Update: Nation Of Italy On Travel Lockdown Due to Coronavirus

You can read full coverage of the coronavirus impact on Italy on SwimSwam Italia.

Updated since original publishing:

As of Monday, March 9th, Italy has become the first nation to place its entire territory under quarantine in an effort to contain the coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic.

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said that the ‘red zone’ quarantine previously only applicable to the north of Italy will now be imposed on the entire nation, meaning travel to, from and within Italy is only possible if ‘demonstrably necessary for work or health reasons.’

Per The Wall Street Journal ($), the nationwide quarantine also means employees are urged to take vacation and stay home; bars and restaurants must close at 6pm; and virtually all public gatherings are banned. Additionally, people must keep a distance of at least one meter (3 feet) between themselves at all gathering places.

“I decided to adopt even stronger, stricter measures to be able to contain the spread of the virus as much as possible,” Mr. Conte said at a news conference. “I’m aware of how serious this is, but I am forced to intervene even more decisively to protect all of us, and especially those who are more weak and vulnerable.”

As of Monday, 9,172 cases of infection within Italy had been confirmed, of whom 463 had died.

Original Article:

The impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) is continually unfolding, as we reported today that the Italian Olympic Trials originally slated to begin on March 17th have been cancelled. Additionally, Italian teams are restricted from competing at international events, although the specific data parameters are not yet spelled out.

These measures were taken after the Italian government had enacted new, stricter restrictions on travel within the nation due to the COVID-19 conditions. This involved defining a ‘red zone’, which blocked all travel to and from Itay’s northern regions in the heart of the country’s outbreak.

However, starting Tuesday, March 10th, athletes ‘of national interest’ will be able to return to train in the Lazio region. This means that certain athletes, despite living in the red zone, will be able to leave and train in the general area around the city of Rome as long as they provide certification they are in good health.

The specific ordinance, which you can read here, specifies the following:

Professional and non-professional athletes recognized by the respective federations of national interest are authorized to carry out training sessions at sports facilities (in the manner indicated by art.2, letter g of the Prime Minister’s Decree of 8 March 2020).

Among those who train in Lazio include Gregorio Paltrinieri, Gabriele Detti and Simona Quadarella.

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1 year ago

We are in total lockdown now.

Reply to  Italian
1 year ago

Stay safe and healthy over there! We are hoping for the best for you all.

1 year ago

I really hope this virus doesn’t mess with athletes Olympic dreams.

Reply to  Wethorn
1 year ago

I think it depends on what a public gathering is considered. Would practice be considered a public gathering? Also, if you’ve got to essentially be in the house by 6pm, at what point can you leave the house in the morning – sunrise? This could cut into people trying to run doubles.

1 year ago

Thank you Italy! Makes so much more sense than China letting everyone fly around to almost every country to infect everyone. If china had done this initially, we wouldnt be in this mess. Much love and respect to Italy. Wishing everyone (in gerneral) the best to avoid the virus or recover if already contaminated.

Will 37
Reply to  Dbswims
1 year ago

Dude, every country is in a different shoe. Now let’s assume China did lock down the country. You will probably be saying discriminative stuff about that decision. When you are on a swimming website, just chill and respect the athletes.

Reply to  Will 37
1 year ago

Who said I was against China? I pointed out china becasue that is where the virus started and has the most cases of the virus. I am for whatever can be done to protect innocent lives. I dont care if it was China, Australia, US, Russia, or any other country that started the virus. Once they realized that the Virus was highly contagious and deadly, that country should have shutdown all traveling to stop it from spreading to everywhere else in the world.

Also, no where am I disrespecting the athletes. I am just happy that Italy is doing something to try to stop the spread of the virus.

Reply to  Dbswims
1 year ago

Italy’s already been letting people fly all over the world for a month or so now. There’s been heaps of news reports of Italians testing positive in other countries not long after they arrived there including a all those people in one big lot in India. Italy also had far more advanced warning than China had and still failed spectacularly to contain the virus.

Reply to  Troyy
1 year ago

Who has shutdown traveling to and from their country and preventing their citizens from infecting people from other countries? Thats Italy. Who’s still allowing people with the disease from their country to travel to other countries resulting in more infected citizens? China.
My point is that once China found out that the virus was very contagious, deadly, and spreading quickly to other countries, they should have shutdown all traveling in and out of china. If they did, then Italy wouldn’t have gotten this bad. Even though there would still be people who have already left the country with the virus before they can shutdown, there would have been far less of them infecting the rest of the world than… Read more »

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