SDAT Dolphin Ne State Swimming Meet Mein Jeeti Overall Championship

SDAT Dolphin Ne State Swimming Meet Mein Jeeti Overall Championship, Velachery Mein Huye 32nd Tamilnadu State South Zone Selection Swimming Championship Mein SDAT Dolphin Ki Boys Aur Girls Team Ne Jeeti Overall Championship.

Championships Me Banaye Gaye New Meet Records- 


Group 2: 800m Freestyle: Krishna Pranav (ORCA) 09:18.77

Group 2: 1500m Freestyle: Krishna Pranav (ORCA) 17:37.84. 


Group 4: 200m Individual Medley: Shakti Ishwar Prasad (Individual) 02:51.83. 

Group 4: 50m Freestyle: Akriti Malini Sabat (Waves) 00:31.59. 


Boys Group 1:

50m Freestyle: Ben Hanan (Balakrishna MHSS) 00:25.63. 

100m Butterfly: Ben Hanan (Balakrishna MHSS) 01:00.14. 

100m Backstroke: Darel Steve (Balakrishna MHSS) 01:05.51. 

200m Breaststroke: Anbu Kathir (Balakrishna MHSS) 02:42.45. 

1500m Freestyle: Sai Ganesh (Turtle) 18:46.49. 

Group 2: 

50m Freestyle: Jashua Thomas (Balakrishna MHSS) 00:26.25. 

100m Butterfly: S Avinash (TSPA) 01:05.07

Group 3: 

100m Butterfly: Sabarish (Turtles) 01:17.20. 

200m Individual Medley: Sabarish (Turtles) 02:56.35. 

Group 4: 

50m Breaststroke: Srinivas (SDAT Dolphin) 00:39.85. 

200m Individual Medley: S Sai Aditya (ORCA) 02:47.08. 

Girls: Group 1: 

50m Freestyle: Rakshna (Vels) 00:30.45. 

100m Butterfly: Priyanka (SDAT Madurai) 01:28.60. 

100m Backstroke: Gr Rakshna (Vels) 01:15.80. 

200m Breaststroke: Jaya Sruthi (Turtles) 03:13.93.

1500m Freestyle: Kaviya (Turtles) 21:33.65. 

Group 2: 

50m Freestyle: K Balaponni (SDAT Shakthi) 00:30.49. 

100m Butterfly: Nidhi Vora (ORCA) 01:14.43. 

200m Breaststroke: Risha Harini (Balakrishna MHSS) 03:09.31. 

1500m Freestyle: PKKR Mahalakshmi (Chettinad Vidyashram) 20:31.25. 

Group 3: 

100m Butterfly: Roshini (SDAT Madurai) 01:15.87. 

200m Individual Medley: Sarojini Saminathan (NLC) 02:47.29. 

Group 4: 

50m Breaststroke: M Akkshara (Marina) 00:40.99.

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