Banned Aussie Swimmer Shayna Jack Is Back In The Water

Banned Australian swimmer Shayna Jack is back in the water, as indicated by her social media account today. The 22-year-old is currently serving a 2-year ban for having tested positive for the banned substance Ligandrol back in 2019.

You can read the backstory of Jack’s situation here.

Jack’s original four-year ban was reduced to two-years, backdated to July 12, 2019. That means her suspension will be lifted in the same month as the postponed Olympic Games, eliminating the possibility of Jack participating in Tokyo. That doesn’t stop the freestyle ace from getting excited about being back in her aquatic domain.

Jack stated, “IM BACK!!! The water has never felt so good. I cannot begin to describe how amazing it felt to walk through the gates with my coach and squad. I know I am stronger mentally and physically.

“Although this isn’t the end of my nightmare with another appeal to face, I want to say a massive thank you to my family, partner, coach Dean Boxall, my friends, the team @stpeterswestern, Legal Team at Gadens, my management team, and the teams at @motoramajeepspringwood and @waxdgroomingbar for standing by me through and through.”

The additional appeal to which Jack refers is the case where Sports Institute Australia is appealing the reduction of Jack’s ban. A date for SIA and WADA’s appeal against Jack is yet to be confirmed.


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4 months ago

Is Sun Yang next?

Reply to  Hmn
4 months ago

Soon to be Dr. Sun Yang shall prevail.

Reply to  Hmn
4 months ago

Next- has he ever stopped?

Corn Pop
Reply to  Hmn
4 months ago

A panel of Swiss , French & Belgian men will decide . It should not effect the outcome . If they go easy they will be accused of pandering to China economics , if they go hard they stand accused of racism & political bias.

4 months ago

Another drug cheat returns….hurray!

Yal Abraham
3 months ago

Unfortunately for yang he’s not a privileged white woman

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