Speedo Becomes Official Sponsor of Chinese National Swimming Team

International swimwear brand Speedo is the new exclusive partner of the Chinese National Swimming Team, an extension of the brand’s official partnership with the Chinese Swimming Association. The brand did not disclose the exact length of the deal, but said it is for multiple years and effective immediately.

The team will wear the newest products in Speedo‘s Fastkin series: the LZR Pure Intent and LZR Pure Valor swimsuits, as well as the Pure Focus goggle. Since the launch of the new Fastskin suit in 2019, 73 percent of new world records have been set by swimmers wearing Speedo, according to the company.

“Chinese swimmers played a key part in the testing phase during the development of the latest Fastskin suits and we are excited that they will now be able to wear the suits on the biggest stage of them all,” Rob Hicking, brand director at Speedo, said. “Speedo continues to support a global network of athletes through our world-leading innovation and we are thrilled to work with the CSA and the national team in Tokyo and beyond.”

The company currently also has deals with athletes and teams in a number of top swimming nations worldwide, including Australia, USA, Canada, Spain and South Korea.

In January, Speedo International Parent company Pentland Group purchased Speedo North America, uniting the national brands under one umbrella. Speedo International has operations in Australia, China, Japan, Korea, France, Italy, Israel, Poland and the U.S, according to Bloomberg.

“We have a great working relationship with Speedo and we are delighted to extend this partnership to include the China national swimming team,” Chinese National Team manager Ching Hao said. “For years, Speedo has produced the highest quality products in competitive swimwear and we look forward to seeing our athletes performing in the suits.”

Speedo previously had a well-known deal with six-time Chinese Olympic medalist Sun Yang – who was handed an eight-year ban in February – but said in July 2019 that it hadn’t sponsored him individually for years. In November of last year, Sun quietly announced a new deal with Arena, which he had worn at the 2019 FINA World Championships.

Once dominant in the competitive swimwear space with its innovative Fastskin and LZR Racer suits, Speedo has recently faced competition from TYR and Arena (the latter especially internationally), as well as up-and-coming brands. Speedo has also pushed into the leisurewear space, launching fashion swimwear and activewear lines.

Editorial note: Speedo is a SwimSwam partner.

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Huge economic potential in that large market even if the Sun has set.


Where’s Sun btw??

Coach John



I still find it hard to believe how Speedo fell off on having the best suit these last 6 years. During the 2000s they were the only game in town. The TYR suit was second fiddle, and Arena was this mystery suit that the Europeans wore and you knew from old race videos from the 80s and early 90s.


I would think 75% of the US 4medley relay and the top male sprinter in the world might have something to say about that..

Chest Rockwell

Go to any national level meet and watch – speedo used to be worn on 7 or 8 of 10 lanes in every heat and finals would be 9/10 out of 10. Now i
Bet it is closer to 4 out of 10 at best. Their decline in market share has been incredible. Your sample size of paid athletes is not enough.


Murphy and Dressel (and Adrian prob being the other 25%, prob not Cordes tbh) are endorced by Speedo and have to wear speedo products but we know all know Dressel really wants his Mizuno back.

The Original Tim

When Speedo throws money at you, sure, you’ll wear their suits. Speaking from personal experience as a Masters swimmer, I was Speedo-only from the early 1990s up till the original LZR Racer Elite (not the 2) came out in 2012/2013. With the stagnation of the Speedo line since then, I branched out and have now raced the top of the line suits from TYR, Arena, Finis, A3, Nike, and Mizuno. Honestly, as someone who has to pay for my suits and isn’t getting paid to wear a particular brand, I find the Speedo range to subpar. I haven’t worn the latest LZR Pure Valor/Intent, but I have not really been impressed since the original LZR Racer Elite, and at the… Read more »

The Original Tim

*Adidas, not Nike. That’s the problem of posting before I’ve had caffeine!


I don’t know much about racing suits anymore, but when I started masters I found that speedo’s briefs wear out very fast and cost as much if not more then Arena and TYR.

Next thing I care about is goggles. Also expensive and I find they leak. For those I’ve been wearing Aquasphere (which is the product MP brand should be focusing on for a mass market).

Speedo is almost like Nike’s low to mid tier products (shoes, shirts ect…) from a few years ago (they have improved since) You’re paying only a logo and they fall apart fast.

Mr Piano

Friendship with Speedo is over, Mizuno is my new best friend.


Two reasons: lack of innovation relative to their competitors, and high prices “just because it’s Speedo”.

Seriously, the Arena Carbon Air2 is like half the cost of the previous flagship Speedo LZR X, and is probably the better suit of the two. Cost may not be an issue for the pros, but for your average competitive swimmer who has to pay for their suits, it’s a big deal.


Speaking of cost MP brand has their old tech suit on clearance for 80 bucks.

Might be a nice suit to grab 2 or 3 pairs of for high school /club / maybe college meets that you don’t want to spring 400 bucks for.

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