WADA, Sport Integrity Australia’s Shayna Jack Appeal Hearing Set For June

Australia’s Shayna Jack is back in the water but it may be short-lived depending on what happens at her appeal hearings next month.


Banned Aussie Swimmer Shayna Jack Is Back In The Water

Read the latest concerning Australia’s Shayna Jack, the freestyle ace who is currently under suspension for having tested positive for a banned substance.


Sport Integrity Australia (Formerly ASADA) Takes On Shayna Jack’s Case

There’s another development in the doping case involving sprinter Shayna Jack, as Sport Integrity Australia has taken on the 22-year-old’s case.


Shayna Jack Points To Blender Or Gym As Possible Contamination Sources

Shayna Jack received a 2-year suspension from CAS earlier this month. Here what she the Aussie to say about her situation.


CAS Reduces Aussie Shayna Jack’s Ban From Four To Two Years

In March of this year, Australian swimmer Shayna Jack was handed a 4-year ban by the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority (ASADA).


Junya Koga obtiene su primer título japonés tras finalizar su suspensión

El olímpico japonés de 32 años, Junya Koga, cumplió una sanción de 2 años después de haber dado positivo por Ligandrol en marzo de 2018.

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Junya Koga Set To Race For First Time In Nearly 2 1/2 Years

Japanese national record holder Junya Koga is set to compete at the end of the month, his first races in nearly 2 1/2 years.


CAS Hearing Date Set, but Kept Secret, For Banned Aussie Swimmer Shayna Jack

Australian swimmer Shayna Jack has a date for her CAS hearing; however, the CAS says that at the request of the parties, that date will be kept a secret.


Shayna Jack’s CAS Hearing Date Update: “Now The Real Fight Begins”

“Today I received further notice in relation to my hearing at CAS,” says 21-year-old Aussie sprinter Shayna Jack, who is serving a 4-year suspension.


Junya Koga’s Suspension Expired On May 14th, Giving Backstroker New Life

Junya Koga has said he is facing the challenge head-on, capitalizing on the extra time he, and other athletes in his scenario, have been gifted.


Report: Aussie Shayna Jack’s CAS Hearing Imminent

“This whole journey is coming to an end,” is how coach Dean Boxall views the positive doping test journey of his protege, Shayna Jack.

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Shayna Jack’s CAS Appeal To Reportedly Put Swimming AUS Camp Under Microscope

Shayna Jack is still trying to prove her innocence, with her legal team devising a strategy that looks at the pre-World Championships camp conductors.


Aussie Shayna Jack Taps Into ‘Cocaine Kiss’ Defense For Positive Test

Aussie Shayna Jack maintains her innocence regarding a positive doping test, saying she may have come into contact with Ligandrol via another person.


Shayna Jack Says Finalized Hearing May Not Take Place For Another 9 Months

It’s been almost two months since Aussie sprint star Shayna Jack revealed her positive test for banned substance Ligandrol.


Junya Koga Not Retiring, But Aiming For 2021 World C’ships & 2022 Asian Games

Although his suspension will not be lifted in enough time to race in Tokyo next year at the Olympics, Junya Koga will not be retiring.

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