Tomoe Hvas Smashes Own Norweigan National Record In 200 Back

by Lydia Ferrari Kehoe 0

November 09th, 2020 News

2020 International Swimming League – Match 10

Norway’s Tomoe Hvas has smashed his previous National Record in the 200m backstroke on Day 1 of Match #10.

While racing for LA Current, Hvas posted a time of 1:53.54, over 1.5 seconds faster than his previous record mark of 1:55.10 from March 2018.

Here’s a comparison of his splits in the old and new records:

Old Record New Record
50m 26.59 26.72
100m 28.27 (54.86) 27.94 (54.66)
150m 30.02 (1:24.88) 28.96 (1:23.62)
200m 30.22 (1:55.10) 29.92 (1:53.54)

For Hvas, he now holds National Records in 7 individual events, many of which he has broken and re-broken more than once.

During Match #3 he set a new record mark in the 100 IM with a time of 51.72. The previous record in that event belonged to his countrymate Markus Lie and stood at 52.12.

His 200 back time today places him a second behind the Nordic Record mark of 1:52.51, which was set by Danish swimmer Anders Jensen in 2009. Notably, three of Hvas’ National Norweigan record marks are also Nordic Records: 100m butterfly (49.88), 100IM (51.72), and 200IM (1:51.74).

This is the first time Hvas has appeared in this event for the Current, with his team opting for other swimmers in their previous matches.

The 20-year-old is competing in his debut ISL season for the current, after being added to the team in early September.

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