Bridge Athletic Building Block #3 – Power Circuit for Christmas/Winter Training Trips

The BridgeAthletic Building Block Series is a set of 5 exercises that can be performed by swimmers of all levels on the pool deck. This building block is designed as a power circuit to add to Christmas/Winter training sessions.

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Can data make you faster?

It’s mid-way in the swim season: Are you on track to hit your goals this year? What did you do to push yourself closer to that goal today? Do you remember what your goals are?

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Banned Olympic Champion Park Tae-Hwan Returns Home to Korea

2008 Olympic gold medalist and two-time silver medalist at the 2012 Olympic Games, Park Tae-Hwan, is set to return home to Korea, still under suspension for having tested positively for a banned substance last year.

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Holiday Season – 5 Things Every Swimmer Needs

Holidays are the most wonderful time of year, but we know they can be plenty stressful and expensive, too. Here are five easy-to-find suggestions for the swimmers in your life that won’t bust your budget.

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How Long Does it Take to Create Good Swimming Habits?

You’ve made the decision to change your habits in the pool for the better. Here is how long it will take to make those changes stick.


FINIS Kick Pro with Olympian Scott Weltz

The Kick Pro is a neoprene cuff worn above or below the knees, or around the ankles to promote proper kick technique.

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TYR Sport Launches Blog

We’ve entered the world of blogging-and we couldn’t be more excited to give fans an all access pass to everything TYR.

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BridgeAthletic December Olympic Trials Preparation Tips

Just under 6 months until the 2016 USA Swimming Olympic Trials. Are you ready?

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Yoga for Swimmers (Video) – A Short Sequence for Your Knees

This short yoga sequence focuses on hip strength and mobility as well glute strength…

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Fike Swim Announces Big Brick Giveaway

You can earn your team FIVE free Bricks, one of the most effective, most versatile training tools out there!


Swim Towel Taken to New Heights by Canadian Designer

Snappy Towels, Canada’s official lifeguard towel, has launched in the US with a unique style of microfiber swim towel, the Snappy Towel, adding a whole new element of fun, comfort and convenience to the pool and beach.

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Yoga for Swimmers: 3 Poses to Keep Your Knees Healthy

Knee injuries are a common ailment that swimmers, especially breaststroke specialists, suffer from…


4 Reasons Why You’re a Practice Swimmer

Eric McGinnis brings us four reasons why some swimmers are so good at practice, but can’t repeat that at the meets.


How to Have a Better Attitude at the Pool

The attitude we choose to have usually ends up dictating how perform in the pool. Here are some ways to develop an awesome attitude at practice.

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How Badly Do You Want It?

It will always be easier to not do the hard stuff required for success in the pool. Here is how to drown out that voice in order to get the things done necessary to succeed.