Spain’s RFEN Updates Last May’s Guidelines As Pools Reopen For Training

The Royal Spanish Swimming Federation (RFEN) has updated its recommendations as to how sporting activities should be carried out during Phases 1 and 2 in the de-escalation process. That document will now supersede the one issued May 3, just before the nation began deconfining.

Starting yesterday, when divided into the different lanes, a control and access system will be in force in order to ensure that there is not an accumulation of individuals in the water nor in the facility itself.

The limit established by Spain’s Health Ministry equates 30% of the facility and pool’s capacity.

Coaches will be required to wear a mask and gloves at all times, and no support staff will be allowed on deck, per the document.

Starting in Phase 2, facilities will be allowed to reopen the locker rooms so long as individuals keep a 6-meeter (19-foot) distance from each other.

Swimming wise, the document states further guidelines that must be adhered to:

  • Swimmers sharing a lane must be separated into two groups. Half of them will have to begin on one end while the remaining swimmers must start at the opposite end of the pool.
  • Swimmers are encouraged to not coincide at the same end of the pool during sets in order to maintain a 2-meter (6-foot) distance.
  • When lane lines are not in use, posted signs must replace these.
  • Avoid passing swimmers in the same lane in order to abide by social distancing guidelines.
  • Each training group will have to be assigned two lanes, each lane starting in the different ends of the pool.

As it relates to the aforementioned guidelines, pools must adhere to a maximum number of swimmers in the water, depending on the length of the pool.


Number of lanes Number of swimmers
6 lanes 36 swimmers
8 lanes 48 swimmers
10 lanes 60 swimmers


Number of lanes Number of swimmers
6 lanes 24 swimmers
8 lanes 32 swimmers
10 lanes 40 swimmers

For water polo, although they may train without lane lines, athletes will be assigned individual lanes, maintaining the 6-foot distance.

In addition to the guidelines that water polo must adhere to, artistic swimmers will only be allowed to perform individual or duet exercises during training.

The new guidelines and recommendations come as Spanish pools are now allowed to reopen solely for training purposes after RFEN had requested that pools be considered essential.

These past two days Spain has reported zero deaths, although the number of new infections has increased.

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