Shayna Jack Points To Blender Or Gym As Possible Contamination Sources

Earlier this month Australian swimmer Shayna Jack saw the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) reduce her original 4-year suspension down to 2 years, resulting in her being able to join her Dolphins teammates in July of 2021.

Although the ban reduction for Jack’s positive result for Ligandrol revealed during the 2019 World Championships staging camp points to unintentional ingestion on the part of the freestyle ace, the time frame still renders the 22-year-old out of the postponed 2020 Olympic Games.

You can read more about Jack’s CAS result here.

Speaking to the media since the decision, Jack has offered up several explanations as to how the illegal steroid inadvertently entered her body. She told CAS that her supplements might have been contaminated during the manufacturing process, a situation not unlike that of American swimmer Madisyn Cox.

Jack also suggested that a blender used by her partner or brother could have been contaminated with Ligandrol, or that she might have come into contact with the substance while using a public pool or gym, as reported by The Daily Telegraph.

The freestyle ace has said she will continue her swimming career. As such, the next big international competition at which she would be able to potentially represent Australia is the 2022 FINA World Aquatic Championships.

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9 months ago

might want to check the pharmacy first….

9 months ago

It’s sad for anyone… but the blender or the gym! What was her brother or partner taking that had ligandrol??

Reply to  Swimfan
9 months ago

SARMs have developed a bit of a cult following among some younger guys – I think people would be shocked how widespread usage has become. It all sounds very far-fetched and I struggle to believe her personally, but ligandrol usage is not that rare among young guys, not in UK gyms anyway.

Last edited 9 months ago by Dee
9 months ago

Did they analyze her supplements ?

Reply to  swimfan_00
9 months ago

If she still had them. If the supplement was gone and the container was gone it would be hard to recover unless she recorded batch numbers when she bought her supplement. Cox’s was found in her opened bottle and in a sealed bottle from the same batch number. Hers was a multivitamin she had been taking for years so it was easier to trace.

Reply to  Herennow
9 months ago

She should have analyzed all her supplements since she was tested positive , smells fishy for me..

9 months ago

I guess the water excuse was already taken

9 months ago

I don’t know what to believe with this case anymore..

Reply to  Monteswim
9 months ago

It’s the Donald Trump media strategy. Buy the loyalty of some portion of the media (Ian Hanson at Swimming World Magazine), just keep making stuff up, and eventually everyone gets so wound up in the lies that they forget the truth and just vaguely remember “oh yeah I don’t remember exactly what happened but there was something with a kiss and a blender but it was definitely accidental.”

Troll Longhorn
Reply to  swimapologist
9 months ago

Or the Biden strategy where you would lie but legitimately don’t remember.

Reply to  swimapologist
9 months ago

In other words, tell a lie long enough and loud enough until they believe you.

Reply to  HeadTimer
9 months ago

Or the Clinton approach: lie long and loud until you are busted beyond a shadow of a doubt, and then apologize or call it “old news.”

9 months ago

Or that she cheated and was caught.

9 months ago

If the suspect was her supplements I don’t understand why she hadn’t done tests to prove it

Reply to  swimfan_00
9 months ago

The suspect is whatever BS she can make up to get the suspension reduced, since the burden is on FINA to prove that she knew she cheated.

9 months ago

The entire CAS arbitration ruling can be found on the CAS website at

The points that are interesting, in addition to Shayna Jack’s potential explanations, are:

  1. The arbitrator was an Australian lawyer selected by Shayna Jack.
  2. The arbitrator said Shayna Jack undertook “reasonable” efforts to determine the ligandrol source, but she did not do everything possible to try to determine the source.
  3. Shayna Jack testified that her “gut” feeling is that the partner/brothers’ possibly contaminated blender(s) were not the source of the ligandrol.
  4. The Australian arbitrator credited testimony from S. Jack, Bronte Campbell and Cate Campbell, and two coaches (Coach McGregor and Coach Boxall) as to S. Jack’s character which
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