The Looks That Gave at the 2023 Golden Goggles Awards

by SwimSwam 17

November 20th, 2023 Lifestyle, News, Photo Fishbowl

The 2023 USA Swimming Golden Goggles Awards were held on Sunday evening in Los Angeles, where the best of American swimming were on display for an evening of glitz and glam.

Check out the photos below as swimmers traded their suits for dresses, jumpers, and….suits on the blue carpet. After last year was loaded with bright colors (including Elizbaeth Beisel’s iconic green swirl dress), this year’s motif – with a few exceptions (shoutout Hunter Armstrong‘s red jacket) – was a much more muted and neutral affair, with shades of navy, black, and off-white dominating the day.

See some of the images below:

Courtesy: Katie Grimes

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10 days ago

Love Katie ledecky but she’s always had the style of a 45 year old mom

Octavio Gupta
11 days ago

Slightly off topic but I worry Jacoby has been too distracted over the last few months. She’s always travelling and going to events and photoshoots and selling swim suits i wonder how much focused training is actually occurring.

Reply to  Octavio Gupta
11 days ago

Idk for the longest time the sport and pros have been criticized for just putting their head down and training and not really maintaining any sort of media presence beyond swim results or sponsorships so I think it’s likely better for her to be engaged and building her brand outside of the pool, similar to Leon getting his Louis Vuitton and Omega deals, it helps build profile for them individually and the sport as a whole.

And swimmers don’t be getting paid near enough for their work so get the bag Lydia lmao

Reply to  Sorin
11 days ago

she’s 19 and already an olympic gold medallist, if she wants to spend slightly more time having fun and making money than some of her peers, good for her!

Chris D
Reply to  Octavio Gupta
11 days ago

i thought the same until she threw down awesome times this summer and last year

Reply to  Octavio Gupta
11 days ago

wtfc? Jacoby owes you nothing.

Swim Queen
Reply to  Octavio Gupta
10 days ago

Life is about balance – who are you to say what she should or shouldn’t do with her time? Her many interests are healthy !!!! Don’t feed that narrative.

11 days ago

Ledecky’s trophy cabinet must be more like a warehouse now!!!

11 days ago

Streets saying Jacoby’s goggles fell off again on the red carpet

11 days ago

The camera loves Jacoby. Always fierce in photos

Last edited 11 days ago by formerswimmer
11 days ago

Judging strictly on appearance Katie Grimes will commit to Texas

Last edited 11 days ago by Tomek
Swim Queen
Reply to  Tomek
10 days ago

What does that mean lol

Reply to  Swim Queen
10 days ago

She was wearing boots

11 days ago

Looks I loved: Weitzeil, Schmitt, Ledecky, Gretchen Walsh, Lily King, Jacoby.

11 days ago

lydia ate them up

Reply to  owen
11 days ago

she was fly, but the Walsh sisters (Kate too) threw down especially Gretchen.