Swim Across America Raises Record $4.8 Million in 2017

by Torrey Hart 2

December 23rd, 2017 Industry, News, Open Water

Swim Across America, which raises money to fund cancer research across the United States through primarily open water benefit swims, reported Friday that it granted a record $4.8 million to its beneficiaries in 2017. An additional $100,00 will be granted through pool swims.

Overall, the organization has raised more than $65 million in its history.

Next year, the program will host 18 swims, including new additions in Denver, CO, and Richmond, VA.

Swim Across America hosts safe and fun swims, which cost about $50,000-$100,000 to organize in some cases, and then donates 70-85% of gross revenue to the designated beneficiary. For open water swims, the organization partners with a beneficiary connected to the local community, and encourages doctors from each beneficiary to participate in or volunteer at the local swim.

Many Olympians have also participated in the swims, and some, along with collegiate swimmers, act as “angel swimmers” who swim side-by-side with participants.

While there are about 20 facilities who have benefitted from swims nationwide, there are nine designated Swim Across America research labs:


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I don’t get it. Based on the post SAA raised “more than $65M” , and granted $4.8M to its beneficiaries. That’s 7.5% Is this accurate?

$65 million is what it’s raised all-time. $4.8 million is what they donated this year.