SwimSwam Breakdown: Bauerle Retires, Chalmers Plays Footy, and Duel in the Pool

This week on the SwimSwam Breakdown, we discuss Jack Bauerle‘s retirement (this was recorded before the announcement of Stefanie Moreno-Williams and Neil Versfeld as UGA’s new head coaches), Katie Ledecky saying she will bypass Duel in the Pool, and Kyle Chalmers playing in the Aussie Football League. See full list of topics below:

  • 0:00 SwimSwam Breakdown Introduction
  • 1:15 Jack Bauerle Announces retirement from Georgia after a 46-year career in Athens
  • 9:30: Katie Ledecky announced she will not swim at Duel in the Pool – what does this mean for the future of this meet? 15:10 Kyle Chalmers plays in the Australian Football League just weeks before World Championships
  • 20:33 South American record holder Delfina Pignatiello announced she was stepping away from swimming at just 22-years-old, citing social media as one reason


  • 28:47 Jack Armstrong headed to DII Henderson State in his 2nd Transfer – will we see more DI level talent transferring to DII moving forward?
  • 32:26 UNDER/OVER: After her 1 Year at LSU, Maggie MacNeil will have 6.5 school records (including relays)
  • 36:40 Bruno Fratus hits his career 100th 21-Point 50m Free at World Champs in Budapest
  • 38:18 Will Notre Dame Men OR Women be Top-6 at the 2023 ACC Championships?
  • 44:29: Will David Popovici end his career as the fastest 50/100/200 Freestyler ever?

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Gulliver’s Swimming Travels
5 months ago

MA wasn’t going to go swim for Australia. His parents are South African; he was going to swim there. Also, Australia’s not going to let his defiantly unvaccinated butt in the country.

5 months ago

Idk, I feel like there’s a big difference between Aaron Rodgers attending mandatory events vs swimmers. He’s making hundreds of millions of dollars and the event is at his home field. I don’t think it’s fair to expect swimmers to travel to the other side of the globe to potentially make a thousand dollars when they have so many other meets that have actual meaning around the same time.

Reply to  Yikes
5 months ago

Who would be fining the swimmers for not showing up? If swimmers were getting salaries (not stipends) from USA Swimming, I would understand the argument. The comparison to Aaron Rodgers is a non-comparison. He is employed by the Green Bay Packers. None of these swimmers are employed by USA Swimming.

Steve Nolan
Reply to  Yikes
5 months ago

Yeah it’s not really a 1:1 comparison. Braden’s spiel after that made me do tons of snaps tho. (Esp the part about swimming not “growing” – it can definitely get more popular than it currently is, but it’s never going to be a “major” sport. Top 3 Olympic sport for sure! But that’s the ceiling.)

5 months ago

Peanut Gallery:
Georgia-Bauerle retirement not surprising. Great legacy on women’s side. The men never won SEC and I am sure that haunts him. Leaving the women’s team a little empty. Only one true stud and she has gotten slower each year. When will Stef get the women back to Top 5 at NCAAs? Is she qualified and the resume to “recruit/coach” them to a title? The men are in better shape but they lost Sates. Other than Luca and Jake class, recruiting has been weak in recent years!

Katie and Duel in the Pool. Think of it as an All Star game. Pros in all sports skip All Star games all the time. Not a big deal. Fining them… Read more »

Reply to  Ghost
5 months ago

RE: Jack A – If you’re referring to “his grades suck,” I think it’s unlikely that a guy who graduates in 3 years in spite of a change of schools, and who is going for a master’s degree in data science, doesn’t have a minimum qualifying D1 GPA. That seems very unlikely to me.

Reply to  Braden Keith
5 months ago

That is good resume but I didn’t know that and it wasn’t in the article! Plus it wasn’t a statement assuming he had poor grades but a question since D2 has easier academic standards

Reply to  Ghost
5 months ago

All of that information is in the original Jack Armstrong article.

Go Dawgs
Reply to  Ghost
5 months ago

Stef has 10 seasons at Georgia, four at Ohio State, and three years as an assistant at Missouri, and was an associate head coach at UGA and OSU, I’d definitely say she has the resume to recruit/coach them to a title.

Reply to  Go Dawgs
5 months ago

I think people overvalue this whole “resume” thing (and, to be clear, Stefanie has about as good of one as anybody could, shy of a previous big D1 head coaching job).

At a program with the reputation of Georgia, a new coach will always spark some excitement. There is an assumption, until proven otherwise, that the new coach was a ‘good choice’ or a program with this history wouldn’t have made it. So there’s a bit of a recruiting honeymoon, and then it comes down to the soft skills of recruiting for the first few years – can Stefanie, and just as importantly her assistant – excite prospective student-athletes with their vision. Can they talk-the-talk.

That buys you a few… Read more »

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Coleman Hodges

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