University of Texas Officially Opens the Eddie Reese Outdoor Pool

by Nicole Miller 21

August 28th, 2020 Big 12, College, News

The University of Texas has officially opened the Eddie Reese Outdoor Pool, named in honor of the Longhorns’ longtime head coach. 

The opening was announced via an Instagram video posted on Thursday, and comes about a month after it was filled with water for the first time.

The swimming world first learned about the pool in 2018 when Texas assistant coach Wyatt Collins posted a picture depicting the construction of the pool on his Instagram. Two years later, on Reese’s 79th birthday, the university filled the pool for the first time. 

The new facility is located behind the Lee and Joe Jamail Texas Swim Center Pool, and will serve as an additional training location for Texas’ swimming and diving teams. 

According to Collins’ original post, the new outdoor facility includes a diving dryland area, new team locker rooms, and a team lounge area. The main pool has 10 short course lanes that can be converted into 5 long course lanes. 

The Texas Swim Center has one of the highest permanent seating capacities of any pool in the country, but the addition of the Eddie Reese Outdoor Pool will give the Longhorns the ability to train outdoors – which becomes more crucial under the shadow of coronavirus, which is believed to be spread more easily indoors than outdoors.

Reese, one of the winningest coaches in NCAA history, has guided the Longhorns since 1978. During that time period, the team has won 14 NCAA National Championships, 53 individual NCAA championships, and 50 NCAA championship relays. They have also won the Big-12 conference Championship every year since 1980. Reese has been named the CSCAA National coach of the year 8 times. 

Internationally, Reese is a two-time US Olympic Team head coach and a 4-time US Olympic Team assistant coach. He has coached 29 Olympians who have won 39 gold medals, 16 silver medals, and 8 bronze medals.

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9 months ago

Pretty dang baller to have a pool named after you while you still work at the university!

Reply to  2Fat4Speed
9 months ago

Impressive, but I also wait to see an Eddie statue in front of the Texas Swim Center, right in the middle of “the circuit of olympians.” If Michael Jordan can have it, Eddie can have it. He is 14:6 against Jordan, and still going…

Reply to  PsychoDad
9 months ago


9 months ago

Never name anything after anyone until they are dead! 15 years swimming in a pool named after one of the most notorious crooks of the 1980s…

Reply to  Swammajammadingdong
9 months ago

John mccain? John Glenn? A different keating 5 participant?

Spare me

Gator Chomp
Reply to  Doconc
9 months ago

Uhhhhh no I think he means the guy who the Keating 5 was named after.

Gross, is even fraud, racketeering, and causing massive financial losses to your customers and the US government now ok with your ilk? No more lines in the sand anymore, I guess.

Reply to  Swammajammadingdong
9 months ago

Clearly, you do not know who Eddy Reese is. One of the greatest human being and coach !!!

Reply to  yardfan
9 months ago

I mean, you just misspelled his name. Maybe you both could stand to brush up a bit.

Reply to  Swammajammadingdong
9 months ago

Adnan Khashoggi student center and pool at American University?

9 months ago

Guess this means Eddie will be coaching 10 more years