Swimming Canada Announced 2013-2014 List Of Carded Athletes

Swimming Canada just released their 2013-2014 list of carded athletes; the Athlete Assistance Program Criteria selects certain swimmers who are dedicated to swimming for Canada at high-level competition.

The AAP carding system is awarded to swimmers who have had success in the pool and are dedicating long-term training towards being able to compete for Canada internationally in the future. The AAP provides financial assistant to the athletes chosen for the program, the goal being to have the money go towards higher level training in order to stimulate a high level of progression.

The AAP cards many different levels of athletes; international medalists such as Ryan Cochrane and Hilary Caldwell are on the list as is 2014 Hoosier commit: Teddy Kalp. Each level of carding offers different benefits and has different qualifications.

Senior Cards ($1500/month)

All senior cards are based on results from the 2013 FINA World Championships. This card lasts for one to two years depending on whether Swimming Canada grants the second year or not. The card is awarded to those who finished top eight and within the top half in their event. Relay members can also receive this card if their team qualified for the finals and finished within the top half of their event. The individual on the team must also have a top 50 ranking in one individual event. There are two levels of senior cards awarded: SR1 and SR2. SR1 is for swimmers receiving their senior cards for the first year, SR2 is based on having the card for a second year. Swimming Canada grants SR2 cards for athletes who maintain their success from when they were awarded their SR1 Card.

Senior National Team Cards ($1500/month)

Senior national team cards are the second highest ranking awarded by the AAP. This card last for only a year and is based on world rankings from last season. Athletes who have a top 50 ranking in an individual event as of August 31, 2013 are awarded this card as well as relay swimmers who’s team placed in the top 16 and have a top 51 ranking. Recipients of this card can have this card for three years.

C1 Cards ($900/month)

The C1 card is given to swimmers who fill the Senior National Team requirements for the first time. They will have a C1 for their first year, and move up to a Senior National Team card following the fact that they again make the requirements. The only difference is that these athletes receive the same amount of funding as swimmers with Development cards.

Development Cards ($900/month) 

Development cards are split into three categories in order of priority: Junior Elite, Junior Sprint Free, and Development. The Junior elite card is awarded to three males (born in 1996 or younger) and three females (born in 1997 or younger) who have achieved the standard. The standard is based on the 8th fastest prelim swim from the World Junior Swimming Championships. The top three male and female swimmers will receive the cards. The Junior Sprint Free cards are awarded to two male (1995 or younger) and two female (1996 or younger) who have made the same qualification as the Junior Elite category, but in the 100 and 200 freestyle. The fastest swimmers that fit the standard will be awarded these cards. Lastly is the development category. This category is based on male swimmers (1991 or younger) and female swimmers (1992 or younger) who’re ranked between 51 and 150 in the world. For the 50 and 100 freestyle, males can be born in 1990, females in 1991. This category is not selective of gender, it just picks the most successful swimmers.

Some of the biggest names in Canadian swimming have been added to the 2013-2014 list.

From Swimming Canada Via Swimming.ca


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9 years ago

wonder why you Canadians are the ones who you are recognizing for getting money when you don’t tell what Americans are making or any other country?

9 years ago

This is a list of those swimmers chosen to receive an OFFER of funding.

Northern Fan
9 years ago

Carded swimmers who compete in the NCAA receive only a pro-rated amount for the summer months they are back in Canada. NCAA swimmers are not eligible at all for Development Cards.
Wonder why Jeremy Bagshaw of Cal is not noted as an NCAA swimmer?

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