Zhou Jihong

China Now Saying Pre-Competition Tests Won’t Decide Olympic Fate

The controversial pre-competition fitness tests imposed at the Chinese Swimming Championships are now reportedly only temporary.


China: Las pruebas previas a la competición presuntamente llegan para quedarse

Si sigue los campeonatos chinos, entonces sabrá que ha habido cierta controversia respecto a las pruebas de condición física previas a la competencia.

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Prove Fisiche Pre Gara Ai Campionati Cinesi Per “Avere Atleti Più Forti”

Le prove fisiche pre gara in Cina hanno raccolto molti dissensi, perchè chi non le supera non è ammesso alla finale. Perché sono state inserite?

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China’s Pre-Competition Fitness Tests Reportedly Here To Stay

If you’ve been following the 2020 Chinese Swimming Championships, then you know there has been some controversy regarding the pre-competition fitness tests.


L’ex Tuffatrice Cinese Zhou Jihong Nominata Primo Vice Presidente FINA

L’ex tuffatrice cinese Zhou Jihong medaglia d’oro olimpica nella piattaforma da 10 metri, è stata nominata primo vice presidente della FINA.

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Beyond The Lane Lines: Learn From Michael Phelps Online

Beyond the Lane Lines features an Australian pool, a crossing of the English Channel, and news about Michael Phelps becoming an online instructor.

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