Streaming Information + All the Links for the 2023 Pro Swim Series – Knoxville


The first stop of the 2023 Pro Swim Series is set to kick-off Wednesday in Knoxville, Tennessee. Here’s how you can catch all of the action!

Important Links:

Streaming information: 

USA Swimming will be continuing to stream all of the prelims sessions live on its website, beginning at 9 am EST. In addition, the streams for the finals sessions on Wednesday and Saturday will also be available exclusively on USA Swimming starting at 4 pm EST on Wednesday and 6 pm EST on Saturday.  

The finals sessions on Thursday and Friday will be shown on NBC’s Peacock streaming platform live at 6 pm EST.  Currently, Peacock only allows Premium members to view USA Swimming events. The same streaming option was used for the US Open early last month after NBC discontinued the Olympic Channel in September, which previously aired many of these events.

NBC will also be showing delayed airings of some of the sessions on both its primary network and its secondary station, CNBC. Delayed showings of two of the sessions will air on CNBC on Saturday at 11:30 am EST and 1:00 pm EST. Another delayed airing will be shown on NBC at 3:00 PM on Sunday after the event has already concluded. 

Streaming Schedule: 2023 Pro Swim Series – Knoxville

Date Session Time (EST/PST) Streaming Platform Streaming Link
1/11/23 Day 1 Finals 4:00 PM/1:00 PM USA Swimming
1/12/23 Day 2 Prelims 9:00 AM/6:00 AM USA Swimming
1/12/23 Day 2 Finals 6:00 PM/3:00 PM Peacock
1/13/23 Day 3 Prelims 9:00 AM/6:00 AM USA Swimming
1/13/23 Day 3 Finals 6:00 PM/3:00 PM Peacock
1/14/23 Day 4 Prelims 9:00 AM/6:00 AM USA Swimming
1/14/23 Day 4 Finals 6:00 PM/3:00 PM USA Swimming
1/14/23 Delayed Taping 11:30 AM/8:30 AM CNBC N/A
1/14/23 Delayed Taping 1:00 PM/11:00 AM CNBC N/A
1/15/23 Delayed Taping 3:00 PM/12:00 PM NBC N/A


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14 days ago

why there is no live stream now

15 days ago

Where’s the prelims at 9am EST stream? USA swimming website only has finals upcoming. YouTube is the same. I’m that weird person that enjoys watching prelims.

Reply to  Supafly23
15 days ago

Day 1 only has a finals session. Prelims start tomorrow.

15 days ago

Disappointed and mad that a sport I love and love to watch has access restricted and limited to those willing to pay for NBC’s poor product. I prefer just the live stream from the pool with good uw views and without the ‘creativity’ that ruined 2022 Winter Juniors West stream. If they need commentators, Nicole Livingstone and Live Stream Andy would be a treat.

Reply to  Chas
15 days ago

It’s live on YouTube for free

Grant Drukker
Reply to  Chas
15 days ago

I’ll commentate for ya

15 days ago

Typos on 2022 dates … we all do that in January …

Last edited 15 days ago by Nance
Reply to  Nance
15 days ago

Thanks…got it fixed!

16 days ago

Olympic channel is certainly missed. NBC sucks boo !

Awsi Dooger
Reply to  Comet
15 days ago

I can’t believe the decline in viewing options over the past few years. This time of year on Olympic Channel used to be loaded with biathlon, cross country skiing, alpine skiing, curling, speed skating, figure skating, along with swimming, all with specialized commentators employed by NBC. I knew there would be a decline once Peacock was introduced but I never expected it to be off the cliff.

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