Sprint News 7/11/12: Drury, Marshall Hire Assistants; FLee Undergoes Surgery

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…Drury has hired Jason Hite as their new assistant coach (no relation to Wisconsin coach Whitney Hite). Jason comes to the country’s top Division II program after 9 years at Kickapoo High School, who are the defending boys’ Southwest Missouri Regional Champions. Hite himself is a Drury alum…

…Marshall has also announced today the hiring of a new assistant coach, as they have hired Sarah Woodbury as the assistant for their women’s-only team. Woodbury’s last stop was a year spent as an assistant at Division III powers the Stevens’ Institute of Technology. Prior stops include one year as the interim head coach at Southwestern University near Austin. She swam as part of four conference championship teams at BYU from 2004-2007, after which time she spent time training and coaching at the National level in New Zealand. Marshall has a whole new coaching staff this season, after Bill Tramell took over the head job…

…Stanford swimmer Felicia Lee underwent shoulder surgery today, according to her Twitter account. There have been no direct indications as to what the nature of the surgery was, but she did swim out the college season and Olympic Trials. The former USA Swimming National Teamer and 2011 World University Games team member will be entering her junior season at Stanford yet, though no indication has been given yet as to how the surgery will affect her collegiate season.

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4 years 3 months ago

Congratulations to Lea for this one. I wonder how many surgeries this is for her?

4 years 3 months ago

I didn’t realize Lee had previous surgeries. I’ve ben wondering why her progress stalled and regressed in the last few years and that would explain it. I hope this does the trick; she has always had such great potential since her NAG record days.

4 years 3 months ago

I think they meant Lea, the former women’s assistant coach.

4 years 3 months ago

So it’s somehow Lea Maurer’s fault that a swimmer on her team suffered an extremely common injury to her shoulder? Perhaps you could explain the basis for this conclusion of yours.

Swim Ma
4 years 3 months ago

I personally think that Shoulder injuries that show up in college are the result of wear and tear from age groupers over training when they are still in a growth period.Especially for girls who are dealing with so many hormonal changes that can loosen the joints and cause instability.
I am amazed at the age groupers that train excessive yardage and do weights and dryland before they get to college.Granted I was a swimmer a long time ago, but we didn’t do 2 a days until we were 16 or so and no weights until we had finished growing because of the potential for injury.SO I think these swimmers probably did the damage in age group swimming and when you throw in the college training it just exacerbates the condition.Also there needs to be more attention paid to technique in age group programs.It is painful to watch some swimmers at meets just beating up their bodies in the water and fighting the water with poor stroke technique….Swimming technique gets pushed to the side in larger programs and there is more just back and forth yardage.I pointed out to one coach once that if one of his swimmers would just correct their hand entry they would be able to do so much better.He said he knew they were doing it wrong, but why waste the breath when after a few corrected strokes they would complete the set with the old bad habit.My point was if you ignore the problem and just continue to allow the swimmer to train that way it becomes ingrained.I was not surprised to hear that particular swimmer has also had several surgeries related to stress fractures from swimming and joint instability.Sad when proper strroke instruction could have prevented that a long time ago.

4 years 3 months ago

Most of the “weight” training I’ve observed offered by age group programs are focused on core strengthening and “healthy shoulders”…..if anything they prevent injuries not cause them.

Good luck to Lee and here’s hoping she experiences a rapid recovery and can achieve her goals.


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