Spain Crushes Weeks-Old National Record in Mixed 4×100 Free Relay with 3:28.87

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August 15th, 2022 Europe, International, News




  • World Record: 3:19.38, Australia (Cartwright, Chalmers, Wilson, O’Callaghan) – 2022 World Championships
  • European Record: 3:21.81, Netherlands (Schwietert, Stolk, Heemskerk, Kromowidjojo) – 2017 World Championships
  • European Championships Record: 3:22.07, France/Great Britain – 2017/2021
  • 2020 European Champion: Great Britain (Scott, Dean, Hopkin, Anderson) – 3:22.07

Top 8 Qualifiers:

  1. France – 3:26.19
  2. Great Britain – 3:26.79
  3. Italy – 3:27.03
  4. Hungary – 3:28.34
  5. Netherlands – 3:28.38
  6. Sweden – 3:28.39
  7. Spain – 3:28.87
  8. Poland – 3:29.16

Spain continues to perform well in relays at these European Championships. After smashing the Spanish Record in the men’s 4×100 free relay in both prelims and finals yesterday, the Spanish squad obliterated the national record in the mixed 4×100 free relay this morning. The Spanish team of Carles Coll Marti, Sergi0 de Celis, Ainho Campabadal, and Lidon Munoz took 7th this morning, teaming up for a 3:28.87. That performance shattered the previous national record in the event, which had just been set a few weeks ago at the European Junior Championships.

The previous record team consisted of Ignacio Campos, Guillermo Carrey, Cristina Ciobanu, and Carla Carron, who swam a 3:33.55. Here is a split comparison between Spain’s relay this morning and the previous record relay’s splits:

Splits 2022 European Championships – Prelims 2022 European Junior Championships – Finals
1st Leg Carles Coll Marti – 49.02 Ignacio Campos – 49.93
2nd Leg Sergio De Celis – 48.12 Guillermo Carrey – 50.58
3rd Leg Ainho Campabadal – 56.81 Cristina Ciobanu – 56.08
4th Leg Lidon Munoz – 54.92 Carla Carron – 56.96
FINAL TIME 3:28.87 3:33.55

Segio de Celis notably broke the Spanish Record twice in the men’s 100 free yesterday leading off their prelims and finals relays. He’s brought the record down to 48.41. It will be interesting to see if Spain opts to put de Celis back on the lead-off tonight, or if they’ll stick with giving him the extra boost of a relay start.

Additionally, Armenia broke their national record this morning, finishing 9th overall with a 3:42.53. Artur Barseghyan, Vladimir Mamikonyan, Ani Poghosyan, and Varsenik Manucharyan teamed up to break the Armenian Record of 3:44.07, which had stood since the 2019 World Championships in Gwangju. Barseghyan, Poghosyan, and Manucharyan were notably members of the previous record relay. Moreover, all3 returning members improved their splits over the previous record relay. Here is the split comparison between the two relays:

Splits 2022 European Championships – Prelims 2019 World Championships – Prelims
1st Leg Artur Barseghyan – 50.32 Artur Barseghyan – 51.32
2nd Leg Vladimir Mamikonyan – 54.15 Vahan Mkhitaryan – 52.66
3rd Leg Ani Poghosyan – 58.23 Ani Poghosyan – 59.04
4th Leg Varsenik Manucharyan – 59.83 Varsenik Manucharyan – 1:01.05
FINAL TIME 3:42.53 3:44.07

Albania finished 10th in prelims this morning, swimming a 3:59.97. Zhulian Lavdaniti, Franc Aleksi, Nikol Merizaj, and Sara Dande teamed up to get the job done. It appears this is Albania’s first time officially competing in the mixed LCM 4×100 free relay, meaning this performance marks a new national record as well.

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