USA Announces Roster for 2019 World Military Games

The United States has announced a roster of 15 men and women for the upcoming 2019 CISM World Military Games, which will take place in Wuhan, China, from October 18th to 27th. The World Military Games are a multi-sport event that has taken place every four years since 1995 when the first edition of the Games was launched in Rome. The most recent 2015 Games were held in Mungyeong, South Korea.

Before the grouping of multiple sports into one quadrennial event, swimming and other sports were and continue to be held as independent CISM World Military Championships. 2018 marked the 50th iteration of the CISM World Military Championships for swimming, an event that was dominated by Russia, who also hosted the games.

Notable absences from the U.S. roster include any and all members of the varsity swim teams from any of U.S. service academies. This is because in order to participate all athletes must be active military, meaning the academy cadets are not yet eligible.

9 of the 15 swam varsity at either Navy or Air Force, with US Naval Academy graduate Lauren Barber having the most recent high-level racing experience. In March, Barber raced at the 2019 Women’s NCAA Championships where she competed the 100 breaststroke, 200 breaststroke, and 200 IM. Barber became the first woman in Navy and Patriot League history to earn Honorable Mention All-America honors at the NCAA Division I Championships with her 16th-place finish in the 200 breaststroke, making her the first woman from Navy to ever score points at the NCAA Championships. Barber also competed at the 2016 Olympic Trials in the 100 breaststroke, 200 freestyle, and 200 IM.

*Signifies former varsity member of a service academy swim team.

  • MCRD Parris Island, SC 
    • USMC 2nd Lieutenant Mackenzie Margroum* (24)
      • (US Naval Academy 2017)
  • US Naval Academy 
    • USMC Captain Toni Paruso* (28)
      • (US Naval Academy 2013)
    • Ensign Lauren Barber* (22)
      • (US Naval Academy 2019)
  • Quantico, VA
    • USMC Captain Kellie Mix (28)
  • MCAS Cherry Point, NC 
    • USMC Captain Rheanna Vaughn* (27)
      • (US Naval Academy 2014)
  • Colorado Springs, CO 
    • USAF 2nd Lieutenant Shane Knight* (23)
      • (Queens University of Charlotte 2017, Air Force ROTC)
  • Cape Cod Air Force Station 
    • USAF 2nd Lieutenant Elise Hart* (23)
      • (US Air Force Academy 2018)
  • Camp Pendleton, CA 
    • USMC Mr. Michael Kleinert – Coach
    • USMC 2nd Lieutenant Steven Grune* (25)
      • (Bucknell University 2016)
    • USN Lieutenant David Sherrier*
      • (College of Charleston 2014)
  • Fort Hood, TX 
    • USA Captain Thomas Inwood (29)
  • Federal Way, WA 
    • USAF Lieutenant Kevin Jackson* (25)
      • (US Air Force Academy 2016)
  • Scott Air Force Base, IL 
    • USAF Captain Angus MacDonald* (27)
      • (US Air Force Academy 2014)
  • Mountain Home Air Force Base 
    • USAF A1C Michael Yoo (20)
  • MacDill Air Force Base
    • FL USAF Captain Ryan Dunne* (26)
      • (US Air Force Academy 2016)
  • Langley Air Force Base, VA 
    • USAF 1st Lieutenant Genevieve Miller (24)
      • (US Air Force Academy 2017)

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2 years ago

Did any one of our athletes contract Corona Virus after this? I heard many members of the French delegation did.

ENS harambe
2 years ago

Congrats to these service members and especially congrats to Ryan– Your long lost cousin

Mike Zabel
2 years ago

Have a great Swim Ryan!! From your Shark teammates at SPM!!

Rob Lias
2 years ago

Kelly Mix, formerly Darmody, is a Naval Academy Grad of 2013. Thanks!

Rob Lias
Reply to  Rob Lias
2 years ago

Sorry, Kellie. Spellcheck got me

2 years ago

Thomas Inwood swam at Virginia

Reply to  Nepotism
2 years ago

It’s peanut butter jelly time!

2 years ago

I bet it’s gonna be interesting for Michael Yoo, being the only enlisted member of the team.

2 years ago

Love this. Best wishes and thank you for your service and sacrifices.

olde coach
Reply to  Swammer
2 years ago

How can there be a down vote on this? This group is doing double duty!

Reply to  olde coach
2 years ago

Nobody should get too upset if 1 out of 45 people downvote them. Could be a slip of the finger. Some people are not pro-military. Maybe someone was just having a bad day. It happens. You can’t make 100% of the people happy, and honestly 97.7% is a pretty good ratio.

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