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SURGE Strength believes and sees time and again that dryland training for swimming plateaus is a great resolution. Almost a year ago Kelly, Mallorie’s mom, sought us out to help her daughter get over the time-drop slump she was in. As she says herself, “Chris, I was skeptical at first, but I’m a believer now in what SURGE Strength is doing with your Dryland Programs.”

Here’s the full interview on the SURGE Strength Podcast:


Achieving 10+ Pull-ups in Dryland Training for Swimming Plateaus is Empowering

Pull-ups and your improvement rate in this particular dryland ability can be game-changing. Especially for young female swimmers, attaining 10+ pull-ups often vaults them into another stratosphere of performance. Mallorie was able to do a handful of pull-ups prior to her Dryland Program with SURGE Strength. And in less than a year she’s closing in on 15 pull-ups and isn’t slowing down!

A key to Mallorie’s success is how diligent she has been. Not only in completing her workouts each week in her Dryland Program. But also regularly communicating with her personal Dryland Certified Coach. This is the “secret sauce” when it comes to achieving “success” at SURGE Strength. It may not seem like a lot but regularly checking in with your SURGE Strength Dryland Certified Coach makes a HUGE difference in how effective your Dryland Program with us will be.


Mallorie’s Results Training with SURGE Strength

Mallorie’s time improvements since beginning her custom Dryland Program from SURGE Strength:

50 FR: 26.24  –>  25.27

100 FLY: 1:00.25  –>  59.77

100 BR: 1:12.58  –>  1:07.25

200 BR: 2:41.43  –>  2:27.63

200 IM: 2:18.71  –>  2:11.91

200 FR: 2:04.52  –>  2:01.36


“With the extra strength training I received from SURGE Strength and my Dryland Certified Coach Ann I was able to increase my stroke power. I could tell that I was holding a better body position in the water. This short course season was definitely one of the best I’ve ever had. My greatest improvements were in the breast stroke events. At the beginning of short course season, I had to adjust my breaststroke kick and I was struggling to hold the new kick after 100 yards. SURGE Strength and my Dryland Certified Coach Ann gave me workouts that targeted legs and core. By the end of the season at the state championship I was able to hold the kick for a strong 200 yards.”



How Dryland Training for Swimming Plateaus Works with SURGE Strength

If you are experiencing plateaus in your swimming performance strength and/or mobility is usually the biggest missing piece. This is why your Onboarding process when you start a Dryland Program with SURGE Strength is so important to your success.

Your personal Dryland Certified Coach will go over each and every Movement Assessment and Performance Test that’s a part of the process. Between these 13 data points you and your Dryland Certified Coach will be able to come up with a personalized roadmap for your Dryland Program.

Believe it not many swimmers have tremendous improvement in their swimming performance just improving mobility or strength if one is severely lacking. And for most swimmers BOTH of these elements are lacking. That’s why there can be such a difference.

You heard Mallorie’s mom, Kelly say it herself. That at first she was skeptical because Mallorie was already such a hard worker, what more could they do for improvement to come. And they like many swimmers, coaches and parents before them found the results they were looking for by getting started with a custom Dryland Program with SURGE Strength.

Reach out to us at SURGE Strength to get started with a customized Dryland Program. We’ll utilize your onboarding assessment results to dictate the best dryland program starting point for you!


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Dryland Training Certification






Dryland Training Certification




Dryland Training Certification

Dryland Training CertificationDryland Training Certification




The goal of SURGE Strength is simple:



SURGE Strength - Dryland Training for Swimming

Courtesy of SwimSwam’s exclusive dryland training partner, SURGE Strength.

SURGE Strength is swim-specific, strength training by Chris Ritter. SURGE Strength builds better athletes and faster swimmers through Dryland ProgramsCourses and Certification.

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