Team FINIS Launches Athlete Site

FINIS, a world leader in technical swimming products announces the launch of the all new Team FINIS Athletes page.

Arianna Vanderpool-Wallace, Team FINIS (courtesy of Mike Lewis)

Arianna Vanderpool-Wallace, Team FINIS (courtesy of Mike Lewis)

FINIS is the proud sponsor of athletes in competitive swimming, open water swimming and triathlon. With the new Athletes page, each athlete has an individual profile. Within that profile, viewers will find a biography, career highlights and ways to connect with athletes via social media. Among the newest features on the page is a ‘Best Photos’ gallery. The gallery contains the athlete’s most popular photos on social media, many of which contain an element that enables viewers to shop the FINIS products featured in the photo.

FINIS is thrilled with the new aesthetics and features of the page, but the ultimate goal of the Team FINIS Athletes page is much larger: to highlight the extraordinary group of athletes that embody the FINIS brand. With the new design, the Athletes page successfully illustrates what the Team FINIS community signifies as a whole – innovation that motivates people around the world to swim better, swim often and train smarter. Enjoy!

TEAM FINIS – Swimming

Jason Dunford, Team FINIS, Red Vapor and ready  (courtesy of Mike Lewis)

Jason Dunford, Team FINIS, Red Vapor and ready (courtesy of Mike Lewis)

Anthony Ervin

Arianna Vanderpool-Wallace

Mallory Weggemann

Jason Dunford

Roy-Allan Saul Burch

Merle Liivand

Pedro Oliveira

Carmella Kitching

TEAM FINIS – Open water

Alexander Studzinski

Kane Radford

Luane Rowe

TEAM FINIS – Triathlon

Frederik van Lierde

Henri Schoeman

Brendan Sexton

Angela Durazo

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10 years ago

Grear idea! Widen your demographic to include 80 year old swimmers and i would relate to your site more.