Jeanette Ottesen Breaks “Land Swimming” Record in European SC Promotional Videos

Jeanette Ottesen is a World Record holder!

Ok, it’s not in anything recognized by FINA, but in the above promotional video for the 2013 European Short Course Championships, she is purported to break the World “torsvomning” or “land swimming” World Record over 50 meters.

The video, filmed in the Jyske Bank Boxen that in a few weeks will be transformed into a rocking pool arena, has Ottesen racing on skateboards against some anonymous competitors over 50 meters, and finishing in 19.23, including a pretty high intensity turn.

The video completes with the champion Ottesen dumping her water bottle out onto the floor of the Boxen, the first of what will eventually be 2,400,000 liters of water in the two pools that will be lined up on the floor of the arena.

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6 years ago

Awesome. I see a new event for Masters nationals.

6 years ago

Although this is just a fun promo video, there’s a slightly more serious side to this, in recent years in Denmark in some areas there have been moves to save money by reducing practical swimming instruction for school children and replacing it with so-called “tørsvømning” learned in a classroom. In a country like Denmark which has many islands and a huge length of coastline, as well as being a sport and fitness pastime, swimming is a vital potentially lifesaving skill. One of the ways in which the Danish Swimming Federation has been trying to campaign against it is by highlighting the ridiculousness of learning swimming on land with silly photos and videos. Jeanette also features in this video featuring a… Read more »

6 years ago

Cool vid, and I really like the moment at the start where all the women are confused by the men showing up in their race! Fun promotion, and thanks for the context below! It would be great to find a vid with subtitles, just because it sounds like half of what the announcer says would be good to know! 🙂

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