Swimulator Preview: Pac-12 Championships

by Kevin Hallman 0

February 25th, 2020 News

With a full set of conference championships already wrapped up, this week we’ll use the Swimulator to preview the Pac-12 championships. The women will begin this Wednesday and it looks to be a very tight meet between Stanford and Cal for the top spot. Shown below are the Swimulator predicted scores for the swimming portion of the meet.

California 702.5
Stanford 701.5
Southern Cali 500.5
Arizona St 444
Arizona 298.5
UCLA 228
Washington St. 157
Utah 141

After three years of Stanford victories, Cal hold a narrow lead in the predicted results. Stanford will likely have the edge in diving based off of their results so far this year. However, Cal has had slightly bigger tapers in past seasons. Similar to 2019, USC and Arizona St. are predicted to follow up in the third and forth spots followed by Arizona, UCLA, Washington St., and Utah.

The men’s championships will take place the following week beginning March 6th. Shown below is the Swimulator prediction for the swimming portion of the meet.

California 828.5
Arizona 570.5
Arizona St 502.5
Stanford 363.5
Utah 339.5
Southern Cali 308.5

After a win last season, Cal looks likely to continue its winning streak with a sizable lead over Arizona St. and Arizona. Stanford, Utah, and USC bring up the rest of the pack in order. Last year Cal also had the largest tapers at the conference championships so appear unlikely to be dethroned.


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