Tokyo 2020

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Rings Monument Removed Temporarily

The enormous Tokyo 2020 Olympic rings monument located in Tokyo Bay has been removed this week, with the massive piece moved via a barge.


One Year To Go: Rikako Ikee Stars In Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games Hype Video

Get hyped for next year’s Summer Olympic Games with the latest Tokyo 2020 video commemorating ‘One Year To Go’, starring swimmer Rikako Ikee.


Only 25% Of Japanese Surveyed Support Holding Tokyo Olympics in 2021

We’re at the ‘one year to go’ mark but polls in the host nation of Japan reveal only 23.9% of citizens are in favor of holding the Olympic and Paralympics.


After Tokyo Olympic Delay, Universality Places Won’t Require 2019 Worlds Status

With the Tokyo Olympics delayed, FINA tweaked universality rules, no longer requiring athletes to have competed at 2019 Worlds.


Olimpiadi Tokyo: Confermato Il Programma Gare Previsto Per il 2020

Programma gare Olimpiadi di Tokyo 2021 riflette sostanzialmente quello del 2020. Le dichiarazioni del Presidente del CIO Thomas Bach

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Identical Aquatics Schedule Confirmed For Next Year’s Olympic Games

Tokyo organizers announced today that the 2020 Olympic competition schedule will remain identical to its original plan, despite the postponement to 2021.


Low Tide Levels Could Signal Re-Location for Tokyo 2021 Open Water Competition

The tide level in Odaiba Seaside Park is expected to be too shallow for competition by August 2021, pointing towards a potential open water location change.


Tokyo Olympic & Paralympic Games Tickets Can Be Refunded Due To Postponement

The Tokyo 2020 organizing committee has said it will issue ticket refunds for those spectators unable to attend due to the delay.

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Next Year’s Olympics Have Secured 80% Of Venues, As Candidate Wants Event Nixed

The Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games organizers announced that 80% of the venues required to host the event have been secured for next summer.

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Tokyo 2020, IOC Look Toward Simplified Games, Present Progress Reports

Tokyo 2020 and the IOC released documents on positioning, principles for re-planning, and a roadmap to the Games on Tuesday.

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Olympic Solidarity Increases Funding In Light Of Postponed Games

In response to the delay of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, Olympic Solidarity has pledged additional funds in the form of IOC subsidies.

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Japanese Virology Expert Questions Whether Games Can Be Held In 2021

Japanese virology expert Kentaro Iwata has warned that, in the event of a new COVID-19 outbreak, hosting the event in the summer of 2021 might not be doable.


IOC & Tokyo 2020 Framework To Aim For Identical Competition Schedule In 2021

The 2020 Summer Olympics have been pushed to 2021, but the IOC says it’s a priority to “replicate” the original plan for venue and competition schedules.


Tokyo Olympics CEO: Games Far From A Guarantee To Run In 2021

Toshiro Muto says it’s impossible to know if the spread of COVID-19 will be under control by next summer, with the Tokyo Games hanging in the balance.


Argentinian Swimmers Continue Training Towards 2021 Games Amid Quarantine

Resulting from the confinement, all training facilities in Argentina have locked down, compromising athletes’ ability to fulfill their training programs.

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