Tokyo 2020

IOC Expected To Unveil Dates For Postponed Games In April

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) will set the dates for the rescheduled Tokyo Games in about three weeks’ time.


IOC President Says Olympic Postponement is Like A ‘Huge Jigsaw Puzzle’

During a teleconference this morning, President of the IOC answered some burning questions with regards to the postponement of the Games to next year.


Gli Organizzatori di Tokyo 2020 Stanno Progettando Piani Alternativi

Gli organizzatori di Tokyo 2020 hanno iniziato a esplorare possibili opzioni alternative per la gestione dei Giochi Olimpici.

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Tokio 2020 Organisationskomitee denkt über Verschiebung der Spiele nach

James Sutherland veröffentlichte die englische Version. Die Organisatoren der Olympischen Spiele 2020 haben begonnen, mögliche Alternativen zur Durchführung der Sommerspiele…

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Tokyo 2020 Organizers Starting To Look At Alternative Options For Olympics

The organizers for the 2020 Games have started to explore different options in preparation for the Olympics not running as originally scheduled.


Japanese Olympic Committee Official Calls For Postponement Of 2020 Games

Kaori Yamaguchi, one of 23 executive board members on the Japanese Olympic Committee, has called for the postponement of the 2020 Games.


Japanese Olympic Swimmer Naoko Imoto Appointed Torch Relay Anchor In Greece

Retired 1996 Olympic swimmer Naoko Imoto of Japan was a last-minute addition to receive the Olympic flame during a downsized handover in Athens.


Tokyo 2020: IOC Fails To Investigate Alleged Labor Violations

As of last Aug. 57 people died resulting from heat-related illnesses between Jul. 29 and Aug. 4, among which was an Olympics construction worker.


Tokyo 2020: Iniziate Le Attività Per Migliorare Le Acque Libere

Le Olimpiadi di Tokyo 2020 si avvicinano. Si inizia finalmente a lavorare per migliorare la qualità dell’acqua in una delle sedi dei Giochi Olimpici.

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A Look Inside The 90%-Completed 2020 Olympic Games Aquatics Center

Tokyo 2020 organizers unveiled the inside of the Tokyo Aquatics Center, site for the swimming, diving and more at next year’s Summer Olympic Games.


Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Medal Designs Revealed

Late last month Tokyo 2020 organizers revealed the designs for the Olympic Games medals, but now the Paralympic medals have been revealed.

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Tokyo 2020: Il Test Nelle Acque Libere Di Tokyo Rivela Situazione Preoccupante

Tokyo 2020: Eseguito test in acque libere come  prova per le prossime Olimpiadi. I partecipanti hanno espresso preoccupazione per la qualità dell’acqua

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Tokyo 2020 & Fukuoka 2021 Join Forces To Maximize Resources

Japan is the site of both the 2020 Olympic Games, as well as the 2021 FINA World Aquatic Championships and organizers of both competitions are joining forces.

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What Could Regan Smith’s 2020 Olympic Trials Lineup Look Like?

The backstrokes are all but guaranteed to be part of Smith’s 2020 OTs lineup, but what else could she make the US team in?


Olimpiadi Tokyo 2020: Vietato Pubblicare Video Personali Sui Social Media

OLIMPIADI DI TOKYO 2020 24 Luglio – 09 Agosto 2020 Programma gare Approfondimento finali di mattina Tempi limite Programma Gare…

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