SwimSwam Podcast: Erik Posegay on Coaching Phelps, Dwyer, Agnel Under One Roof

On SwimSwam Podcast, we’re giving you an in-depth listen at all things swimming. Host Coleman Hodges welcomes guests and guest co-hosts alike to get perspective on our ever-changing swimming universe and break down the past, present, and future of aquatic sports.

We sat down with Wisconsin assistant coach, Erik Posegay. Before breaking into the college coaching ranks, Posegay was Bob Bowman’s assistant coach at North Baltimore, which included working with the likes of Michael Phelps, Yannick Agnel, Conor Dwyer, and more. Posegay got real with some of the sets they threw down and how he may have ended up learning more from them than vice versa.

Music: Otis McDonald


Opinions, beliefs and viewpoints of the interviewed guests do not necessarily reflect the opinions, beliefs, and viewpoints of the hosts, SwimSwam Partners, LLC and/or SwimSwam advertising partners.

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11 months ago

I know this is off topic, but AAAAH WHAT HAPPENED TO THE COMMENTS

Irish Ringer
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11 months ago

New UI with rich formatting?

Reply to  Irish Ringer
11 months ago

We’re still tweaking the styling on it, so stay tuned!

Reply to  Braden Keith
11 months ago

Can you make the upvotes and downvotes something that relates to swimming (like maybe a swimmer swimming up or something i dont know)

tea rex
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11 months ago

Upvote = Katie Ledecky’s face
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11 months ago

The downvotes would have to be Sun Yang

Mean Dean
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11 months ago

Down votes are hammers

I married my toast because of Caeleb
11 months ago

BRING BACK THE LONG LOCKS COLEMAN!!! We need it in this world right now

Coleman Hodges

Oh not to worry, they’ll be back. It just takes a while😄

11 months ago

One of the absolute best coaches in the game

11 months ago

I know I’m trolling but “No, I don’t know” that’s why I’m here watching and listening.

11 months ago

“You know”. Has to be a Guinness record of saying “you know”

11 months ago

Those who are coached by him are so lucky to have him. And yes, he gets nervous like the rest of us. Completely normal and totally fine. Stop with the negativity.

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