SwimSwam Breakdown: Chalmers Media Woes, Peaty Misses Podium, & Aussie Relay WR

This week on the SwimSwam Breakdown, we discuss Kyle Chalmers‘ reaction to Australian tabloid media, Adam Peaty missing a 100 breast podium for the first time in nearly a decade, and the Australian women surprise smashing the world record in the 800 free relay. See below for full list of topics:

  • 0:00 SwimSwam Breakdown Introduction
  • 0:35 Kyle Chalmers Threatens to Quit Swimming in response to tabloid media
  • 7:32 Adam Peaty misses 100 Breast podium for first time in nearly a decade
  • 14:37 Australian women break 800 Free Relay World Record at Comm Games
  • 21:07 Bobby Finke forgoes 5th year in NCAA, Goes Pro


  • 24:09 Will Shaine Casas swim 3 Individual events at the 2023 World Champs?
  • 27:25 Will Sam Stewart make an international team in the next 2 years?
  • 31:12 Will Josh Matheny win an NCAA title this year?

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9 months ago

Love these breakdowns! Keep them coming.

9 months ago

Peanut Gallery
Kyle-Australia media and especially their tabloids are ridiculous! France has a similar problem with one or two brands. I believe that there some “news” is not good publicity and this is one example on a couple levels.

Peaty-He is human and I agree with Braden that he probably has peaked but still will be a big factor. Easy to say now but he probably should have taken entire summer off! He is set for Euros…does he show up? I say nope!

WR-agree record was “soft” and they should all give their share to Titmus…jk. They have some more room to lower it still. Usa has young girls with that potential at the moment but it seems like… Read more »

9 months ago

While it might be necessary for people to talk about athletes’ life to promote the sport, the conversation should at least be based on truth instead of made up storylines. The thing is that there is no evidence Kyle is snubing anyone in the team. It’s pure speculation and I think that’s why he’s angry towards those fake reporting. It’s not a good feeling when any of your casual move, such as chatting with swimmers from other countries, is misinterpretated maliciously.

Reply to  Tessa
9 months ago

Yes good point.

9 months ago

Braden going down the population route for why England should be more successful at commonwealth games, at Tokyo Australia got 21 medals while USA only got 30 despite having 300 million more people, should USA have structural changes?

Reply to  Coco
9 months ago

1) yes, the US should work to encourage more and better athletes to join the sport. That’s nothing new, I’ve said that a million times.
2) Yeah I guess the Americans should have won 230 gold medals in swimming in Tokyo. There are limits to population arguments based on the two-per-country rule and the number of events that exist.

Reply to  Braden Keith
9 months ago

I don’t think usa swimming needs more swimmers but need to do a better job with those they have…..that is why Australia, England, Italy etc do a better job per capita.

Dressel GOAT
9 months ago

@Coleman, Peaty went 59.0 in the semis not 58.9

maximum mchuge
9 months ago

I think if max can just focus on long course he can go 58

9 months ago

Chalmers week is proof swimmers need more media training

Steve Nolan
Reply to  Meathead
9 months ago

I agree, he just sorta gave the worst possible response. I get his inclination to just be all, “this sucks, i don’t wanna do this anymore if you guys are like this” but the smarter thing would’ve been just to “no comment” / ignore it.

The less he feeds into it himself, probably the better. Because now they know it’s having an impact on him, it’s like blood in the water for them tabloid sharks.

Reply to  Meathead
9 months ago

Slightly off topic, but I think all athletes will receive a bit more media training in the US as a result of these relatively new NLI deals. It’ll be something the athletic departments implement to further the success and support of their athletes.

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