Swimming’s TopTenTweets: Katie Ledecky’s Past Decade

by Torrey Hart 2

February 12th, 2018 News, TopTenTweets

We’re back with swimming’s top 10 tweets, where we round up the best of the swimming Twitterverse. From yet another impressive Indiana breaststroke set to some classic taper shenanigans, scroll to see what made the cut!


Make that 895.


We respect the #hustle.


Consider our jaws permanently dropped when it comes to the IU breaststroke crew.


You can run, but you can’t hind.


It had to be said.


Taper brings out the best in everyone.


Quite the #hottake.


Lilly King is #goals: she did a 6,300-yard breaststroke practice then showed up to watch high school swimming. Blake Pieroni is pretty cool too.


In 2008 she started from the bottom…


… and in 2018 she’s here.

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Is that Janet Hu behind Ledecky in #2?

And Kate Ziegler too!