Still Perfect: #1 USC Leads the Way with 4 Wins on Water Polo Week 3

Squads receiving votes in the CWPA top 25 rankings were part of 49 of the 60 matches in Week 3 of the women’s NCAA water polo season. Ranked teams maintained their form with just four upsets going in the books as La Jolla, California; Princeton, New Jersey; and Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, took the spotlight, hosting all but six collegiate women’s water polo contests.

Triton Invitational 

Rankings held on Day 1 of the Triton Invitational with #1 USC, #3 UCLA, #6 UC Irvine, #7 UC Santa Barbara and #8 Michigan each garnering two victories to set up Sunday’s action.

Across the 32-match affair, each of the 14 ranked teams competing managed at least one win.

In the end, however, it was #1 USC who claimed the event title, the Trojans’ sixth straight, holding off #3 UCLA 10-3 to move to 12-0 on the year and garner its 28th straight win dating to last season. USC has now outscored opponents 191-34. Meanwhile, the title match loss snapped the Bruins season-opening 13-match win streak.

In the eight placement matches on Sunday, lower ranked teams finally broke through.

  • #25 Marist defeated #21 Cal State Northridge 8-7 in overtime for 11th place.
  • #20 UC San Diego bested #16 Long Beach State 9-6 for ninth place.
  • #9 Arizona State turned back #7 UC Santa Barbara 7-5 for fifth place.
  • #8 Michigan edged out #6 UC Irvine 9-8 for third place.

Princeton Invitational

#14 Princeton and RV Brown each picked up two wins in Princeton, New Jersey. The host Tigers outscored Iona (17-7) and St. Francis-Brooklyn (14-6), while Brown moved past Villanova (12-4) and Iona (15-3).

Bucknell Invitational

#17 Harvard, #18 Wagner and #24 Bucknell combined for 10 victories at the two-day affair in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania. #17 Harvard picked up four wins, handling Gannon (18-5), Salem (11-5), Siena (16-8) and edging past #18 Wagner 11-10 with two scores in the final quarter.

#18 Wagner bested Saint Francis (PA)(21-3), Gannon (17-3) and #24 Bucknell (13-3).

The host Bison scored victories over Salem (14-4), Siena (11-3) and LaSalle (16-2).

Other Action

#4 Cal played just one contest, but added another Top 10 victory to its resume, besting #10 Pacific 15-11 on Friday.

#25 Azusa Pacific also notched two wins on Friday, dominating Fresno Pacific (17-8) and holding off Cal State Monterey Bay 9-4.

Date/Time Result Winner Recap Loser Recap
Feb. 8
Concordia (CA) def. Whittier 15-6 Concordia (CA) Recap Whittier Recap
#15 Fresno State def. Fresno Pacific 23-4 Fresno State Recap Fresno Pacific Recap
Feb. 9
#25 Azusa Pacific def. Fresno Pacific 17-8 Azusa Pacific Recap Fresno Pacific Recap
#4 Cal def. #10 Pacific 15-11 Cal Recap Pacific Recap
#25 Azusa Pacific def. Cal State Monterey Bay 9-4 Azusa Pacific Recap Cal State Monterey Bay Recap
Cal State Monterey Bay def. Fresno Pacific 11-9 Cal State Monterey Bay Recap Fresno Pacific Recap
Triton Invitational (LaJolla, Calif.)
#3 UCLA def. Santa Clara 17-2 UCLA Recap Santa Clara Recap
#1 USC def. Pomona-Pitzer 15-4 USC Recap Pomona-Pitzer Recap
#11 UC Davis def. #25 Marist 11-7 UC Davis Recap Marist Recap
#13 Loyola Marymount def. #16 Long Beach State 10-9 Loyola Marymount Recap Long Beach State Recap
#6 UC Irvine def. RV Cal State East Bay 15-4 UC Irvine Recap  Cal State East Bay Recap
#9 Arizona State def. #22 San Diego State 12-7 Arizona State Recap  San Diego State Recap
#7 UC Santa Barbara def. #20 UC San Diego 4-3 UCSB Recap UC San Diego Recap
#8 Michigan def. #21 Cal State Northridge 14-5 Michigan Recap CSUN Recap
#25 Marist def. Santa Clara 10-8 Marist Recap Santa Clara Recap
#16 Long Beach State def. Pomona-Pitzer 17-8 Long Beach State Recap Pomona-Pitzer Recap 
#3 UCLA def. #11 UC Davis 6-3 UCLA Recap UC Davis Recap
#1 USC def. #13 Loyola Marymount 16-5 USC Recap Loyola Marymount Recap
#20 UC San Diego def. RV Cal State East Bay 15-4 UC San Diego Recap Cal State East Bay Recap
#21 Cal State Northridge def. San Diego State 7-3 CSUN Recap San Diego State Recap
#6 UC Irvine def. #7 UC Santa Barbara 11-7 UC Irvine Recap  UCSB Recap
#8 Michigan def. #9 Arizona State 6-5 Michigan Recap Arizona State Recap
Princeton Invitational (Princeton, N.J.)
#14 Princeton def. Iona 17-7 Princeton Recap Iona Recap
RV Brown def. Villanova 12-4 Brown Recap Villanova Recap
George Washington def. St. Francis-Brooklyn 13-10 George Washington Recap St. Francis-Brooklyn Recap
RV Brown def. Iona 15-3 Brown Recap Iona Recap
Villanova def. George Washington 14-11 Villanova Recap George Washington Recap
#14 Princeton def. St. Francis-Brooklyn 14-6 Princeton Recap St. Francis-Brooklyn Recap
Bucknell Invitational (Lewisburg, PA)
#18 Wagner def. Saint Francis (PA) 21-3 Wagner Recap Saint Francis Recap
#24 Bucknell def. Salem 14-4 Bucknell Recap Salem Recap
#17 Harvard def. Gannon 18-5 Harvard Recap Gannon Recap
Siena def. LaSalle 18-6 Siena Recap LaSalle Recap
#17 Harvard def. Salem 11-5 Harvard Recap Salem Recap
#24 Bucknell def. Siena 11-3 Bucknell Recap Siena Recap
#18 Wagner def. Gannon 17-3 Wagner Recap Gannon Recap
Saint Francis (PA) def. LaSalle 9-7 Saint Francis Recap LaSalle Recap
Feb. 10
Bucknell Invitational (Lewisburg, PA)
#17 Harvard def. Siena 16-8 Harvard Recap Siena Recap
#18 Wagner def. #24 Bucknell 13-3 Wagner Recap Bucknell Recap
Saint Francis def. Gannon 8-6 Saint Francis Recap Gannon Recap
LaSalle def. Salem 11-9 LaSalle Recap Salem Recap
#17 Harvard def. #18 Wagner 11-10 Harvard Recap Wagner Recap
Siena def. Gannon 12-10 Sienna Recap Gannon Recap
Saint Francis (PA) def. Salem 12-10 Saint Francis Recap Salem Recap
#24 Bucknell def. LaSalle 16-2 Bucknell Recap LaSalle Recap
Triton Invitational (LaJolla, Calif.)
#22 San Diego State def. Pomona-Pitzer 6-5 OT San Diego State Recap Pomona-Pitzer Recap
#9 Arizona State def. #13 Loyola Marymount 8-6 Arizona State Recap Loyola Marymount Recap
#16 Long Beach State def. #21 Cal State Northridge 10-4 Long Beach State Recap CSUN Recap
#7 UC Santa Barbara def. #11 UC Davis 11-5 UCSB Recap UC Davis Recap
RV Cal State East Bay def. Santa Clara 8-7 Cal State East Bay Recap Santa Clara Recap
#1 USC def. #8 Michigan 10-3 USC Recap Michigan Recap
#20 UC San Diego def. #25 Marist 12-7 UC San Diego Recap Marist Recap
#3 UCLA def. #6 UC Irvine 11-6 UCLA Recap UC Irvine Recap
15th Place Pomona-Pitzer def. Santa Clara 8-6 OT Pomona-Pitzer Recap Santa Clara Recap
7th Place #11 UC Davis def. #13 Loyola Marymount 11-8 UC Davis Recap Loyola Marymount Recap
13th Place #22 San Diego State def. RV Cal State East Bay 10-3 San Diego State Recap Cal State East Bay Recap
5th Place #9 Arizona State def. #7 UC Santa Barbara 7-5 Arizona State Recap UCSB Recap
11th Place #25 Marist def. #21 Cal State Northridge 8-7 OT Marist Recap CSUN Recap
3rd Place #8 Michigan def. #6 UC Irvine 9-8 Michigan Recap UC Irvine Recap
9th Place #20 UC San Diego def. #16 Long Beach State 9-6 UC San Diego Recap Long Beach State Recap
1st Place #1 USC def. #3 UCLA 10-3 USC Recap UCLA Recap

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