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Today is the only day. Yesterday is gone. - John Wooden

Mental Health for Athletes: A Meditation of Self-Acceptance

Self-acceptance can seem a bit counter-intuitive for athletes. This meditation is to help athlete’s begin to accept themselves fully and whole-heartedly…

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Yoga for Swimmers – Three Poses for the Hips to Enhance Recovery

Recovery is important for swimmers at any level. The following three poses focusing on the hips will help you enhance your recovery…

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Swimming Specific Yoga Partners with Mental Health Initiative

Five percent of all Swimming Specific Yoga’s online sales will go directly to support the Student-Athlete Mental Health Initiative…

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Swimming Specific Yoga Launches Online Classes and Courses

Swimming Specific Yoga programs are designed for swimmers to enhance both their performance and wellness…

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Yoga for Swimmers (Video): Increasing Your Hip Mobility and Stability

In this yoga for swimmers practice we focus on creating mobility and stability in the hips…

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Yoga for Swimmers: Mobility and Strength for an Efficient Butterfly

Yoga is one of the most efficient ways that you can develop both the mobility and strength needed to developing a stronger and faster butterfly…

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Yoga for Swimmers: Learning to Move with Ease (Video)

This Yoga for Swimmers video provides you with a short practice that teaches how to move with greater ease…

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Yoga for Swimmers – Developing Body Awareness (Video)

Yoga is a great way for swimmers to develop body awareness. This short video will help you do just that…

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Yoga for Swimmers (Video): Focusing on the Fundamentals

Just like any other skill the beginning of the year is the perfect time to learn and refine the fundamentals of a strong yoga practice…

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Yoga for Swimmers: 4 Common Misconceptions About Sport-Specific Yoga

Many people have limited or no exposure to yoga, because of this there are many misconceptions about sport-specific yoga…

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Mental Preparation Matters: How Australia Can Reinvent Itself

Australia will need to do more than emulate the United States if it wants to thrive in 2020


Yoga for Swimmers (Video) – Injury Prevention Sequence

This short sequence is designed to help prevent the most common injuries that swimmers suffer from…

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Yoga for Swimmers (Video): A Sequence to Enhance Recovery

One of the greatest advantages to incorporating yoga into your training plan is how it will allow you to recover more effectively…

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Yoga for Swimmers (Video) – Releasing Tension in the Hip Flexors

This short video sequence will take you through four poses that will help relieve stiffness in your hip flexors…

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Yoga for Swimmers: 3 Ways Yin Yoga Can Improve Your Performance

There are many ways that yin yoga can benefit athletes, which include developing mental toughness, enhancing recovery and making a yoga practice more accessible…

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