics
Clark Smith 200/400 free Longhorn Aquatics/Texas
Seth Stubblefield 100 fly California Aquatics
True Sweetser 1500 free Gator Swim Club
Michael Taylor 100/200 back Dynamo Swim Club
Christopher Wieser 1500 free Tucson Ford Dealers Aquatics/Arizona
Jordan Wilimovsky 1500 free, 10k Team Santa Monica
Andrew Wilson 100/200 breast Longhorn Aquatics

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Do the people who announced their retirement, do they still get their APA stipend? People like Clary or Maya. I think the intent is not a reward or bonus but something to help them cover their expenses while they train the next year. And how hard does USA Swimming scrutinize this?


Wondering the same thing about people on this list who have announced their retirement. Do they move new people to replace them on team then??


No stipend for retired athletes. They must be training and competing.


So second part of my question… hard does USA Swimming look at ‘is it a long break or just an excuse to get more money’?


All those sorts of questions answered on usas website. In sum, they sign an athlete agreement. link below.


Thanks! I have seen those but just wonder if USA Swimming monitors it tightly?

Hawaii Kai

Blake Pieroni is the only Olympian who did not make the national team (sixth in OT finals, but outranked when including semifinal swims). Will he get any of the NT benefits by virtue of being an Olympian (or, which benefits are common to both teams)?


He’s in the NCAA so I think he’ll be fine

Coach Mike 1952

Also, didn’t Connor Jaeger announce his retirement as well?


Yes. He said it was time for Peter Pan to grow up.

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