Tusup in Dark Horse Vlog Update: ‘I Can’t Want the Olympic Gold More Than You’

Two new episodes of Shane Tusup‘s ‘Olympic Darkhorse’ series on YouTube have been uploaded since our last update. The series follows Tusup’s coaching journeys with Italian record-holder Ilaria Cusinato and Hungarian teenager Zsombor Bujdoso, especially with Cusinato’s quest for Olympic glory next year.


Episode 9 follows the trend of several videos we’ve seen before: interchanging montage scenes of the athletes working out in the gym and in the pool. This video felt tense. At around 3:45, Cusinato is attempting cleans with a barbell and ends up falling to the ground. Later on, at the end of a tough pool session, Tusup offers a get-out swim (the event is known, but it seems like it’s a 400 IM) if both swimmers can break five minutes. The swimmers seem to say they don’t think they can, or don’t want to, do the swim. Tusup exclaims that he’s been working hard and he’s tired, too, and expresses his frustrations.

“I can’t want the Olympic gold more than you… I’m tired, too,” he says.


Episode 10 is a much lighter mood, with Cusinato and Tusup on a couch doing a Q&A. Cusinato’s followers send her questions to ask Tusup, and vice versa.

One follower asks who Cusinato’s biggest rival is. “Myself,” she says.

Warning: several of the questions asked in this episode are of an explicit sexual nature. 

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1 year ago


Best coaching motivation EVER

1 year ago

Weirdest episode yet

Reply to  leisurely1:29
1 year ago

Not as weird as this one – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WcV5lDOHxOs

Reply to  Monteswim
1 year ago

Yes, the one I was referring to was X (hell, it’s borderline X-rated)

1 year ago

Call him unorthodox as much as you want… But there’s some reason in his methods, he seems to me almost like an antidote for all these soft kids we’ve been raising lately.

Reply to  Observer
1 year ago

I get that you don’t like “PC Culture” or whatever but there is a reason this sort of coaching isn’t popular. It can really be detrimental to your mental health to have a coach who is a total jerk. There just is no need to elevate guys like Shane Tusup

Reply to  Observer
1 year ago

easy there, hardooooo

Joel Lin
Reply to  Observer
1 year ago

I have questions.

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