Shaine Casas Swims 52.11 100 Butterfly In Austin, Foster Entered In 200 IM Today

2024 TXLA End of School Splash

  • May 24-27, 2024
  • Austin, TX
  • LCM (50 meters)
  • Meet Mobile: “2024 ST TXLA 11 & Over End of School Splash”

Just a week after swimming a 51.48 in the 100 butterfly, Shaine Casas posted a 52.11 in the event once again in Austin. He currently sits as the #2 American in the event this season with a 51.03 from December’s US Open.

Although a second off of his season best, his swim still is a bounce back swim from his 53.95 that he swam last month at the San Antonio Pro Series stop. It also was faster than he was at the 2024 World Championships as his fastest swim in Doha was a 52.21 for 12th in prelims. There in semifinals, he finished 16th in a 52.75. In addition to his 51.03 from the US Open, he also swam a 51.40 in the event at the Knoxville Pro Series stop in January.

Last June at 2023 US Summer Nationals, he just missed making the 2023 Worlds team in the event for the US as he was 3rd in a 51.42. Thomas Heilman was 2nd in a 51.19. With Caeleb Dressel leading Americans this season in a 50.84, the competition is even steeper this year.

US Top 5 This Season- Men’s LCM 100 Fly

  1. Caeleb Dressel 50.84
  2. Shaine Casas 51.03
  3. Michael Andrew, 51.66
  4. Zach Harting, 51.68
  5. Dare Rose, 51.72

Casas is entered in the 200 IM on Sunday alongside Carson Foster. The 200 IM is Foster’s lone entry at the meet. The two lead the US men this year in the event as Casas swam a 1:56.06 at the December US Open and Foster swam a 1:56.97 at 2024 World Championships for silver.

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Adam Depmore
19 days ago

Eddie Reese spoke highly of Shaine at last year’s ASCA conference, and it’s easy to see why. He always takes the time to greet our team at swim meets and has a natural rapport with kids.

About a year ago, Shaine visited our team, gave an inspiring talk, and demonstrated some of his impressive skills. As an amazing swimmer with incredible talent, he left our athletes and parents in awe of his professionalism.

Shaine is not only a phenomenal swimmer but also a great role model. I’m looking forward to seeing how well he performs this summer.

Reply to  Adam Depmore
19 days ago

Shaine hustled you. He’s swimming’s version of Johnny Football.

Dude is banned from Ask him about why, and then decide if he’s a good role model.

Adam Depmore
Reply to  swimapologist
19 days ago

Added Context – we reached out to him. We got what we asked for plus more. I don’t see that as a hustle as athletes on our team were inspired in a way a coach, myself, couldn’t inspire them and it reflected later in the season with solid performances.

I think the terms you are looking for are “investment” or “partnership”

20 days ago

I’m so torn by this guy. I want him to excel and see his potential. But at the same time, I’m worried if the coaches even consider him for relays due to his major inconsistencies.

20 days ago

Man, it’s been ALMOST TWO YEARS since his last good swim… I’m hoping he’s on at Trials, he’s probably top 3 American male in terms of talent.

20 days ago

No-show today?

20 days ago

I don’t get the hate he gets , is it just because he never shows up when fit matters ,?

Reply to  Derp
20 days ago

Whether it’s shoving away Eddie Reese after a bad swim a few years back and said “get your hands off me old man” when Eddie was trying to coach him, binge drinking and not prioritizing recovery, to having a larger than life ego and attitude, it’s safe to say he’s one of the most unlikeable swimmers atm.

Oh, and also he never shows up when it matters but I dislike people based on their personal characteristics, not results in the pool

Reply to  Andrew
20 days ago

Unfortunately, what most people think they know about swimmers is what is written by a small group (usually parents of other swimmers) in these anonymous comments. They do not personally know these swimmers. Commenters should look inside themselves and ask why they feel so comfortable tearing people down. Even if some of what you wrote has truth, everyone has moments that aren’t their finest and should have space to learn, grow, and move forward. You even said this happened “a few years back” (I’m assuming you read about this in the comments a few years back).
I hope he makes the team despite the hate from the righteous commenters who never got drunk and don’t have one thing that… Read more »

Reply to  Yoda
20 days ago

A few things:

1) I was at that meet where Casas told off (putting it nicely) the greatest and most well intentioned coach in swim history. Honestly I’m surprised he wasn’t shown the door at that moment

2) if it’s a one off occurrence of bad behavior, I’m more willing to be lenient. In casas’s case, it’s a puzzling trend of poor decisions and behavior. Hard to give him the benefit of the doubt at this point

3) I am not a parent at UT/TAMU

Exhibit A example of hard work beating talent, Casas has little chance of making the team considering he hasn’t had a good swim in 2+ years

Reply to  Andrew
19 days ago

You may not be a parent at UT/TAMU but I’m assuming you are a parent of a swimmer. It’s not your job to make sure everyone knows the dirt. You should still ask yourself why you needed to comment in the first place. I will continue to hate that this forum green lights some of the comments that it posts from this article and from past articles about other swimmers. It’s like People Magazine on here.
It’s not healthy or helpful for the swimmers and it’s unsettling that it’s usually parents tearing down kids or young adults.
If you, or any other parents or swim trolls, don’t like a swimmer or don’t have anything positive to say, please, STFU.

Reply to  Yoda
19 days ago

If Andrew has children, lord help us all.

20 days ago

If and I mean a very BIG IF he’s on at trials, it’s gonna be some people sitting at home late July/early August.

20 days ago

both no showed 200 IM btw

20 days ago

He needs to put all his eggs in the 200im. 100 fly is locked down by Dressel and Rose, 100m back by Murphy and Armstrong. Maybe could beat out lasco in the 200m back but not likely. But if he can pop a 1:56 in the 200im he would have a very good chance at making the team there.

Reply to  Dirtswimmer
20 days ago

Remind me because I have the memory of a goldfish the 100 fly semis are AFTER the 200 IM at trials and at the games?

Reply to  Dirtswimmer
20 days ago

I am sorry but Rose doesn’t have anything locked down and neither does Destin Lasco. Casas could take those spots as well as the 2IM. The dude is very dangerous if ON. A joke if he isn’t.

Last edited 20 days ago by Hank

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