The Main Set: SwimSwam’s Official Podcast – Episode One: Ryan Lochte

Joined by multi-time Olympic medallist and swimming icon Ryan Lochte, Swimswam would like to introduce “The Main Set.”

Mitch and Loretta will be taking fans into new waters with the first ever official Swimswam podcast dedicated to all things swimming.

Mitch comes at you from Toronto, Ontario, Canada while Loretta resides in northern Kentucky in the good ole U S of A. Together the duo will be bringing you unique swimming coverage from an angle that has never been explored before.

Both lead writers for Swimswam, the two also currently coach the sport. With swimming expertise that stretches far beyond the shallow end the pair will be discussing some of the most talked about issues in the sport of swimming today.

In week one Mitch and Loretta will tackle the issue of Ryan Lochte‘s new controversial under water dolphin kick  and the FINA ban on his new kicking method in the individual medley races.

They will be joined by Lochte himself who goes into full detail about the new kick and where he sees it’s future.

The schedule

  • Swim of the week
  • What’s up with Ryan Lochte?
  • Swimswam top 10

Any questions about the show? email [email protected] or [email protected]

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  1. MD swimmer says:

    Absolutely amazing I can’t wait for more episodes this the kind of thing I have been waiting thank you

  2. bobo gigi says:

    These podcasts are a great addition to the site.

    And about your top 10, I only put a guy named Michael Chadwick instead of someone like Ervin and Grevers.
    Olympic final: Caeleb Dressel/Michael Phelps/Maxime Rooney/Nathan Adrian
    It sounds really good in my opinion. A great mix of veterans superstars and talented young newcomers.
    I still have a big hesitation about Conger. I think he has the potential to be in that US top 4 for the final, no doubt, but like Loretta, it will depend on his schedule and personally, I think he’s much more focused right now on fly and I think he’s right.

  3. bobo gigi says:

    Next time you could talk about the tough qualifying times the French swimmers will have to swim at their national chyampionships next year if they want to go to Rio.
    The national team director has raised the bar very high. No more tourists!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Only people with at least chances of finals. I agree 100%!
    French newspaper L’Equipe has only given a few examples but they are interesting.
    Men’s 50 free. 21.82
    Men’s 200 free. 1.46.06
    Women’s 200 free. 1.56.78
    Men’s 100 back. 53.29
    Men’s 100 free. 48.13 😆
    It is mentioned that the director can still save 6 men and 6 women who swam very close to the required times.
    I advise the US national team director to do the same in the future after Rio, at least on sprint and especially on women’s sprint. The only way in my opinion to wake up the US girls and their coaches to finally have 2 or 3 women under 53 before Tokyo 2020. The state of US women’s sprint since 2000 is a disgrace to the greatest swimming nation in the world.
    Put a time to do of at least 53.00 in 2017 to qualify for worlds. And if it’s too hard and no US girl does it, no problem, there will be no US girl in Budapest in the 100 free. So what? It would not be the end of the world. It would just show they don’t have the level yet to medal. It would be a real eye-opener and everyone would train a lot harder to come back stronger 2 years later.
    If the American federation doesn’t react quickly, I think the US women’s relay will face huge difficulties in the next years. And this as soon as Rio next year where that relay is far from being sure to win a medal with Australia, Netherlands and now a new big contender Canada.

  4. BITW says:

    This is spectacular. I am beyond excited to listen!

  5. Steve-O Nolan says:

    Cool. Will check out my next commute, but before that – “User 415296132” isn’t the catchiest of Soundcloud usernames.

  6. Olivier Poirier-Leroy says:


  7. BITW says:

    Just finished the full episode and I can say I thoroughly enjoyed it. The last “top ten” segment was the most enjoyable aspect of the show, in my opinion. However, I do have some constructive criticism. I felt, while the choice of Lochte as the first guest was fantastic, the interview was not conducted to its best ability. It seemed as if you guys were unprepared and unsure of what questions to ask at times. Transitions were not smooth and it felt very awkward at times. I understand that Lochte can be a tough interview and a sort of “awkward” feel can usually be expected, but it felt especially prominent here. With all that being said, I find the concept of this show to be extremely fresh and full of potential. Sitting down and listening to an hour of swim talk is something that I will love to do on a regular basis. The podcast has loads of potential and I hope to see some of the worlds best swimmers/coaches as guests talking about the intricacies of our sport! 🙂

  8. Danjohnrob says:

    Thanks Mitch and Loretta, and thank you SwimSwam for adding a terrific, new feature to this website! You can count on me to be a consistent listener.

    I was actually wondering what happened to the video chats that Garrett and Braden used to post on SwimSwam. I guess Braden is too BIG and important to do them anymore. 😉

  9. Hunter Hojnacki says:

    Why did this end?

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